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Geely International Corporation


Since 1986
No.87 Qianyang Road,ShangHai,P.R




+ Geely International Corporation

Geely International Corporation is the Chinese company, is a part of Geely Holding Group holding.

The main direction in business - release of the automobile equipment and cars under the name of Geely.

The company is founded in 1986.

The company headquarters in Shanghai, China. The international offices work in the CIS countries, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Central and South America.

In 2009 the assembly plants abroad opened in Ukraine, Russia and Indonesia.

In the territory of Russia the exclusive representative - child with division of Geely International Corporation – Geely Motors LLC (DZHILI-MOTORS LLC) acts.


2020: Keys upon purchase of a new car began to deliver drones

In February, 2020 the Geely Auto company started the online program of purchase of cars with home delivery. At the end of March the company began not only to disinfect completely purchased car, but also to offer delivery of keys using drones.

Geely started the system of online sales as department store for the Chinese clients which allowed to estimate vehicles, to select individual characteristics, to receive an insurance and also to order contactless delivery home. The online portal serves as the central interface via which orders go to local dealers for processing. Buyers can even agree with the dealer about house test drive.

Geely Auto started the online program of purchase of cars with home delivery

Within the Geely program used the best efforts to provide complete disinfection by wet processing and ionization of each vehicle before delivery. Because of a coronavirus pandemic the company added one more method of protection of the buyer in a delivery type of keys using the drone. UAVs bring key set from a motor show and reset them on a threshold of the client or on a balcony.

Perhaps to pack keys and to leave them on the client's threshold at normal delivery it would be not less effective, but use of drones allows to exclude at least one person from a delivery chain. Besides, use of drones — much more impressive advertizing tool, than normal delivery.

Also responded Geely to the outbreak of a coronavirus with the fact that released the new Icon SUV in which for the first time there was a system of air purification certified by N95. This system developed directly in response to a coronavirus pandemic works together with the normal air conditioning system and purifies air from bacteria and viruses.[1]

2017: Purchase of the developer of the flying Terrafugia cars

On November 13, 2017 announced Geely purchase of the developer of the flying Terrafugia cars. Read more here.