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GeekBrains is the educational platform for programmers which offers more than 50 online courses on mobile and to web development, creation of games, design, SEO and other directions. The service allows the beginning specialists to study programming essentials, and experienced — to deepen knowledge and to develop new spheres. According to the results of a rate students receive the certificate confirming qualification. Rates include video lessons, webinars, homeworks, discussion of a training material with fellow students and teachers. Having been trained, the graduate of GeekBrains can submit the application for a training to the IT company or the internal IT incubator project where users jointly work on own startups.


2019: Start of rates on training in programming for children

The educational GeekBrains portal announced on October 9, 2019 start of the children's direction of training in programming. On October 15 the programming essentials rate on Python for children of 11-17 years starts. In 3 months under the leadership of the experienced teacher students will master programming essentials and will write the first website on Python.

Pupils will be told who such programmer what he is and what does, they learn structure of the web application, will configure a development environment, will study linear algorithms, branchings, will plunge into cycles, will get acquainted with the principle of DRY (Don’t repeat you) and with functions, imposition of the websites, frameworks of Bootstrap and Flask, Jinja2 shablonizator. Students will study what is databases and what they consist of, will master CRUD technology for tables in base and data in the table.

Ownership of Python opens career opportunities in creation client-server and web applications, frontend-and bekend-development, development in the field of artificial intelligence and Big Data. The rate is intended for those who want to master development on Python from scratch. The program is developed together with the children's INNOcamp IT camp.

Date of start of the first flow — on October 15. Paid training.

2018: GeekUniversity opens faculty of information security

On May 22, 2018 GeekUniversity, the online university of the GeekBrains and Mail.Ru Group IT portal, opens faculty of information security. Students will pass a way from the beginner to the developer of the middle level of all in a year and will receive the guaranteed employment after the successful termination of the university.

Anyone can come to GeekUniversity. The entrant should have basic knowledge of work on Linux: for receipt it is necessary to leave the request.

After that to the entrant will suggest to undergo online testing. Those who will not cope with the test, will define in group with a preparatory rate where they will be able to gather additionally missing knowledge. The training program is expected 350 class periods, intensity of occupations — two-four lessons a week. The student can vary loading itself in the course of study. Paid training. Graduates receive the certificate confirming the purchased qualification.

In a year students of faculty of information security four times will book audit of the real companies and projects. They will learn to work with web protocols, to find vulnerabilities in networks, applications, on the websites, will get acquainted with programming essentials and skills of system administration, will master the principles of social engineering. Also the course of training to an IT interview is provided in the program. Teachers of faculty are specialists of the leading Russian companies, including Mail.Ru Group. The curator-mentor — the specialist in the field of IT security who will be able quickly to answer questions is assigned to each student.


In a year rates of the company end about 4000 people, and the total number of the people who got an education on the platform exceeded 7000. The most popular free GeekBrains "Programming essentials" course was completed by more than 470,000 people. The monthly audience of GeekBrains makes more than 500,000 people. For 2015-2016 the number of the users registered on the portal increased from 200,000 up to one million people.

In August, 2016 Mail.Ru Group announced investments into GeekBrains — the educational online platform for programmers. Mail.Ru Group purchased a control share of GeekBrains, founders of the company will remain shareholders and will continue to manage it.

Investments into GeekBrains – a part of system work in the field of development of education and training of IT professional which is implemented by Mail.Ru Group. The company cooperates with departments of technical colleges of Russia, creates the unique centers of the praktiko-focused training as in partnership with universities (Technopark in MSTU of N.E. Bauman, in Lomonosov Moscow State University, Tekhnotrek in MIPT and Tekhnoat in NIYaU MEPhI), and based on separate projects (VK University, Technopolice). Besides, Mail.Ru Group holds professional events: the international Olympic Games on programming of Russian Code CUP, VK of CUP, the championship on programming of artificial intelligence of Russian AI CUP, tender of designers and designers of the Russian Design CUP interfaces, the championship for IT specialists in the field of web development, mobile services and the games Russian Developers CUP.