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Russian socioeconomic edition.

Sup Media - 100%
Financial results
2007 year
Revenue: 5 millions
Net Profit: No data


Performance Indicators

In February, 2014 exceeded the record set by it in December, 2013 by the number of unique users: 15,996,559 against 12,587,996 people.

In February online broadcastings from Kiev, news and operational reports on a situation in Ukraine and also the materials covering the Olympic Games used the greatest interest of readers.

As of the end of 2011 of entered into the three of the most popular news resources of Runet[1].

According to TNS Web Index, the daily audience of the edition in May, 2008 made 116 thousand people, revenue in 2007 was stated in the amount about 5 million dollars[2].

Chief Editors

  • Mikhaylin Mikhail Anatolyevich — from January, 2006 to July, 2010
  • Kotov Mikhail Yuryevich — from July, 2010 to March, 2013 [3].
  • Lolayeva Svetlana Parizhevna — since March, 2013.


1999: Start of and sale of the edition in Yukos

The first edition with this name began work in February, 1999 as the project of Fund of effective policy under the direction of Anton Nosik. In September, 1999 based on the project editions were created and, and the brand was sold to the company YUKOS which created under it the new edition led by Vladislav Borodulin.[4]

2005: Borodulin sells in ID "Secret of firm"

Till 2005 100% of stocks of the edition belonged to the managing director of Kommersant publishing house Vladislav Borodulin who in November, 2005 sold them to publishing house "Secret of Firm". As of 2005 the weekly audience of the website totaled more than 350 thousand visitors.

2006: Usmanov buys ID "Secret of firm" for $50 million

In 2006 the entrepreneur Alisher Usmanov through ID Kommersant purchased Secret of Firm publishing house for 50 million dollars.[5]. The right of lease of the huge estate in the center of Moscow was a part of the transaction also.

The annual turnover of at the time of the transaction was $6.5 million.[6]. The cost of in the transaction was about $20 million was unprofitable, but there was a good untwisted brand. Also it was bought not as business, and for obvious political motives.

2008: Sup receives 100% control over

In June, 2008 Kommersant publishing house of Alisher Usmanov and owners of SUP company made exchange of assets. Kommersant received up to 50% of SUP, in turn, SUP became the owner of 100% of [2]

2013: The editor-in-chief Kotov leaves because of the conflict with the director Sergeyev

On March 4, 2013 Mikhail Kotov announced that he resigns as the Chief Editor of Kotov did not state the reasons of the resignation. However Dmitry Sergeyev, the chief executive of and "Чемпионат.com", said that the journalist did not accept redistribution of powers between them and transition of editorial office and also marketing and commercial service under direct supervision of the chief executive. A number of the former Chief Editors and employees of noted that such situation in the edition contradicts the law on media.

After Kotov's dismissal on social networks rumors about the future reduction of the staff of and about discontent of investors with excessive opposition of the edition went. Dmitry Sergeyev, however, in the comment to denied this information.

In the afternoon on March 6, 2013 scandal because of the video draft of "Subject conversation" burst: his author Maria Tsybulskaya said that planning of transfer is temporarily suspended because of discontent of owners with release with the journalist Yury Saprykin in whom Putin's ratings and "Bolotnaya Square case" were discussed. Dmitry Sergeyev said on it that the project is not suspended, only possible increase in number of leaders was discussed. On a question of discontent with "oppositional" subjects he noticed:

"I in general am interested in words a little, I am interested in business more. And in terms of business this transfer is unprofitable".