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GLONASS-traffic safety of GLONASS-BDD



GLONASS-Bezopasnost dorozhnogo dvizheniya LLC is created with participation of State Corporation Rostec and the federal operator of JSC GLONASS. The company plans implementation of modern digital technologies on highways of the Russian Federation for decrease in number of traffic offenses and the road accidents. The unique analysis technique, management and monitoring of the intellectual transport systems allowing to increase considerably their efficiency is for this purpose developed. The technique is based on the analysis of Big Data (characteristic of traffic flows, information of the ERA-GLONASS system, weather conditions, quality of a roadbed, etc.) and directed to obtaining information necessary for decrease in number of road accident and death rate as a result of road accident.

2019: JV Rostec and GLONASS will create an automated system of assessment of security on roads of Russia

The GLONASS-traffic Safety company develops an automated system of control and increase in security on roads of Russia. It will be based on digital processing of Big Data online and designed to replace the existing valuation methods of a road and transport situation. It it was announced in May, 2019 within the IV conference "Digital Industry of Industrial Russia".

Today the situation on certain roads and in regions in general is defined according to the statistics to road accident, quantity of abnormal and dangerous sections and other variables. The new system of assessment will consider the bigger number of the criteria affecting the traffic safety (TS) is considerable. "GLONASS-BDD" developed 19 indicators including including, road condition, weather and climatic conditions, technical and psychological factors.

"One of target indicators of the "Safe and Qualitative Highways" national project – decline in mortality as a result of road accident by 3.5 times by 2024. The approach based on the analysis of Big Data and the system of indicators will help to make effective management decisions and will bring safety of the motor transport in Russia to new level. Using the innovation system of assessment, the regional authorities will be able to develop and apply relevant measures and tools to increase in indicators of BDD, including to change complex schemes of the organization of traffic in the cities or projects of the organization of traffic out of localities", – the deputy CEO of State Corporation Rostec Alexander Nazarov told.

Information for the analysis will gather on automatic algorithms from different sources. Data on incidents will arrive from traffic police and from photovideo fixing cameras, information on flows – from the transport systems, data on weather – from meteorological reports. It is going to trace also separately a status of elements of arrangement of highways, using the mechanism of automatic annotation of highways using the technician of computer vision.

Then the information system will process in real time using cloud computing and microservice architecture Big Data. It will allow to monitor changes in a situation with BDD and on the basis of indicators to make the rating of both single roads or their sections, and regions of Russia. Analysis results will be separated into segments and to be transferred to the regional authorities, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and road services.