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Gaskar Group Gaskar Integration


Information technologies
Since 2014
Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
119048, Luzhniki Street, 24 building 9, lump of 25 rooms II et 3

Top managers:
Afanasyev Igor Konstantinovich



+ Gaskar Group (Gaskar Integration)

Gaskar Group Group is the Russian integrator of own IT solutions in the field of construction. The company began the way on creation of a big ecosystem of project management in 2017.

Gaskar Group Group includes the Gaskar Integration developer, the developer of solutions for monitoring of TD ASK transport, service for work with self-employed "Naymiks", the family Wokka Lokka application, the founder of the Exon "Annick Lab" platform.


Wokka Lokka acquisition

Gaskar Group Group announced on July 6, 2020 acquisition of the developer SOFTWARE for smartwatch Wokka Lokka. In more detail here.


In 2020 created the platform of project management Exon which includes micro services according to the analysis of activity of workers, analytics, monitoring of platforms from drones and others. Having examination in the construction industry, the company takes steps to digitalization of the conservative construction industry.


According to data of the company, as of 2019 using the solutions Gaskar Group were implemented projects worth more than 50 billion rubles.