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Head department of state examination Glavgosekspertiza of Russia FAU





+ Head department of state examination (Glavgosekspertiza of Russia FAU)

Glavgosekspertiza of Russia is the public institution subordinated to the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation. Glavgosekspertiza is the team of professionals of the construction industry implementing the quality standards of justification of decisions on the capital investments, examinations of the project documentation and results of engineering researches, checks of reliability of determination of estimated cost of objects of capital construction for security of citizens, efficiency of the capital investments and development of infrastructure of Russia.


2019: Creation of the Center of digital transformation

On September 26, 2019 it became known that Glavgosekspertiza of Russia created the Center of digital transformation.

The division will be engaged in development and deployment of digital services for institute of construction examination. The structure was headed by Victoria Erkenova.

The head of the Center of digital transformation told about plans for digitalization of activity not only directly Glavgosekspertiza, but also about effect which is expected from such implementation for all expert community. Victoria Erkenova emphasized that there is an essential difference between automation and digital transformation: automation is, in fact, the current processes, i.e. transfer of all array of accumulated information to an electronic form. As for digital transformation, already more deep processes therefore serious reconsideration is necessary are involved here.

We need to change a view of a problem that to solve it. And it will inevitably lead to reorganization of all processes,
emphasized Victoria Erkenova

At the same time, according to her, transformation should lead to optimization of time and resource expenditure.

Victoria Erkenova notes that in practice those approaches which were developed upon transition to automation I will help or to be transformed quicker, or can will discard a little back because there was a calculation on automation of algorithms. Therefore it is important at automation initially in architecture of solutions to put data-centrichny approach when data gradually gather: they become more, they become legally significant and all electronic documents which are created, created in the automated mode and from those data which are stored in systems. Thus they purchase the legal importance. Such data-centrichny approach is implemented in Glavgosekspertiza.

It is impossible to miss also such tools which will help to analyze variously accumulated information. Victoria Erkenova told that for 2 years of system operation of the AIS Glavgosekspertiza the history of actions which, at digital transformation, is such analytical basis was aggregated. And it, in turn, helps to understand what tools need to be created now.

We are going to improve our data-centrichny approaches further and to create services on the basis of those data which are already saved up by us,
emphasized the speaker

According to Victoria Erkenova, all approaches and techniques which are already developed by Glavgosekspertiza need to be transferred to expert community and all organizations which are ready to work at a single platform jointly. Therefore for September, 2019 work on creation of such platform with a uniform personal account of the applicant and also the unified register of all experts of the country is conducted. On the platform the uniform methodology which will be provided through technology processes will be implemented: this data management and analytics. Also the knowledge base of all experts of the country who will work at this platform will be created. There will be an assistant to the expert, various reference books which will be able to give legally significant information.

The head of the Center of digital transformation told also that in recently published reports of the western agencies it is said that on average the person during the day looks in the phone of 110 times, checking some information. In some countries this digit is even more. Therefore it is extremely important not only for top management, but also for all to obtain information through convenient means, namely through applications and services in phones. In view of all current trends in development of neural networks and all the accelerating digitalization waves. in Glavgosekspertiza a system for communication with applicants - the chat-bot is already implemented. It will help to automate interaction with applicants at each stage. For September, 2019 service passes test.

The center of digital transformation of Glavgosekspertiza will also be engaged in change of approaches to formation of notes to the design estimates that will allow to create "clinical record" of designers. Victoria Erkenova told that specialists of Glavgosekspertiza managed to collect an array of information on practice of work with applicants, i.e. by experience of interaction with different designers in our country. These are, so to speak, all "diseases" of the project organizations: who, where and as was mistaken. But there is one nuance. All this information exists in the form of electronic documents and their processing happens means of smart search. It is going to automate approach to preparation of notes, in fact formation of summary notes to project-estimate documentation will turn into 2-3 cliques on the computer. Thus there will be an opportunity to accumulate information on specific notes to specific applicants designers. Glavgosekspertiza will be able to define bottlenecks in the project organizations. And, speaking about improvement of quality of design, in the help of accumulated information of this sort, designers accurately understand, what they need to do, where who and to what needs to be taught. The same information will also be put in a basis of development of training courses of Glavgosekspertiza.

One more task on which the Center of digital transformation of Glavgosekspertiza works is creation of the tool which will also help to increase quality of design. It is about automatic system of formation of a design assignment. It is supposed to create a form in electronic form, filling fields of which the builder using a system creates a design assignment and recommendations which should be considered at design. This service will help the builder who can not always consider all nuances. The artificial intelligence will help it with it.

Victoria Erkenova told even about one service which implementation is planned within creation of a single platform of work of all expert organizations. This is the assistant to the expert. The ability to integrate smart search into functionality of the platform will create an opportunity to index the arriving information and using a key word to find these or those solutions that optimizes search time of the connected solutions. A system itself will be able to find mismatch in documentation which arrived for consideration and when the expert gets to work, will tell him that work is carried already out and deviations are found. All this will be remembered over time, the array of information will increase and by each consideration of the similar design estimates this tool will be improved[1].