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Gazprom gas distribution Ufa


Till 2013 JSC Gas-Service of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Gazprom gas distribution - 49,99%
Bashkir venture capital company - 43,61%
Financial results
2011 year
Revenue: 5.715806 millions Thousand rub
Net Profit: No data
Number of employees
2014 year


+ Bashkir venture capital company

Joint-stock kapiat

For 2011 authorized capital of JSC Gas-Service is 3,510,820 rubles. Society everyone has nominal shares with a nominal value of 5 rubles in number of 702,164 actions.

Share capital structure of Society – 100% a private property.

Common shareholders as of 12/31/2011 are:

  • in number of 351,070 pieces Gazprom Gas Distribution Open joint stock company - 49.99% of authorized capital;
  • in number of 306,227 pieces Bashkir Venture Capital Company Open joint stock company – 43.61% of authorized capital;
  • in number of 9,569 pieces other legal entities, in number of 35,298 pieces of actions – individuals (3,280 individuals).

State registration number of issue of ordinary stocks and date of state registration: 1-01-30403-D of 8/25/2004.

The special participation right of the Russian Federation in management of joint-stock company ("golden share") is not had.

The complete report for 2011

History of the company

In 2013 JSC Gas-Service was renamed into JSC Gazprom Gas Distribution Ufa.


Logo of the company before renaming in 2013