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Hexadite — the Israeli developer of solutions for information security support (cybersecurity) founded in 2014 which help the companies to estimate and analyze cyber attacks. The software offered Hexadite announces the notifications made by antiviruses and fayervolla and also estimates urgency of response to harmful activity. The company simplifies process of identification of threats, allowing clients to pay attention to more serious cyberdangers.

By May, 2017 Hexadite attracted in total about $10.5 million investments, including from Hewlett Packard Venture fund. Hexadite is registered in Israel though the headquarters is in the American Boston. In Israel the research center is located.

2017: Microsoft buys Hexadite for $100 million

On May 24, 2017 it became known of sale of Hexadite of Microsoft corporation. This not first acquisition of the Israeli cybersecurity company by the American software giant.

Details of the transaction are not disclosed. The website of financial news Calcalist writes that Microsoft paid about $100 million for Hexadite purchase.

Purchase of Hexadite cost Microsoft $100 million
Purchase of Hexadite cost Microsoft $100 million

Earlier Microsoft declared plans to continue to invest more than $1 billion in research and development of technologies of cyber security. Israel became one of key regions in this respect. In this country by the beginning of 2017, according to Microsoft, there were 450 startups working in the field of information security 20% of world cybersecurity investments fell to their share. Earlier Microsoft purchased such Israeli cybersecurity companies as Aorato, Adallom and Secure Islands.

The head of the partner company of Hexadite announced the CRN edition that he is concerned by the transaction with Microsoft as it will slow down investments into the Israeli developer. Hexadite are very necessary money, especially considering that the company works at the "supercrowded" market of automation systems and managements of cyber security, he added.[1]