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+ IMHO (before IMHO VI)

For 2017 IMHO – the NSK subsidiary company – the largest seller of media opportunities in Runet. Exclusively sells advertizing spaces on,,,,,,,,, etc. and also own advertizing products:

  • Imho Video Network (IVN),
  • Imho Mobile Network(IMN).


IMHO and Getintent agreed about strategic cooperation

The international company Getintent and Internet seller IMHO agreed in the summer of 2017 about strategic partnership. The automated purchase of outstream of video of advertizing will be available to advertisers through DSPGetintent on all websites IMHO Outstream Network: Videonow,,,, and so forth with a potential scope ~ 20 million users. Read more here.

FAS permits NSK absorption of Vi, IMHO Vi and GPMD

In January, 2017 "The new service company" sent FULL FACE petitions for acquisition of stocks of the companies "Group Trend to Video International and IMHO Vi and also Gazprom-Media Digital shares. "VI the Trend" sells advertizing in regional air of most the Russian TV channels, and IMHO Vi and Gazprom-Media Digital are responsible for sale of advertizing on the Internet. Permission was got.

2006: IMHO VI is converted in an Internet sellera

Video International is engaged in Internet sales since 2006 when the IMHO VI company entering into group was converted in an Internet sellera.