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Gisline Rastreamento LTDA


The joint venture about "the Russian Navigation Technologies".

Russian Navigation Technologies (RNT) - 51%


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The representation of "RNT" in Brazil (Gisline Rastreamento LTDA joint venture where 51% of stocks possess "RNT") advances the Avtotreker system under the MoveTracker trademark there. There are also other companies which install navigation systems on cars, but their functions generally come down to protecting transport from stealing. Unfortunately, the main transport problem of the countries of Latin America in general and Brazil in particular is extremely high level of thefts of vehicles (according to the analytical agency Berg Insight 4 times more than stealings, than in the USA).

Avtotreker also has functions which interfere with stealing of the car, but after all the main purpose of a system — to optimize use of vehicles, to exclude their inappropriate use, to cut down expenses on fuel and operation.