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G-Core Labs company – the international supplier first-class cloud and edge-solutions with the headquarters in Luxembourg. G-Core Labs provides a range of services for clients of any industries both on traditional, and in the fast-growing online markets, including the managed hosting, CDN network, the advanced media platform for professional broadcasts and streaming of any complexity, peering network, protection against DDoS attacks of any level, etc.

The range of services which are provided by the company includes a hosting, placement of the equipment, protection against DDoS attacks, etc. Data centers of the company are located in 11 cities of the CIS. For September, 2018 network infrastructure of G-Core Labs covers five continents.

The biggest customer of the company is the developer of computer games Wargaming.



Cooperation with Wasabi for development of cloud data storage and CDN

On November 7, 2019 G-Core Labs reported that they together with Wasabi, American the operator cloud data storage, agreed about the strategic partnership integrating infrastructure and technological capabilities of the companies. Clients of Wasabi get access to a global network of content delivery of G-Core Labs, and G-Core Labs expands geography of the cloud storage in Europe, North America and Asia thanks to Wasabi storage.

Cooperation will allow clients of the companies to increase significantly the speed of work with any data which are had in services of cloud object storage of both players will expand geography of presence of the companies and also will provide almost fault-free functioning of data warehouses and a content delivery network with an indicator of stability 11x9 and with an average time of response up to 30 ms worldwide.

Solutions of the companies will become one of the most effective in the market from t.z. technological capabilities and price policy, allowing to reduce costs for cloud storage of content and business data more than twice in relation to the offers existing in the market and significantly quicker giving information to end users.

Cloud object storages allow to solve effectively problems of any business, whether it be providers of multimedia online services, developers of games or the financial sector and medical services, on effective management of the expanding amounts of data and also give almost unlimited scaling options and protection level, often unavailable to separate companies, – and all this at zero costs for infrastructure. To accelerate loading and return of a multimedia content and business information to end users, high-performance content delivery networks which servers are located most close to clients and audience are necessary for services of storage. And in this sense partnership of G-Core Labs and Wasabi is presented to us by one of the best on complete solutions at the market,
noted Dmitry Samoshkin, the vice president for the products G-Core Labs

Thanks to this partnership our clients had an opportunity to use G-Core Labs content delivery network in a combination with the cloud storage of data of Wasabi of the class 'hot storage'. Clients of Wasabi in Europe, Russia and Asia can use CDN G-Core Labs directly from a personal account of Wasabi through our S3 API. Together we give to our users an opportunity to save leadership in the markets, cutting down storage expenses of data and providing their faster and safe delivery,
told David Frend, CEO Wasabi

Opening in Perm of the QA center for testing of games

On October 17, 2019 the G-Core Labs company announced opening of the center of testing of games (QA center). Within development of this direction the company signed agreements on strategic cooperation with the international developer and the publisher of the games Wargaming. Engineers of the center already started testing of a flagship product of the partner of the company, the online game World of Tanks.

The open division of G-Core Labs is located in Perm and is the first similar center in the Ural region. Its opening gives rise to other direction of business of the company — Quality assurance. Thanks to extensive work experience in the game sphere and support from Wargaming, the company is sure of success of the project.

G-Core Labs began the activity as solution provider for the game industry, and we as nobody else know as far as testing is critical for business, and we understand all requirements imposed by our customers. We — the entrusted partner of Wargaming company. Founders of World of Tanks rely on us in such responsible case as testing of their key product because for such developer important that the pipeline did not stop for a minute. Meanwhile we perform simple works, but we will shortly expand the list of services. For October, 2019 to us requests from other Wargaming commands arrive,


In plans of G-Core Labs until the end of 2019 to expand staff of the QA center to 50 engineers, and to the middle of 2020 to increase its command up to 100 people.

Acceleration of a content delivery network

On September 30, 2019 the G-Core Labs company reported that it improved the global network of content delivery, having added to it functionality of the general cache and optimization of images. It will allow any online business to reduce response time of its web resource and to accelerate delivery of heavy content to any place in the world.

"The general cache" is a technology which allows CDN-to servers data center to use in one each other cache memory. As a result the number of unique files in a cache grows, the number of appeals to the server source (to the website internet- shop bank MEDIA, an online game, etc.) decreases, and the speed of content delivery increases. The technology gives advantage on delivery of content terabytes if among these files there are no explicit leaders in requests as, for example, in a case with online retail.

We regularly work on optimization of our CDN network and we add to it useful functions and tools. We want that there are as much as possible companies developing the work on the Internet tested possibilities of a global network of the content delivery working at all markets
noted Samoshkin Dmitry, the vice president for products of G-Core Labs company

In turn, the Optimization of Images function allows to edit images on the party of the CDN server and will be useful to any online business which needs to store several versions of one image in CDN network. For example, the online store on the website has several heavy pictures which it shows to all the users. But for mobile version of the website of shop it is optimal to have version of images with the smaller permission to accelerate loading of the website and to increase, thus, conversion level. The Optimization of Images function allows to solve this problem.

Consolidation of opportunities of content delivery networks with MegaFon

On June 28, 2019 the Megafon company reported that it started the updated CDN service, integrating possibilities of own infrastructure with a content delivery network of the international provider cloud and the edge-solutions G-Core Labs. Read more here.

Opening of a point of a hosting in Milan

On June 25, 2019 the G-Core Labs company, provider cloud and edge-solutions on content delivery, a hosting and security, continues to expand the European presence, opening the next location of a hosting and the global network of content delivery in the economic capital of Italy Milan. The carried-out network optimization allowed to reach response time of a point in 36 ms (according to the independent international analytical Citrix system) that is the best result on the place the market.

The G-Core Labs command carries out high-quality work which allowed to reach the leading positions on a response speed indicator among our 13 main competitors in Italy. Servers of the company are installed in the certified data center of Equinix ML2, the guarantee speed of access to a dedicated server is 200 Mbit / c, VDS with the channel are also provided in 1 Gbps and above. For improvement of connectivity in Italy local peering in the largest local point of exchange of MIX-IT Internet traffic was connected,
noted Dmitry Samoshkin, the vice president for the products G-Core Labs

G-Core Labs dedicated servers are constructed on the equipment of leading manufacturers, including Dell, HP, etc., however if necessary increase its power upgrade can be made for any VDS. In dedicated servers of the company the continuous free access to their IPMI allowing even in case of an emergency situation quickly is provided to resolve any issue with a hosting in a remote format.

10 free Tb of traffic are monthly provided for G-Core Labs dedicated servers, if necessary additional packets from 20 to 300 of Tb are available. Any server can be also tested free of charge before its connection.

For users to whom safe data transmission at the data link layer between the server and the gateway on the Internet is especially important or who care for the speed and amounts of information transfer between the several servers, the possibility of free connection of VLAN G-Core Labs is provided.

Opening of a point of a hosting in Warsaw

On May 22, 2019 the G-Core Labs company announced opening of the 5th point of the hosting in Warsaw.

"The point of presence of G-Core Labs in Warsaw expands possibilities of the choice for the companies and commands wishing to have own virtual or dedicated server in Europe with the high-quality equipment and the round-the-clock support. The point of presence guarantees access rate to the selected or virtual server in 200 Mbit / c, has no restrictions on traffic and is located in the certified data center of the class Tier III".

According to the statement of G-Core Labs, G-Core Labs dedicated servers are constructed on the high-performance and reliable equipment of leading manufacturers, including Dell, HP, etc., however if necessary increase its power upgrade can be made for any VDS. In dedicated servers of the company the continuous free access to their IPMI allowing even in case of an emergency situation quickly is provided to resolve any issue with a hosting in a remote format.

The virtual server G-Core Labs is based on technology of virtualization of KVM guaranteeing high and uninterrupted performance and equipped with fast SSD disks, emphasized in G-Core Labs.

In the selected and virtual servers of the company the functionality of automatic installation of the most popular operating systems (OS) (Windows and Unix) which are installed at the order of the server that considerably saves time for system deployment is implemented. The connectivity of the ISO image and independent installation of necessary OS is also provided. All G-Core Labs servers of a zashchishchyona from DDoS attacks using G-Core Labs technology for intellectual filtering of network traffic.

According to G-Core Labs for May, 2019 lease of the virtual server in Poland in the minimum configuration without restrictions on traffic will cost €3 a month. Process of purchase is automated: the server is activated instantly after payment.