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GitHub is a web service for a hosting of IT projects and their joint development. GitHub is positioned by his creators as social network for developers. For  September 30, 2015 the number of users of service made 11  million people, and staff of the company — 350 people.


GitHub began to block developers from the countries which fell under sanctions of the USA

At the end of July, 2019 it became known that the GitHub service began to block developers from the countries which fell under sanctions of the USA.

About what in GitHub disconnects accounts from regions on which the American sanctions extend wrote to some of the first the ZDNet edition. Journalists gave the 21-year-old Russian Anatoly Kashkin living in the Crimea as an example. This developer places GitHub the website and a launcher for Linux which integrates the games Steam, GOG and Humble Bundle in one user interface.

GitHub began to limit access to residents of the Crimea and other regions under sanctions of the USA
GitHub began to limit access to residents of the Crimea and other regions under sanctions of the USA

Cat's most of all worries about the GameHub project on which there is certain demand. The developer does not see the best place for placement and support of GameHub as thanks to GitHub users easily find a launcher and also easily announce bugs if detect them.

According to GitHub, service limits services to users in the Crimea, Iran, North Korea, Syria, in Cuba and other regions which fell under sanctions. Such developers can use service of joint development of IT projects for personal communications.

GitHub refers to the document where measures for control of trade are described. The administration of service noted that it submits to the American laws and regulates information placed by users according to Rules of export control of the USA (U.S. Export Administration Regulations).

GitHub Enterprise Server is a commercial product for mass market to which classification number of export control is assigned. And though it can be exported to the majority of destination points without license, there are also exceptions.

Developers from the Crimea and Iran in large quantities report that their access to GitHub was limited. So, the Iranian user reported in the post on Medium that its Git-repository is disconnected, and it cannot download the data. The developer hopes that the situation will be resolved, he liked service.[1]

We were considered Antichrists. Why Microsoft wanted, but did not purchase GitHub in 2014

At the beginning of June, 2019 the head of cloud division of Microsoft Scott Guthrie told why Microsoft wanted, but did not purchase GitHub in 2014.

Guthrie understood that at that time Microsoft was simply not ready to purchase popular web service for a hosting of IT projects and their joint development. According to Guthrie, GitHub developers just would rebel – many of them considered Microsoft as enemy No. 1 because of attacks of the company on freely distributed open source software.

Microsoft wanted to purchase GitHub several years prior to transaction, but then the company was not ready
Microsoft wanted to purchase GitHub several years prior to transaction, but then the company was not ready
The world of projects open source fairly considered us Antichrist, - Guthrie says. — Developers of such projects absolutely did not trust us. At that time Microsoft was still generally focused on the software which is completely created by own forces and belonging to the company.

Since then Microsoft turned into one of the largest software developers open source and convinced clients to trust the applications created using the competing tools and programs and also service of cloud computing Microsoft Azure. More than 60% of a command of Microsoft which develops cloud applicaions got a position thanks to rich work experiences with instruments of programming or cloud services of third-party developers.

In June, 2018 Guthrie and the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella at last submitted the agreement on GitHub acquisition. Despite some perturbation in community of developers, the transaction did not become a reason for war. Most of users of GitHub just continued to place the code on the portal. Microsoft spent many years to improve the benevolent relations with community of the open code, and these efforts were not gone in vain.[2]

The translation of all projects of Apache fund on GitHub

On April 29, 2019 the Apache Software Foundation non-profit organization which is considered the world's largest community on software development open source, announced transfer of all the projects on GitHub. Read more here.

Private repositories became available to free users

In January, 2019 private repositories on GitHub became available to users who work only with free functions. Earlier non-public or not subject to disclosure projects could be developed only for money.

However the innovation was accepted with restriction. Free private repositories can include no more than three participants. Thus, the innovation is expected generally maintaining small personal projects, but not group development of serious software products. For example, private repositories will be able to be applied to carrying out non-public experiments before release, to individual maintaining the closed projects of the employer or to work with the code which is not subject to disclosure.

The participants of GitHub using a free tariff plan can create private repositories in an unlimited number. The limit is set only on the number of the users involved in the project.

On GitHub private repositories became free
On GitHub private repositories became free

If it is necessary to connect more than three users to a repository, then it is necessary to pass to a paid rate. At the same time there is no such restriction in the competing service — GitLab. On it thousands of developers after sale of GitHub of Microsoft corporation migrated.

Microsoft explained implementation of an opportunity for work with private repositories for free subscribers desire of many developers to work over third-party projects without excess problems. At the same time the company also added new features for a corporate subscription.

The universal GitHub Enterprise rate within which the options GitHub Enterprise Cloud were integrated (earlier known as GitHub Business Cloud) and Enterprise Server became one more innovation on GitHub (GitHub Enterprise was called earlier). Now to commands which need flexibility in use of GitHub in a cloud or autonomous configuration can get access to both at one price.

By the end of 2018 in GitHub there were more than 100 million repositories. How many from them private, it was not specified.[3]


Thousands of developers passed to GitLab after GitHub sale

At the beginning of June, 2018 thousands of developers began to transfer the projects to the GitLab platform from GitHub after purchase by the last company Microsoft.

Mass migration on GitLab is caused by concerns of developers on the fact that Microsoft can close a part of third-party projects open source and develop own developments.

Users transferred more than 40 thousand projects to Gitlab against the background of the transaction of GitHub and Microsoft
Users transferred more than 40 thousand projects to Gitlab against the background of the transaction of GitHub and Microsoft

However the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella promised that the company will not introduce restriction on programming languages, technologies and cloud services which will be used by developers on GitHub. According to Nadella, Microsoft will continue development of GitHub and will leave the platform open.

According to own data of GitLab, the number of new users of service for June 4, 2018 when Microsoft announced merger of GitHub, increased five times. On the platform more than 41 thousand projects were imported, and the number of new projects exceeded 75 thousand.

By the beginning of June, 2018 on GitHub there were about 80 million projects and over 28 million developers. The audience of GitLab does not reveal, in the company only speak about "millions" of users.

Within 24 hours true madness was observed. We saw how thousands of developers translate the projects and report about it on Twitter — the CEO of GitLab Sytse Sijbrandij told Reuters agency.

According to him, from the moment of the declaration of sale of GitHub by June 5 more than 100 thousand projects were transferred to GitHub, and the number of orders grew seven times.

In network more than 1000 tweets with a hashtag#movingtogitlab quickly appeared, and GitLab offered a discount in the amount of 75% for the tariff plans that "sweeten" the transaction and accelerate transition from GitHub.

The vice president of consulting company SPR Mark Sami believes that the user base GitHub will not be reduced considerably, and cited as an example Yammer service which audience significantly grew after sale of Microsoft.[4]

Microsoft buys GitHub for $7.5 billion

On June 4, 2018 the Microsoft corporation announced reaching an agreement on acquisition of GitHub web service which audience for May, 2018 totals more than 28 million developers. Thanks to the transaction the corporation expects to expand number of users of the tools and services for developers.

Under the terms of the agreement, acquisition value will be $7.5 billion. It is expected that the transaction will be closed by the end of 2018 after accomplishment of all necessary conditions and receiving approval from regulators.

According to the statement of Microsoft, upon completion of the transaction of GitHub to continue to work independently, providing the open platform for developers from the most different industries. Besides, developers, as before, will be able to give preference to any programming languages, tools and operating systems when developing the projects.

The post of CEO GitHub will be held by Nat Friedman, the vice president of Microsoft, the founder of Xamarin company and the expert in the field of open source-solutions. In turn, the current head of GitHub Chris Wanstrath will become the technical specialist of Microsoft accountable to the executive vice president Scott Guthrie, and will be responsible for development of strategic initiatives in software development area.

According to estimates of Microsoft, acquisition of GitHub will render accretive effect on an operational не-GAAP the profit of corporation for 2020 financial year.[5]

The largest DDoS attack in the history

In March, 2018 it became known of the strongest hacker attack in the history which collapsed GitHub. In the evening on February 28 and at night for March 1 the known service for a hosting of IT projects and their joint development coped with DDoS-traffic which at peak reached 1.35 Tbit / page. 

The attack was performed from more than one thousand different autonomous systems through tens of thousands of unique endpoints. The so-called Memcached servers were used. According to researchers, protocol implementation of UDP in such servers is wrong, and any can make the large attack of DDoS with hardly any trouble at all. 

GitHub endured the most powerful DDoS attack in the history, its power reached 1.35 Tbit / with
GitHub endured the most powerful DDoS attack in the history, its power reached 1.35 Tbit / with

According to Wired, DDoS attack lasted more than eight minutes, but its power, most likely, was the biggest during all the time — at least, among all incidents which it was announced publicly. For comparison, that which in 2016 was endured by the supplier of DNS services of Dyn was considered as the former largest attack. Then a large number of the large websites suffered, and the power of the attack reached 1.2 Tbit / page.

Thus, GitHub got off light, service was unavailable only about 10 minutes. The company explained that its IT infrastructure was created with such accounting that it could sustain five times more traffic, than in the DDoS attack largest before.

Besides, for mitigation of the consequences of cyberattack the administration of GitHub addressed a startup of Akmai Prolexic which specializes in cleaning of traffic of "garbage" packets, redirecting them bypassing the attacked service.

According to Hardik Modi (Hardik Modi), the senior director of department of cybersecurity development and response to threats  podrazdeleniyaarbor  Networks  kompaniinetscout, use of Memcached does not require the appeal to huge botnets. GitHub became the largest purpose for such attacks, however it can be only the beginning before attacks on other large companies, the expert warns.[6]

2016: Leadership of Microsoft

In September, 2016 service for GitHub software developers published statistics, work-related the portal in a year. In the report leadership of Microsoft in the number of participants in open projects is noted.

In 2016 Microsoft won first place by the number of the users of GitHub participating in Open Source-проектах of the companies. The software giant has  16,419 developer users of service. Facebook with  15,682 users was at the second place on this indicator. Read more here.

2015: GitHub officially comes to Russia

On November 12, 2015 it was announced official entry of GitHub into the Russian market. The partner of this service for a hosting of IT projects and their joint development from Russia selects distribution company VDEL.

Within the signed partnership agreement also implementation of methodologies of fast programming will be engaged in VDEL in technology and commercial business development of GitHub in such directions as localization, cooperation with technical institutes and universities, technology development for use in public institutions.

The social network for GitHub developers found the partner in Russia
The social network for GitHub developers found the partner in Russia

Besides, VDEL will advance the paid corporate product GitHub Enterprise in Russia and the CIS. Thanks to it clients of service will not need "worry concerning the last legislative modifications concerning a personal data storage in Russia", the chief executive of VDEL Milan Prohaska noted to Kommersant.

"We received the strong ally — the area manager of GitHub Marko Berkovich says. — Russia – one of the most active countries in Europe on use of GitHub for work on projects with the open code".

The independent developer of mobile applications Oleg Ovechkin using GitHub generally for storage of the code of mobile applications announced the newspaper that he does not represent why the Russian localization as many developers got used to read and write in English was necessary for service.

The head of Postgres Professionaloleg Bartunov explains appearance of the representative of GitHub in Russia with "a political situation". He reminded that the competitor of GitHub — the American SourceForge resource — since  February 1, 2015 because of sanctions of the USA blocked access to users from the Crimea.

"It is possible therefore GitHub wants to be localized. Or believe that sanctions will cancel" — Bartunov considers.[7]