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GKB No. 40 DZM (City clinical hospital No. 40)



City clinical hospital No. 40 is a large Moscow multidisciplinary medical organization as a part of which there is also a maternity hospital. Feature of hospitaloncological specialization.


For March, 2020 work:

  • Hospital in Moscow on Kasatkin St., 7, North-Eastern Administrative District (a complex from 10 body)
  • Hospital in the settlement the Communard, st. the Sosensky camp, 8, Troitsk and Novomoskovsk Administrative Districts
  • Maternity hospital branch in Moscow on Taymyrskaya St., 6, North-Eastern Administrative District
  • The center of the out-patient oncological help of GBUZ GKB No. 40 in Moscow, on Medikov St., 7, SAD
  • Network of antenatal clinics in Moscow (6 centers)