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Gazprom gas distribution Oryol




Development of gasification on Orlovschina began in 1958 when builders started laying of a gas pipeline branch Kromy-Oryol from the operating main gas pipeline Shchebelinka-Bryansk. Construction of a gas pipeline branch was conducted by trusts "Shchekingazstroy", "Svarmontazh" (Moscow) and Soyuzprovodmekhanization trust. In May, 1958 in Oryol Glavgazy MZhKH RSFSR "The directorate of gas economy under construction" is organized. In 1959 in Oryol for construction of gas networks it is created and there began work special section - PSO "Orelgazstroy".

On August 5, 1960 the gas pipeline branch Kromy-Oryol was put in operation. Gas came to the outskirts of Oryol. From 1958 to 1960 at the same time with construction of a gas pipeline branch in Oryol preparation for gasification of 43 apartment houses was conducted, gas distribution pipelines from a gas pipeline branch to GRP-8, GRS-1, to the Tekmash plant, the plant of a silicate brick and to combined heat and power plant were under construction. On November 2, 1960 - the Birthday of gas workers of Orlovschina. At 6 p.m. o'clock this day the foreman of builders Oleg Goltsev lit a torch of blue fire on a city meeting in Oryol on the square at the Tekmash plant. On November 4, 1960 electric welders Platonov, Chekanikhin, the insulation worker Vasin, the mechanic Lukyanchikov made connection of the intra house gas pipeline in house No. 112 on Stalin St. (nowadays Moskovskaya St.). In the same day gas is let to the Tekmash plant, to the Oryol combined heat and power plant. On November 5, 1960 gas is started up in 54 apartments of house No. 112. In 1960 gasification of regional centers of the Oryol region began. In 1961 the regional center of Kromy, in 1963 - Mtsensk is installed gas. After start-up of gas to the city, work on laying of gas pipelines began more actively. Day of start-up of natural gas became actually a birthday of the new production organization of gas workers in Oryol - Oreloblgaz trust. At the beginning of the existence the trust was located in the small wooden premises on Lenin St., and then is transferred to again constructed base on Naugorskoye Highway. In 1966 the Oreloblgaz trust is renamed into management of Oreloblgaz. In 1973 after selection of Orelgorgaz trust in the independent enterprise, management of Oreloblgaz was located on November 7 St., 19-. Panasevich I. A. who fulfilled duties of the chief engineer of "Directorate of gas economy under construction" earlier was approved as the chief of the department. From 1979 to 1997 Gurov V. P. worked as the head.

From 1997 to August, 2010 JSC Oreloblgaz was headed by Mezhnev M.A.S of 31 vgust of 2010 for a position of the CEO of JSC Oreloblgaz Udalova Larisa Vasilyevna is appointed.