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Fund of sowing investments of the Russian venture capital company


The "Fund of Sowing Investments of the Russian Venture Capital Company" limited liability company (Fund) is created on October 22, 2009 within implementation of Basic provisions of strategy of JSC Russian Venture Capital Company.

Russian Venture Capital Company (RVCC)




+ Fund of sowing investments (FPI RVC)

The fund is focused on investment into the Russian innovative companies with a high potential of growth in the Russian and foreign innovation and technology markets. One of the main objectives of fund is significant increase in quantity and quality of the small technology businesses applying afterwards for receiving investments of venture investors and funds of an early stage.



Investment into 4 companies

In April, 2011 the investment committee of FPI RVC made the decision on investment into 4 companies. Also the Commission of FPI RVC on registration of venture partners registered 2 new venture partners and 9 venture partners passed a re-registration.

The portfolio of Fund of sowing investments of RVC was filled up by projects:

  • "Development and deployment of a new system of search in the Internet of sources of broadcasting in real time" from the Venture partner of FPI RVC MK Finance LLC.

The project is directed to creation of the vertical search system focused on search on the Internet of Web pages on which broadcasting of AV (audio and video) content in real time or, otherwise, so-called "live broadcasting" takes place.

  • "A partner network according to the PPA system for the mobile Internet". Investments will be performed in Mobileaffiliate LLC company – the aggregator of affiliate programs. Novelty of the project is development and deployment of a system of advertizing with payment for result (pay per action). The venture partner of FPI RVC – Ozar LLC.

  • "Production organization and sales of industrial catalytic air heaters (KVN)". Within the project of the Venture partner of FPI RVC Branan LLC self-produced creation of catalytic filters of unique structure and the construction installed on industrial gas air heaters guns is supposed. Thanks to the innovation catalysts of a dozhig the performance coefficient of the modified heat guns makes 96%, the structure of emissions completely satisfies with the accepted maximum allowable concentration for air of the work area what allows to use the highly effective heating equipment in the closed industrial placements without additional costs on a vent system.

  • "Innovation trade platform of LiveTrade". Within the approved project the new trading system intended for providing access to biddings on the stock exchanges via the Internet is created. The novelty of the project consists in embedding in the trading system of the visual graphics editor of templates of vending machines. In the long term the created trade platform of LiveTrade is going to be made one of leaders in the Russian market.

"By consideration of projects the Investment committee of Fund of sowing investments RVC is guided by portfolio approach, in a balanced way selecting the industries and project investment cost. We note the increasing competences of venture partners and commands of projects on preparation and structuring transactions. The picture which we observed a year ago and now – cardinally changed. We are going to continue to support commands of projects and venture partners during the structuring transactions and preparation of projects, organizing special sessions, both with the staff of fund, and with independent experts", – Alexey Teleshev, the director Fonda of sowing investments of RVC commented.

Registration of venture partners in regions of the Russian Federation

Registration as venture partners became result of commission sessions on registration of venture partners of FPI RVC held in March and April, 2011:

  1. Municipal enterprise of the city of Novosibirsk "Novosibirsk innovation and investment corporation" (MT of "NOVINKOR", Novosibirsk);
  2. OZAR Limited liability companies (OZAR LLC, Moscow).

Venture partners of FPI RVC are re-registered:

  1. JSC Priroda Scientific and Production Association, Moscow;
  3. SPLAN-Trust LLC, Moscow;
  4. UNION of "NIS", Moscow;
  5. UK Sberinvest Ltd, Moscow;
  6. Pulsar Venchur LLC, Kazan;
  7. SIGMA Ltd, Krasnoyarsk;
  8. JSC IUK Fibr, Tomsk;
  9. JSC Kuzbass Technopark, Kemerovo.

2010: 6 projects to investment are approved

On December 23, 2010 the investment committee of Fund of sowing investments RVC considered 12 innovation drafts introduced by venture partners of Fund. As a result of 6 projects were approved to investment. Thus, the total quantity of portfolio companies of Fund of sowing investments of RVC reached 20.

The list of the innovation projects approved to investment:

  • "Development and commercialization of the medical device for surgery of soft and solid fabrics on the basis of the innovative laser technologies". The venture partner – Maxwell Esset Management LLC. The projectible dental laser equipment is intended for surgery of soft and solid fabrics. The technologies applied in the device promote the accelerated healing thanks to the minimum damage of fabric at the expense of constant width and depth of a section; minimizes risk of an atrophy of a gum and other complications. Installation provides the high speed of holding a procedure, increases performance of the doctor and raises revenues of clinic.

  • "Development, production and commercialization of the device of medical appointment for diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases". The venture partner – NTM LLC. A project objective is further development, clinical trials, certification, production and an output on Russian and foreign markets of a line of devices of medical appointment for diagnostics of a cardiovascular system of the person for the purpose of determination of both a current status, and risk of possible development of a number of diseases:

  • Safe Internet. The venture partner – Instretedzhi Consulting Ltd. Providing SaaS services, joint with the telecommunication operators, and services to subscribers based on the high-speed analysis of network traffic.

  • "Creation of technology of thermite processing of metalwaste with receiving merchant steel and ferroalloys for the purpose of production organization of ferroalloys at the enterprises of ferrous metallurgy". The venture partner – ANO DASI. Development and debugging of technology of receiving merchant steel and ferroalloys (silicon and aluminum) from metalwaste by a thermite method and rendering engineering services in creation of the productions based on this technology, at the enterprises of ferrous metallurgy.

Development and debugging of technology of receiving ferroalloys (with chrome, manganese, tungsten, molybdenum) a thermite method and rendering engineering services in creation of the productions based on this technology, at the enterprises of ferrous metallurgy.

  • "Development of effective low-speed generators of new generation for wind power plants and small hydropower". The venture partner – TsKR Ltd. Development of effective low-speed generators (efficiency> of 90%, 60-150 RPM, 500 – 600 dollars/kW of lips. capacities). The offered development solves a problem of sale of the environmentally friendly and inexpensive low-speed high-moment generator.

  • "Wireless monitoring systems of climatic parameters of premises". The venture partner – TTsVI Ltd. Basic purpose of a system – control of a microclimate. In particular, a system performs in real time reports generation for the subsequent analysis, automation of maintaining technology magazines, information storage, diagnostics of operability of elements of a system, geometrical and color visualization of the measured parameters.

2009: Creation of fund

In June, 2009 it is announced that the Russian venture capital company creates fund of sowing investments up to 2 billion rubles. RVC will have all 100% of shares. In earlier created seven venture funds it was content with 49%.

The sowing fund RVC is going to provide to projects up to 75% of the amounts requested by them (in exchange for a minority share), but no more than 25 million rubles on the project. In total he can finance 50-80 companies in two-three years. "venture partners" — other funds, Angel investors, academic centers will be engaged in selection and studying of projects. Before addressing to RVC, they should find the private investor who will agree to invest in the project found them. Private money — a guarantee that the project standing is sure Agamirzyan.

For creation in Russia the system of sowing investments of 2 billion rubles are not enough, the co-founder of the American Alliance of Angels Artur Baganov said. "Sowing" money should be as much how many venture, it is world practice, the managing director of DFJ-VTB Aurora fund Alexandra Johnson agrees. At this time seven funds RVC operate with about 20 billion rubles, 12-15 more billion rubles are the share of regional venture funds, the chairman of the board of "The national commonwealth of angel investors" Alexander Kashirin says; "sowing" money should be not less.