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The co-founder and the CEO of Group corporation Dmitry Grishin created own venture fund Grishin Robotics which will invest development of projects on development of robotic technologies. The Grishin Robotics company is going to invest 25 million dollars in production of robots who are used in health care and the transport industry.


2019: An exit from the developer of the eero routers

On February 11, 2019 it was officially announced sale of the developer of the eero routers to Internet giant Amazon. As a result of the transaction the Grishin Robotics fund left a startup. Read more here.


Investments into Embodied

In June, 2018 the developer of Embodied robots assistants attracted $22 million investments from group of investors among whom — Grishin Robotics fund of the chairman of the board of directors of Mail.Ru Group Dmitry Grishin.

The round was headed by venture company Calibrate Ventures. Jazz Venture Partners, Osage University Partners and Intel Capital also took part in it.  Read more here.

Investments into Starsky Robotics

On March 9, 2018 Grishin Robotics announced investment into Starsky Robotics company, the developer of autonomous trucks. The general size of a round of A was $16.5 million, among other participants of financing there is Shasta Ventures (the investor in Nest) and Y Combinator.

Grishin Robotics announces first "exit"

On February 28, 2018 venture company Grishin Robotics announced sale to Ring portfolio company, the developer of a line of the 'smart' devices ensuring safety of the house (the door lock, the camera, etc.), Amazon corporations. Grishin Robotics invested in Ring in March, 2016 within a round of financing of C totaling $61.2 of M. In total from the moment of foundation in 2012 Ring attracted about $210 M - DFJ, Qualcomm, Goldman Sachs, Virgin Group, Kleiner Perkins and others are also among investors of the company.

'This transaction is one of the largest in the market for the last few years, along with sale of Nest of Google company, and Oculus - Facebook corporations. M&A; the activity in the sector on which we made the decision to be focused in 2012 validates our rate. Despite so positive signals, the industry still is at an early stage of development, and next years promise to be not less interesting', - Dmitry Grishin, the founder of Grishin Robotics, the co-founder of Mail.Ru Group told.


Investments into

On August 3, 2017 Grishin Robotics announced that it invests in company, the developer and the owner of the Hong Kong's first network of "smart" bicycles. The venture firm acted as the leading investor in a round which size was $9 million, having closed the largest transaction in the history.

Investments into Wonder

Grishin Robotics acted in June, 2017 as the leading investor of a round A Wonder companies in $14 million. The startup works on creation of the new mobile ecosystem focused on gamers and wide audience of consumers of 'entertaining' content.

Investments into Spin

On May 26, 2017 Grishin Robotics announces investment into Spin company. The venture firm acted as the leading investor in $8 the M round, having closed the largest transaction in the history. Among co-investors there is Grishin Robotics — Exponent (founded by graduates of Y Combinator), CRCM (one of the leading investors of an early stage focused on the companies of China and Silicon Valley), one of founders of Quora and one of the first investors of Dropbox. Spin is the fifth transaction of Grishin Robotics from the current fund of $100 in size of M.

Investments into Starship

In January Grishin Robotics announced investment into Starship company, the creator of the first-ever system of the local goods delivery using independent mobile robots.


Dmitry Grishin came up with the idea to adopt the first-ever law on robotics in Russia

In December, 2016 the founder of Grishin Robotics, the Chairman of the board of directors and the co-founder of Mail.Ru Group drafted the law on robotics. The concept of the first-ever full law on robots prepared by Dmitry Grishin was sent for assessment to the leading scientific and expert centers of Russia and the world. It is designed to become the beginning of a discussion about legislative regulation in the field of robotics. In case of acceptance, Russia can become the first-ever state in which the relations with robots are settled in the legislation. In more detail - Robots (robotics)

Grishin Robotics announces new $100 million fund

In April, 2016 Grishin Robotics announced new fund — four times more previous and one of the world's largest. The capital will be used for expansion of geographical and investment focus on Internet of Things, private space, etc., in addition to traditional robotics and also for participation in larger rounds. Besides, the new partner — Verdi Israyeljan joined the founder of Grishin Robotics Dmitry Grishin.

The initial fund of $25 million in size announced in June, 2012 was financed only on personal means of the founder Dmitry Grishin. Within new fund a number of institutional and individual investors from the USA and Europe joined it. Offices Grishin Robotics will be located in San Francisco and London. Participation in a round of the C Ring company, developer of the "smart" devices designed to ensure safety of the house or apartment — in particular, the doorbell connected to the Internet with video functionality became the first transaction of new fund.

Verdi Israyeljan will introduce in the Grishin Robotics command wealth of experience venture and private equity of investments purchased by it during operation in DST and Goldman Sachs. Since 2009 it worked with Dmitry Grishin over numerous joint projects, the last several years — as COO in Mail.Ru Group. Verdi Israyeljan will work from the London office of fund, providing additional presence in Western Europe.

For the last several years Grishin Robotics invested in 12 companies as B2C (littleBits, Sphero, PetNet), and B2B (Spire, Double Robotics, Zipline). With attraction of the new capital Grishin Robotics is going to be focused on transactions of the A and B series, reserving up to $10 million for each company (including initial and possible subsequent investments) and more often than earlier, acting as the leading investor. The small percent of fund is reserved for the interesting companies of a sowing campaign or, on the contrary, later stages.


Grishin Robotics invested in littleBits

On June 25, 2015 it became known of investment of Grishin Robotics company into the developer of the littleBits platform.

It the company concluded the largest bargain during the existence. The general size of the round of investments attracted with littleBits was $44.2 million. In addition to Grishin Robotics, DFJ Growth, Two Sigma, True Ventures and Khosla Ventures funds participated in a round (Series B).

"World technology literacy — — an ultimate goal of littleBits which I completely separate. In many countries of the world the shortage of the qualitative engineering personnel is observed today, and products of such companies become a part of solution" — Dmitry Grishin told.

For Grishin Robotics it is the ninth transaction.

Investments into Occipital

On July 29, 2015 Grishin Robotics announced investment into Occipital. For this moment the general size of a round (series B) was 13 million dollars. For Grishin Robotics it is the tenth transaction from the moment of foundation of the company in 2012.

Among co-investors of Grishin Robotics there are Intel Capital, venture division of Intel corporation, Shea Ventures and Foundry Group funds.

"On behalf of the Occipital command and co-investors I am glad to find adherents who, as well as I, believe that the technology break in the field of computer vision will offer absolutely new prospects for development of personal robotics. The technologies and products developed by Occipital company bring closer us by the time of when numerous devices around us learn to understand better surrounding space and to interact with it. It in a root will change life of each of us" — Dmitry Grishin, the co-founder and the CEO of Mail.Ru Group, the founder of Grishin Robotics told.

2014: Investments into Orbotix

On May 5, 2014 Grishin Robotics announces investment into Orbotix, the developer of robots toys, managed C mobile devices and using technologies of augmented reality. The general size of a round (Series D) was $15.5 million. For Grishin Robotics it is the eighth transaction, and largest from the moment of foundation of the company in 2012.

Among co-investors of Grishin Robotics there are The Foundry Group funds (the investor of Fitbit, 3D Robotics, MakerBot, Zynga) and Shea Ventures (the investor of, GigaOm and SolarCity). Orbotix is going to spend the raised funds for new product development and accessories and also for start of additional game applications for robots.

"Orbotix is a unique example of synergy of robotics and show business which has every chance to change traditional idea of toys and to create essentially new category of devices. The strong team already managed to turn Sphero into a legendary product, and I do not doubt that at future developments of the company not smaller potential" — Dmitry Grishin, the co-founder and the CEO of Mail.Ru Group, the founder of Grishin Robotics told.