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Hydraulic press


Since 1946

The Gidropress experimental design bureau is included into a machine-building division of RosatomAtomenergomash), is practically an age-mate of domestic nuclear sector.



The enterprise performs a complex of design, computational and theoretical, experimental and research and production works on creation of reactor installations for the NPP of different function. The reactor WTWPR (water-to-water power reactor) installations developed in bureau are used not only on the domestic NPPs, but also abroad — both on put into operation, and at the stations which are under construction now.

The experimental design bureau "HYDRAULIC PRESS" is founded in 1946. The experimental design bureau "HYDRAULIC PRESS" performs a difficult complex of design, computational and theoretical, experimental and research and production works on creation of reactor installations of different types for the NPPs having properties of the increased security, reliability and the profitability competitive in the Russian Federation and abroad.

The only enterprise in the world on which projects reactor installations on 5 different reactor technologies were implemented and put into operation. The priority direction of works is project development of reactor VVER installations of broad range of power today: from 300 to 1700 MW. The VVER reactor installations built on projects of experimental design bureau "HYDRAULIC PRESS" work at 20 nuclear power plants of Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Finland, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, China, Iran and India.


2013: Criminal case on a charge of plunders

In Moscow area in the spring of 2013 criminal case on plunder by top managers of "subsidiary" of Siemens of 14.7 million rubles selected for designing of the equipment of reactor installation of atomic power units is brought. The Право.ru portal with reference to the message of the Main Directorate for Economic Safety and Counteracting Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation reported about it [1].

By the investigation it was established that in 2010-2011 the Deputy CEO of Indastri's Siemens Software company – affiliated enterprise of Siemens AG concern – Lavrenev Ilya and the top manager of the company of Residents of Suzdal Anatoly created Pilim-Sfera company - "phony company". Then, using communications with officials of experimental design bureau Hydraulic press, they provided to the controlled dummy organization signing of the contracts for the amount more than 50 million rubles.

In particular, it is established that Hydraulic press is signed by officials of experimental design bureau the contract for execution of works, connected with setup of earlier delivered software which Pilim-Sfera company obviously did not intend to execute. However budgetary funds in the amount of 14.7 million rubles are transfered to account the contractor. Besides, contractors received money on the project of three-dimensional modeling of a construction part of nuclear power stations whereas the project was executed by students of department of technical mechanical engineering of BELGTU of Shukhov.

Upon large scale fraud criminal case is brought. Concerning Lavrenev and Suzdaltsev the measure of restraint in the form of detention is chosen. The investigation and search operations and investigative actions directed to identification of additional episodes of unlawful activity of persons involved and also establishment of the other persons involved in plunders of money continue.