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International Data Corporation IDC



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1000 employees in 2016



+ IDC (International Data Corporation)

International Data Corporation (IDC) is the American analytical company specializing in researches of the market of information technologies. Is division of International Data Group IDG. The headquarters is Framingham (Massachusetts).

IDC – the supplier of information, consulting services and the event manager in the markets of information technologies, telecommunications and the consumer equipment. IDC helps professionals of IT, heads and investors to make reasoned decisions on purchase of the equipment and the choice of business strategy.


According to own data more than 1000 analysts in 110 countries work for IDC (September, 2011).


The most popular information report is the tool of assessment of key suppliers of the industry of ICT - IDC Market Scape. Within the research assessment technique on the basis of the analysis of qualitative and quantitative indices which are presented in the form of the graphics image of a position of each supplier in the specific market is used. Suppliers are placed between segments of the chart Leaders, "Large players the" (Major Players), Contenders and Participants which are between two axes: Capabilities and Strategies. The IDC MarketScape model has the accurate system of assessment allowing to compare in full product offering and services, an opportunity and strategy and also success factors of service providers in information technology field and communications in the market in the present and the future.

Business in Russia

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The company opened representation in Russia in 1995.