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The company is created in 1932 as Svyazproekt trust. In 1997 it is transformed to JSC GIPROSVYAZ.





PJSC GIPROSVYAZ has a federal scope and it is provided by head office in Moscow and branches: Northwest (St. Petersburg), Siberian (Novosibirsk) with departments in Barnaul, Vladivostok, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk and Youzhny (Krasnodar). The company renders a range of services on creation of telecommunication and engineering infrastructure, since design and exploration work and finishing with delivery of a ready object in operation. Specialists of the enterprise implement projects for telecom operators and owners of telecommunication infrastructure irrespective of their industry accessory. PJSC GIPROSVYAZ - the traditional partner of PJSC Rostelecom in the field of design and construction.


2019: Opening of representation in Nizhny Novgorod

Since June, 2019 federal presence of Giprosvyaz extended at the expense of representation in Nizhny Novgorod. Opening of representation took place within strategy implementation of development of the company aimed at providing its presence in all federal districts of Russia reported in Giprosvyaz on June 11, 2019.

Within the last 5 years Giprosvyaz actively participates in large projects of federal scale. The works performed in the Volga Federal District were supervised by the Northwest branch of Giprosvyaz located in St. Petersburg. It is expected, emergence of representation in a format of Volga Project department of Northwest branch PJSC Giprosvyaz will improve communications with customers in the region and will promote more effective organization of activities for rendering profile services. Experience and industry expertize of Giprosvyaz are available to the commercial and government institutions interested in digitalization of the activity and implementation of modern information and telecommunication solutions now.

According to the CEO Alexey Malysh, "creation of Volga Project department allowed us to redistribute loading in Giprosvyaz, having transferred to representation considerable volumes of the available orders from clients in the Volga Federal District. All staff of our representation the experienced professionals knowing local market features of its environment and capable to promote company services in this dynamically developing region".

"The representation is already connected to a virtual private network of the company that allowed practically at once to begin to work within internal design standards and standards of quality and, we hope, will provide fast integration of personnel into corporate culture of Giprosvyaz — the deputy general director-director of Northwest branch PJSC Giprosvyaz Vladislav Pyattayev noted.

As noted in the company, opening of representation in Nizhny Novgorod was performed in short terms from the moment of adoption of this solution as the vast majority of production processes of Giprosvyaz is unified and standardized. Nevertheless, the company intends to make use of the experience got in the Volga Federal District in the subsequent projects connected with expansion of the federal presence in the territory of Russia.


Revenue made  1,701 thousand rubles that for 41% exceeds indicators of Society for 2017. Growth of OIBDA was 108%. Net profit in comparison with 2017 increased by 145% and was 401 million rubles. The number of employees increased by 9%, and growth happened mainly due to increase in number of production personnel. Achievement of annual financial results became possible, thanks to performance improvement of work in Society. Revenue on 1 employee in 2018 reached 2.9 million rubles a year, having shown height of 40%.


The Board of Directors of Rostelecom company approved the conclusion of the transaction with "subsidiary" of Svyazinvest holding Giprosvyaz on accomplishment of design and exploration work for construction of reference network of uniform infrastructure of the Olympic Games in Sochi. Also Rostelecom will sign with Giprosvyaz the agreement on preliminary planning and preparation of radio-frequency requests for network of mobile access in the range of 2300-2400 MHz of the LTE standard. The total cost of works on design of information and communication infrastructure of the Olympic Games will be 54.36 million rubles.