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Number of employees
2016 year



Key activities of the company:

  • Broadband Internet access.
  • Digital telephone communication.
  • Intellectual communication services.
  • Allocated channels of data transmission.
  • System integration and complete telecommunication solutions.

Providing complete solutions on the data protection transmitted through open networks using means of cryptographic protection (CIPF). The service package includes development of technical solution taking into account requirements of the customer, supply of equipment (CIPF), setup and support. There is also the second option – providing secure channels of connection with use of a CIPF on network of the operator.


2016: The Globe telecom systems are tested in GosLinux OS

Globus-Telecom (subsidiary company PJSC Rostelecom) tested the software products on compatibility with the GosLinux operating system providing the functional protected environment for start of the application software. Were tested with representatives of Red Soft LLC. Learn more: GosLinux (GosLinux)

2015: Promotion of solutions on the basis of the open source software

On September 22, 2015 the Globus-Telecom company announced approach to distribution of program systems open source – the industry expert licensing (IEL).

The idea of software distribution according to the special license which is based on the principles of Open Source and considering requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation regarding IT and relevant requirements of authorities and corporations is its cornerstone.

OEL underlies the principle of partner interaction of the developer and user of software. The developer guarantees:

  • free distribution,
  • quality,
  • security,
  • support
  • development of the software product.

The user acting as the expert according to OEL can impart to the developer unique knowledge of specifics and requirements of the industry regarding IT.

– In the conditions of import substitution creation of the domestic software solutions adapted for requirements of specific industries should become the main direction in software development. Our new approach – industry expert licensing – will allow to accelerate work on this direction and will give an impetus to emergence of qualitative and demanded IT solutions, – Sergey Rybakov, the CIO and to innovations of Globus-Telecom Ltd noted.

The beginning of promotion of products Globus-Telecom according to the industry expert license was planned for the IV quarter 2015. "the MONASTERY should become the first software product on which this approach will be approved. Traffic" - the monitoring system and the analysis of network traffic intended for collecting, storage and the statistical analysis of information on amount of data which passed through segments and nodes of the computer network.