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GMCS GMCS of Vereks


Financial results
2019 year
Revenue: 1.68 millions
Net Profit: No data
Number of employees


The GMCS company specializes in implementation of business solutions and software development. It is founded in 1997.

For February, 2019 the head office of the company is located in Moscow, branches — in St. Petersburg, Penza, Perm and Kazan.

GMCS is a Platforms Vereks developer — a complex of solutions for business process automation.



Creation together with BOSS of technology HR consortium

GMCS and BOSS. Personnel systems companies, the developer and the owner of a personnel management system "BOSS-personnel officer", announced on June 28, 2019 creation of technology HR consortium. In a zone of close attention of consortium — gain of the involvement of personnel due to the digitalization of a working space including interaction using personal accounts, mobile applications, chat-bots and other interactive channels. Read more here.

Partnership with UiPath

In 2019 GMCS became the partner of UiPath, the world leader in the area Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The companies will combine efforts in the field of robotic automation of the repeating and labor-consuming tasks for achievement of the high level of operational efficiency and performance.

UiPath uses artificial intelligence technology and machine learning, providing complex tools for the organization of activity and business process management (BPM, business process management). Transferring algorithmic actions to robots, users have more time for accomplishment of analytical and creative tasks.


Transition to the structure of Sovcombank

In October, 2018 the GMCS company which is engaged in implementation of business solutions and software development left the structure of Maykor and joined group Sovcombank, told TAdviser in GMCS. Information on the transaction is reflected in the report of Sovcombank for the 4th quarter 2018. In it it is specified that in August, 2018 the bank was acquired 100% of shares of GMCS Management at the company which is based on Cyprus "by Dzhi. Em. Si. Es. Limited".

Transaction amount was 500 million rubles, and a basic reason of acquisition the Sovcombank in the quarterly statement calls gain of a team of IT specialists of bank.

Through GMCS Management, purchased by Sovcombank, Maykor owned 65% of GMCS Verex company – developer of the Verex platform for enterprise management process automation. The number of its state in 2017 was 578 people, and in GMCS Management - only 1 person, by data "Contour-Focus". Revenue of "GMCS of Vereks" in 2017 made about 2 billion rubles while GMCS Management had no income.

In addition to "GMCS of Vereks" the GMCS Management company is a founder Meykor Lebs in which in 2017 only 1 employee was also registered and which had no income. Since November, 2018 it is in a liquidation stage. Thus, "GMCS of Vereks" is capital asset of group.

Since September, 2016 the share in 65% of "GMCS of Vereks" was in pledge at Sovcombank. According to Contour-Focus base, the company thus obtained from bank the credit for 4 years and 9 months.

The Sovcombank decided to strengthen the IT command using GMCS (a photo - Artyom Korotayev/TASS)

After purchase by Sovcombank of GMCS Management, a number of individuals – the operating and former employees of GMCS remains cofounders "GMCS of Vereks", it is specified in Contour-Focus base. So, a share in 24% of "GMCS of Vereks" Ekaterina Voropayeva - the president of GMCS owns, 6% belong to Ilya Drozman - the Deputy CEO / to the chief executive, 3.5% - to Nadezhda Vyalova who was the CEO of "GMCS of Vereks" and do not work in the company, 1.5% any more - to Andrey Sapozhkov - the director of the department of the SAP products GMCS.

The Sovcombank, GMCS and Maykor refused to comment on transaction parts. In GMCS in February the 2019th was marked out that in activity of their company there were no changes.

GMCS continues to work with the current and new customers on all product line and also develops new partnership and the directions of automation demanded in the conditions of digital transformation. For example, at the end of 2018 in the company practice of robotization of business processes (RPA) opened, - told TAdviser in the press service of GMCS.

GMCS is not the only IT company which passed under control of Sovcombank lately. Since November, 2018 Sovcombank from shares about 75% of authorized capital are registered as the cofounder of the BTE company specializing in service support and delivery of ATMs, POS terminals, the cash equipment.

In 75% in this company earlier Maykor also had a share: in 2014 she carried out merge of the business on maintenance of the bank equipment with BTE group. And the share in 75% of "BTE" since 2016 also was at Sovcombank according to the loan agreement for 4 years and 9 months.

It is remarkable that in the annual report of Sovcombank for 2017 it is written that it possesses a share and in Maykor. In the list of legal persons where the Sovcombank directly or indirectly owns a share in authorized capital, Meykor LLC (it was renamed into UK-Meykor LLC later) and her Cyprian founder company "Meykor Autsorsing Servisiz Pielsi" are registered. For both companies the share in 25% is specified. The Sovcombank did not issue the annual report for 2018 yet.

Partnership with AnyLogic

GMCS and AnyLogic company, the world expert in the field of simulation modeling, signed the partnership agreement. Consolidation of examinations of two companies will allow to offer the market enhanced capabilities for tasks which cannot be solved using tables of Excel and traditional methods of a research of data.

Under the terms of the partnership agreement GMCS has opportunities for project implementation based on all products in a line of developer — AnyLogic, the flagman solution for simulation modeling, AnyLogic Cloud, web service for work online and also solutions for modeling and the analysis of supply chains of anyLogistix.

Receiving from Qlik of specialization in category Retail

The Maykor-GMCS company announced on April 26, 2018 receiving from Qlik company of specialization in category Retail. Existence of specialization confirms deep examination of Maykor-GMCS in the field of creation of analytical solutions for retailers.

It is one more industry competence Maykor-GMCS within the global program of specializations Qlik. Experience of the company is confirmed with projects of creation of systems business analysts based on solutions QlikView and Qlik Sense in such companies as Rosinter Restorants "Five Five" "Russian appetite".

Business intelligence in retail are not flat reports, but dynamic dashboards and predictive analytics. The solutions Qlik give to the retail enterprises ample opportunities for a research of data and the best understanding of the business, including the deep analysis of a basket of buyers, creation of behavioral models, efficiency analysis of marketing efforts and programs of loyalty, the sales forecast — Maria Venediktova, the vice president of Maykor-GMCS said.

2017: Partnership with Mirapolis

Maykor-GMCS and Mirapolis company announced in May, 2017 the conclusion of the partnership agreement. Now MAYKOR-GMCS will be able to offer customers the Russian HR solutions in the field of human capital management and corporate training.

MAYKOR-GMCS, the Russian service provider in the field of outsourcing of IT and business processes, announces the beginning of cooperation with Mirapolis company – developer of the Russian solution in the field of human capital management, talent management (Talent Management Systems or TMS) and also corporate training. In promotion of the information system Mirapolis MAYKOR-GMCS it will be focused at the enterprises and the organizations for which the Russian IT solutions are required.


The controlling stake of GMCS is pledged to Sovcombank

As found out TAdviser, in September, 2016 the GMCS company pledged to Sovcombank 65% in one of the structures – GMCS of Vereks LLC (GMCS Verex). According to Circuit Focus base, the company thus obtained from bank the credit for 4 years and 9 months.

The packet put in bank belongs to GMCS Management company which in turn for 100% is controlled Cyprian "by Dzhi. Em. Si. Es. Limited.".

It should be noted that 65% in GMCS were purchased in 2013 by MAYKOR company. Whether that a packet is put in bank or not and on what purposes the credit is taken in MAYKOR-GMCS refused to comment. Sovcombank refrained from comments too.

The analyst of IK of Otkrytiye Capital Alexander Vengranovich notes that it was always difficult to IT companies to obtain bank loans because, as a rule, their capital assets – intellectual which are difficult for putting. Therefore to pledge a share in the company for loan security – widespread practice.

In fact, it is the mezzanine financing. So if the company does not manage to repay a debt, then the bank will remain the shareholder and will take away this share, – Alexander Vengranovich says.

According to him, encumbrance term most often happens for the entire period of the credit, and five years – standard option for it.

Let's remind that at the beginning of 2016 the similar mezzanine financing in same Sovcombank was received by Softline company. It managed to attract the loan for 4 billion rubles. On this money of Softline was going to buy the IT companies in Latin America and Southeast Asia to increase scales of business and then to carry out the IPO. Then, in January, 2016, Softline announced acquisition of the Brazilian company Compusoftware.

Sovcombank then noted that the mezzanine credit provides to bank a minimum risk.

The vice president for investments of Softline group Elena Volotovskaya explains TAdviser that the IT companies can take the large credits on the security of a share in the basic for two purposes. The first – for the solution of operational tasks. For example, for increase in current assets. The second – on development as it made Softline.

If the borrower shows steady and predictable cash flows, and at the same time the borrower has opportunities for growth, then he definitely will manage to agree about attraction of financing, – Elena Volotovskaya estimates possibilities of the IT companies to obtain bank loans. – There are several basic indicators on the basis of which banks define the amount of financing. The main indicators are EBITDA and level of debt load.

In 2015 revenue of MAYKOR company made 10.6 billion rubles (data of the enterprise). How many from them earned MAYKOR-GMCS, does not reveal.

MAYKOR-GMCS entered Тайзен.ру Association

MAYKOR-GMCS entered Тайзен.ру Association, consortium of developers of the Russian version of the open Tizen operating system for mobile devices and Internet of Things (IoT). With participation of MAYKOR-GMCS "Тайзен.ру" has an opportunity to expand competences in creation of corporate mobile solutions.

2013: MAYKOR purchased GMCS company

MAYKOR, the all-Russian service provider in the field of outsourcing IT and business processes, announced in June, 2013 entry into the structure of GMCS company, the rendering service in creation of information management systems business. The consolidation purposes — expansion of a range of services on outsourcing of support of business applications, joint development of the innovation products, expansion to the new industries.

As a result of the transaction MAYKOR became the owner of a 65% share of GMCS company which, in turn, became subsidiary company of the MAYKOR group. The decision on the transaction was made by the parties in view of existence of extensive work experience in business market and estimates of high need of the market for modern complex services of IT outsourcing.


The consulting company in the field of IT

As of December, 2012 GMCS positioned itself as the consulting company in the field of IT executing complex projects on implementation of information management systems by the enterprise. 2005-2012 GMCS was included into Compulink group.

The head office of the company is located in Moscow, branch - in St. Petersburg.

Exit from the Compulink group

Since February, 2012 at GMCS the owner changed. Instead of Cyprus company of Devenni Holdings Limited, according to the USRLE system, other Cyprus company "Dzhi became it. Em. Es. Limited". The offshore "Deveni" is the owner of Compulink group which in turn owns USP Compulink company.

As of July, 2012 the company is not included into Compulink, the press secretary of GMCS Anna Okunkova reported TAdviser. The representative of Compulink Anna Politova confirmed to TAdviser that GMCS was sold, having refused to report details in connection with confidentiality of information.

Some market participants consider that between founders of two companies - (Compulink) and Sergey Sulgin (GMCS) - separation of the assets merged in 2005 happened Mikhail Lyashchem. The fact that Sulgin saved a position of the CEO of GMCS (according to the USRLE for July 27, 2012) can serve as confirmation of it, having left a post of the chairman of the board of directors of Compulink.

However, Anna Okunkova from GMCS says that Sulgin is not the CEO and the shareholder of the company. "GMCS is purchased by other owners. The transaction passed during 2011. Names of the current owners are not disclosed as GMCS is the private non-public company", - she said.

Sergey Sulgin after leaving Compulink headed Maykor company which integrates a number of players of the market of IT outsourcing. On July 26, 2012 Maykor announced Rosservice acquisition of other IT outsourcer.

2010: SAP implementation in VTB 24

Implementation HRM systems SAP ERP HCM in VTB 24, the second in value retail bank Russia (the project started in 2008 and came to the end in 2010. GMCS acted as the general contractor of the project) - learn more


In 2009 GMCS opens the direction of SCM solutions within which development under the terms of the agreement with River Logic Inc company the solution portfolio of GMCS was replenished with one of the best world solutions on planning and optimization of activity of the enterprise – Enterprise Optimizer. The company was among finalists of tender of partner solutions of the World Partner Microsoft 2009 Conference in the Microsoft Dynamics in public sector nomination and is awarded ranks "Partner of Year of Microsoft Dynamics AX" on annual international contest of partner solutions of Microsoft corporation in Central and Eastern Europe. GMCS brings to the Russian market the solution MECOMS intended for complex automation of power supply companies and also enterprises of the sector of the energy industry and VKH working at regulated and in free market of power industry, the markets warm water - and gas supply.

  • Implementation of the ERP system of SAP Business Suite in X5 Retail Group, the largest in Russia on sales volumes of the retail company (Pyaterochka, Intersection and Roundabout works under brands) - (the project started in 2008, came to the end in 2009. Replication of the solution) - is at the moment performed in more detail


GMCS celebrates 10-year anniversary. Same year GMCS and ASK Group, system integrator of the Ural region, signed the partnership agreement in plot area of information management systems based on the solutions Infor ERP LN. The department of automated control systems for personnel of GMCS company expands a range of services and offers clients complete IT outsourcing of the BOSS-PERSONNEL OFFICER software product. GMCS is recognized the leader among Microsoft Dynamics solution providers in the field of telecommunications, power and municipal services, was among the leading partners of corporation in the direction of wholesale and distribution and also is recognized the winner in the "For Progress in Marketing Communications" nomination.


Practice of IBM Cognos (IBM Cognos Planning, IBM Cognos 8 BI) is open. The multiproduct range of offers of GMCS was replenished with IT tools for top managers of customer companies in the field of strategic management. New activity on creation of the systems of the class CPM (Corporate Performance Management) is opened, GMCS implements projects based on CPM solutions of Cognos company; obtaining the status of Gold Partner of Cognos corporation is Gold Reseller Partner; GMCS is a part of Microsoft Inner Circle club and becomes the member of the international club of the most successful partners of corporation - President’s Club. In March, 2007 GMCS announced key changes in structure of top management of the company. The new president of GMCS was appointed - Mikhail Romanov became him. Earlier this position was held by Sergey Sulgin, combining positions of the president of GMCS and the chairman of the board of directors of Compulink Group.

> At the end of 2007, according to data of CNews Analytics, GMCS takes the second place in rating "The largest ERP integrators in Russia 2007". The complete list of ERP projects of the company for this period is provided here.


Due to activation of interest of clients to program to products of the class BPM (Business Performance Management), GMCS signed the agreement on strategic partnership with the system developer Softprom company on promotion of the PlanDesigner system, thus, having expanded the product line offered clients.

2004–2005: GMCS is included into the Compulink group

The company includes in the product portfolio three software products: "BOSS-personnel officer", Mercury Optimization Centers and Microsoft Office Solutions Accelerator for Sarbanes-Oxley (MOSASO); obtaining the status of the certified Microsoft partner of Business Solution; (MBS). Implementation of MOSASO is the new direction of development of IT in Russia and is intended first of all for the enterprises which stocks are quoted in the American stock market. Milestone events in development of GMCS took place in 2005: it was included into Compulink Group, opened regional representative offices in St. Petersburg and Kiev (Ukraine).


Opening practician of Oracle, SAP and Microsoft; Sulgin Sergey Pavlovich becomes the CEO of the company. GMCS expands a field of activity, having begun to practice product introduction of Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. GMCS becomes the multiproduct company offering the leading systems of the class ERP and solving the most complex problems of managerial consultation and implementation of modern computer systems. GMCS heads for development of complex approach as he allows to refuse standard projects for benefit of the unique solutions optimized under customer requirements and aimed at achievement of maximum efficiency.

1997: Foundation of GMCS

Foundation year of GMCS company. At the first stage the main objective consisted in formation of practice on system implementation of SSA ERP (Baan) (in May, 2006 the SSA Global company was purchased American by the developer – Infor) in Russia and abroad.

Products & Services

Corporate systems of management based on solutions of the leading world and Russian software suppliers in the following areas:

  • Business applications
  • Business intelligence
  • Sales and service
  • Strategic management
  • Asset management
  • Management of a logistics chain
  • Personnel management
  • Finance and budgeting
  • Digital transformation

Industry solutions based on software of different suppliers and own development:

Solutions on the Verex platform:

  • Business process management
  • Mobile applications
  • Specialized solutions

GMCS implements projects on implementation of information systems based on the following software products:

International services:

Replication of corporate solutions of the international companies on the child companies branches in Russia. Roll-out is necessary also in case of entry into the structure of parent company of the local business unit using other applications as the standard.


  • GMCS is a participant of NP SODEYSTVIYE – the independent platform for interaction of the Russian companies with leaders of IT market for the purpose of establishing effective cooperation (2009)
  • GMCS as a part of Compulink Group on the first place in the IT services direction in the rating of the Russian IT companies according to the Kommersant of DENGI magazine (2009)
  • Ekaterina Voropayeva, the vice president of GMCS, in number 1000 of the most professional managers of Russia of rating of the Kommersant newspaper and Association of managers of Russia (2008)
  • GMCS on behalf of the vice president Ekaterina Voropayeva is the honorary member of Club of Directors of IT 4CIO.Ru (2008)
  • The certificate of RAEX in the Successful IT Cases project (2008)
  • The finalist of the XVI Moscow International Festival of Advertising in the nomination Internet (2006)
  • Northwest branch GMCS in ten the largest IT companies of the Northwest, CNews Analytics (2008)
  • The 2nd place in rating "The largest ERP integrators in Russia 2007", CNews Analytics (2008)
  • Northwest branch GMCS in ten the largest IT companies of the Northwest, CNews Analytics (2007)
  • Award of Oracle in the "For Progress in Development of Practice in Oracle E-Business Suite" nomination (2006)
  • The project in X5 Retail Group implemented by GMCS is mentioned by an award of SAP company "For the most qualitative project on SAP implementation of for Retail in the CIS" (2009)
  • The best partner of IBM in a vnedleniye of IBM Business Analytics in Russia and the CIS at the end of 2012
  • The finalist of IBM Beacon Award 2012 in the "Outstanding Innovations in the field of a Business Intelligence" nomination (2012)
  • The best partner of IBM in the power industry according to the solutions IBM Cognos (2010)
  • The winner in the Break of Year nomination of IBM Cognos company (2007)
  • The winner in The Biggest Deal nomination of tender of the leading solution providers Microsoft Dynamics ERP (2014)
  • The winner in the "Largest Volume of Sales" nomination of tender of the leading solution providers Microsoft Dynamics ERP (2014)
  • The winner in The Most Large Deals nomination of tender of the leading solution providers Microsoft Dynamics CRM (2014)
  • The winner in The Largest Sales Volume nomination of tender of the leading solution providers Microsoft Dynamics CRM (2014)
  • The finalist of the tender "Microsoft Dynamics CRM Awards 2013" in the Telecommunications and Public Institutions of Federal Level nominations
  • The winner in the industry Public institutions of tender of the leading solution providers Microsoft Dynamics CRM (2014)
  • The best partner in the area Public institutions (2014, 2013, 2011, 2010, 2009);
  • The best partner in the "Power and Municipal Services" area (2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2008)
  • The best partner in the field of Telecommunication (2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006)
  • The best partner in the industry "Oil and gas" (2007)
  • One of the best partners in the industry Distribution (2006, 2008)
  • The prize-winner in the industry "Production of foodstuff, drinks and tobacco" (2010)
  • The prize-winner in the industry "Transport and logistics" (2010)
  • Award for a contribution to development of the industry "Construction and real estate" (2010)
  • According to the results of the tender "Microsoft Dynamics CRM Awards 2009-2010" the best partner in telecom industry
  • The diploma of BOSS. Personnel systems in The Most Rapid Growth nomination (2006)
  • The diploma "For a victory in tender of cases" among partners of BOSS. Personnel systems (2006)
  • The winner in the Danger to Competitors nomination (2005)
  • Award for progress in the field of sales of the product SSA ERP LN (Baan) (2005)

Gold of competence of the Affiliate program of Microsoft (Microsoft Partner Network, MPN):

  • Gold Collaboration and Content
  • Gold Customer Relationship Management
  • Gold Data Analytics
  • Gold Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Gold Application Development

International statuses GMCS:

  • 2014 Microsoft Dynamics Reseller of the Year for Central and Eastern Europe;
  • Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club (2018, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007);
  • Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle (2018, 2016, 2014, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007);
  • 2013 finalist «Microsoft Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Partner of the Year Award»;
  • 2013 Microsoft Dynamics Reseller of the Year for Central and Eastern Europe;
  • 2011 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year;
  • 2011 Microsoft Dynamics Reseller of the Year for Central and Eastern Europe.