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Former names - JSC GVTs Energetiki (conducts history with since 1968). "IT Energy" — the Russian IT service provider in power industry rendering a range of services on creation, development and maintenance of IT infrastructure of the power enterprises.

The IT Energy Service LLC company (IT ENERGY) — IT service provider for the energy industry enterprises — has unique 45 years' examination in the field of IT service of the power enterprises of Russia. Core activity is rendering services and execution of works in information technology field by orders of the enterprises of the electrical power industry.


IT Energy Group specializes in rendering services in the following areas: business process outsourcing, IT outsourcing, providing application services, providing business services, delivery of software and equipment.

1. Services of DPC
1.1.1. Placement of the equipment in DPC – colocation
2. Design and service of the engineering systems:
2.1.1. service of the electrotechnical, low-current and other engineering systems of the Customer;
2.1.2. service of the structured cable networks of the Customer;
2.1.3. service of fiber lines of communication of the Customer;
2.1.4. design and installation of the electrotechnical, low-current and other engineering systems;
2.1.5. design and laying of the structured cable networks;
2.1.6. design and laying of fiber lines of communication
3. Implementation and support of information structures
3.1. hosting of computing resources and system software:
3.1.1. services of a hosting IaaS on Intel IBM the x86 and Power platforms;
3.1.2. a hosting of disk resources on multilevel DWH;
3.1.3. services PaaS DBMS MS SQL;
3.1.4. Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA);
3.1.5. services of backup and data storage;
3.1.6. services of the round-the-clock service of monitoring and duty engineers
3.2. telecommunication services and video conferencing:
3.2.1. providing the broadband reserved access in the Internet;
3.2.2. administration of network equipment of the Customer;
3.2.3. organization and providing allocate circuits;
3.2.4. organization and technical support of sessions of VKS and selector communication;
3.2.5. administration of the PBX and IP telephony;
3.2.6. providing basic network services DNS, DHCP, NTP;
3.2.7. design and creation of a LAN at office of the Customer;
3.2.8. maintenance of SCS and a LAN at offices of the Customer
3.3. design, creation and support of information structures (IVI):
3.3.1. services of the Active Directory MS directory;
3.3.2. the mail systems based on MS Exchange;
3.3.3. file service;
3.3.4. printer service;
3.3.5. system of collective work MS Lync;
3.3.6. monitoring system of MS SCOM and management system for updates of MS SCCM;
3.3.7. backup system Symantec NetBackup Veeam;
3.3.8. system of terminal access
3.4. administration of the system software:
3.4.1. system administration OS of MS Windows IBM AIX Linux;
3.4.2. system administration of virtualization platforms of VMware, Hyper-V;
3.4.3. system administration of DBMS Oracle, MS SQL Server
3.5. information security and antivirus protection:
3.5.1. antivirus protection of resources of the Customer;
3.5.2. information security audit of IVI of the Customer;
3.5.3. audit on penetration on the Customer's Web resources;
3.5.4. implementation and maintenance of means of protecting of security perimeter of the Customer
4. Development and maintenance of the information and technology systems and complexes
4.1. information and analytical software:
4.1.1. development, implementation and maintenance of the systems of data collection and processing;
4.1.2. development, implementation and maintenance of information and analytical systems;
4.1.3. development, implementation and maintenance of automated systems of storage of corporate correspondence;
4.1.4. providing access to the electronic fund of regulating documents (EFRD);
4.2. specialized and corporate portals and websites:
4.2.1. development, implementation and maintenance of corporate portals and websites;
4.2.2. development, implementation and support of portals of the operational reporting;
4.2.3. development, implementation and support of portals of monitoring of investment activities;
4.2.4. development, implementation and support of portals of monitoring of the operating objects;
4.2.5. development, implementation and support of portals of rendering services of the electric grid companies
4.3. business process automation:
4.3.1. development, implementation and support of the application software;
4.3.2. development, implementation and maintenance of automated control systems for receivables;
4.3.3. development, implementation and maintenance of automated control systems for beneficiaries and partners;
4.3.4. development, implementation and maintenance of automated control systems for investment projects
4.4. implementation and maintenance of corporate information systems:
4.4.1. implementation and maintenance of an ACS of FHD on a basis SAP and 1C;
4.4.2. implementation and maintenance of asset management systems;
4.4.3. implementation and maintenance of management systems for investment activities;
4.4.4. implementation and maintenance of the NSI systems
5. Consulting
5.1. IT consulting:
5.1.1. development of IT strategy;
5.1.2. IT audit;
5.1.3. development of directories of services;
5.1.4. development of corporate IT architecture and organization of IT processes;
5.1.5. maintenance of reorganization of societies regarding IT
5.2. management consulting:
5.2.1. development of regulations, techniques, process descriptions: asset management, investment activities, normative reference information, investment projects, systems of the corporate reporting, financial planning and budgeting;
5.2.2. creation of competence centers;
5.2.3. examination and audit of scheduling and network diagrams of investment projects;
5.2.4. engineering services and outsourcing of management of investment projects, project portfolios and investment programs
6. Technical support and service
6.1. services of contact center (addition for each of services, in a separate product we do not take out):
6.1.1. acceptance and processing of addresses
6.2. system maintenance:
6.2.1. support and repair of the automated jobs;
6.2.2. support and repair of public office equipment;
6.2.3. technical maintenance of meetings and conferences;
6.2.4. providing the automated jobs;
6.2.5. providing public office equipment;
6.2.6. technical expertize of operability of the equipment of information technologies
7. Industrial automation
7.1. engineering implementation services, upgrades and to maintenance it is information - the technology systems:
7.1.1. automated systems of technology management (ASTU, ASDTU);
7.1.2. systems of collecting and information transfer (SSPI), Telemechanics complexes;
7.1.3. system of collective information display (SCID);
7.1.4. information and analytical systems in the field of energy efficiency and energy efficient technologies;
7.1.5. the systems of operational and technology management providing effective implementation of settlement and analytical tasks and modeling of operation modes of network;
7.1.6. hardware and software systems of information measuring systems (electricity metering, it is warm, gas);
7.1.7. The AIIS KUE according to requirements of wholesale and retail market of electrical energy;
7.1.8. AIIS KUE of the top level;
7.1.9. creation and upgrade of the AIIS KUE including under enegoservisny contracts;
7.1.10. maintenance of automated is information measuring systems of accounting of electrical energy (AIIS KUE)
7.2. development of the special software, delivery, setup and support of the software (including delivery of licenses)
8. Metrological support:
8.1.1. checking/calibration of measuring current transformers and tension (TN up to 330 kV, a TT to 5000A);
8.1.2. checking of metering devices of the electric power;
8.1.3. development of documentation on entering into the State registry of SI, Techniques (methods) of measurements;
8.1.4. metrological control and examination of the technical and project documentation;
8.1.5. audit of measuring channels with execution of passports protocols;
8.1.6. certification of products on national standards;
8.1.7. entering into the state register new, imported, measuring instruments of domestic and foreign production, including the AIIS KUE


2017: Change of the CEO

Since September, 2017 till present the CEO of IT Energy Service LLC is Stain Alexey Viktorovich. He released Sergienko Dmitry Vladimirovich who worked in this position of 5 years from this duty.

2016: ITES Management left the structure of Society

The participant of Society ITES Management Ltd (the size of a share in authorized capital 0, 0000020280989%) is excluded by the decision of Arbitration court of the city of Moscow on case No. A40-152337/16-57-841 of December 19, 2016 from the structure of Society. The solution took legal effect on January 19, 2017. On February 03, 2017 the specified share according to the certificate of incorporation passed to Society.

Structure of authorized capital of Society

  • PJSC FGC UES, the size of a share makes 79.999998377520897%, the nominal value of 178,805,596 rubles of 37 kopeks;
  • PJSC Rosseti, the size of a share makes 19.9999995943802%,
  • nominal value is 44,701,399 rubles 09 kopeks;
  • ITES management Ltd, the size of a share makes 0.0000020280989%,
  • nominal value is 4 rubles 54 kopeks.

2015: RusHydro will leave IT Energy shareholding structure

On July 13, 2015 mass media reported results of arbitration on the claim of FGC UES to RusHydro: the last did not pay 100 million rub for a share in 20% in IT Energy integrator and it became the reason for transfer of a share block to FGC UES[1].

Arbitration the court of Moscow published a motivation part of the court's decision made in the claim of "The federal company of networks" (FGC UES) to RusHydro. Earlier the court decided to transfer to FGC UES of 20% the share in the IT Enegry system integrator belonging until to RusHydro.

Beginning of a lawsuit

IT Energy integrator it is created by the former power monopolist RAO UES of Russia shortly before his disbandment in 2008. Then sold to RAO UES 20% a share in the system integrator of Irganaysky hydroelectric power station. As it appears from materials of court, transaction amount was 99 million rubles.

FGC UES which through Rosseti holding is controlled by the state became the legal successor of RAO UES of Russia. In 2012 FGC UES found out that payment for the sold share in IT Energry did not arrive.

By 2012 assets of the former RAO UES in the field of hydropower were merged in state-controlled the RusHydro holding company which became the legal successor of Irganaysky hydroelectric power station. RusHydro recognized existence of debt to FGC UES, but did not begin to repay.

In 2014 FGC UES demanded from RusHydro to terminate the transaction of 2008 and to transfer back 20% a share in IT Energy. The answer from RusHydro did not follow and FGC UES took legal action.

The court took the part of the claimant and decided to terminate the transaction.

FGC UES will become the owner

For July 13, 2015 FGC UES owns 40% of shares in IT Energy. At the same time the company conducts negotiations with RJSC ES of the East (merges assets being RAO UES of Russia in the Far East) on the redemption of another 20% of a share in system integrator. Permission of Federal Antimonopoly Service to this transaction is already got, besides, the transaction is approved by Board of Directors Rosseti - the controlling shareholder of FGC UES and RJSC ES of the East.

Presumably FGC UES can increase the share in IT Energy to 80% and to become the controlling owner of the system integrator.

According to the database SPARK-Interfax, FGC UES owns to 40% of authorized capital of the company, belongs to RusHydro, Rosseti and RAO ES of the East on 20%.

In 2008 the Board of Directors of UES of Russia made the decision on selection of all assets and activity in the field of data assets in "IT of an enerdzha service". Authorized capital of the last included FGC UES, IDGC Holding, RusHydro, RAO ES of the East and Market Council. After reorganization of RAO UES by shareholders of the company of steel FGC, Rosseti, RusHydro and RAO ES of the East.

  • On July 08, 2015 between JSC RAO ES of the East and PJSC FGC UES the Purchase and sale agreement of a share in the amount of 19.9999995943802% in authorized capital of Society is signed (GRN and date of entering into the USRLE of the record containing the specified data: 2157747987428 of 7/16/2015).
  • The decision of Arbitration court of the city of Moscow on case No. A40-50098/2015 of July 07, 2015 the share of PJSC RusHydro in authorized capital of IT Energy Service LLC in the amount of 19.9999995943802% of authorized capital of Society carried over PJSC FGC UES (UAH and date of entering into the USRLE of the record containing the specified data: 8157747275799 of 9/29/2015).


In 2008 JSC RAO UES of Russia made decisions, strategically important for business of Society, namely:

  • about restructuring of activity of the majority participant of Society – JSC GVTs Energetiki by transfer of IT activity of JSC GVTs Energetiki to subsidiary - IT Energy Service LLC;
  • about purchase of JSC RAO UES of Russia from JSC GVTs Energetiki of a share in authorized capital of IT Energy Service LLC.

In implementation process of the specified solutions of JSC GVTs Energetiki as the participant of IT Energy Service LLC purchased IT assets therefore all volume of the IT assets which were in ownership of JSC GVTs Energetiki, including the real estate used for rendering IT services it was entered at its market value as an additional contribution to authorized capital of IT Energy Service LLC.

The IT Energy group is formed in 2007 by separation of types of IT activity of JSC GVTs Energetiki (RAO UES of Russia subsidiary company which ceased to exist since July 1, 2008) in separate legal entities. The control structure of IT Energy Service LLC and 9 subsidiaries — IT Energy Analitika Ltd, IT Energy Autsorsing Ltd, IT Energy of Business Solution Ltd, IT Energy IIS Ltd, IT Energy Corporate Projects Ltd, IT Energy MIKS Ltd, IT Energy Industry Deliveries Ltd, IT Energy Technical Support Ltd and IT Energy Tekhnologii Ltd enter it. Since 2008 after the solution of Board of Directors of JSC RAO UES of Russia the management company is a legal successor of JSC GVTs Energetiki regarding IT activity.

On May 28, 2008, according to the results of completion of process of transfer of IT assets to the property of IT Energy Service LLC, JSC GVTs Energetiki sold to JSC RAO UES of Russia the share in authorized capital of Society belonging to it.

On July 01, 2008, in connection with project completion of reorganization of JSC RAO UES of Russia, the share in authorized capital of IT Energy Service LLC belonging to the specified company was distributed between the largest companies of the power industry. As a result of the specified event were a part of participants: JSC FGC UES; JSC IDGC Holding; JSC RusHydro; JSC RAO Energy Systems of East.

From September, 2009 to September, 2012 Sundukov Oleg Vyacheslavovich directed the company. During this time frame there were structural changes in the company. In 2010 restructuring of model of business was carried out. Functions of subsidiaries of IT Energy Autsorsing Ltd and IT Energy Corporate Projects Ltd were transferred to parent company IT Energy Service LLC since April 01, 2010 and on September 01, 2010 respectively. In the company new activities were open:

  • since July 1, 2010 — on design and information support of accounting systems and maintaining linear objects;
  • since August 2, 2010. — on development of the application software of corporate systems.

Victories in open auctions, signing of the contracts and providing high-level services for the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and REA Federal State Institution became important achievement of the company in 2010.

Creation of the professional platform for information exchange of IT specialists of the industry was a key action: IT Community energy industry. The community became important communication base for IT heads of the energy industries largest enterprises which contributes significantly to maintenance of effective development of IT technologies in the industry.

As a result of a number of measures for restructuring of the company, to development of core competencies in the field of IT outsourcing, to narrowing of target market and concentration on big customers during 2010, it was succeeded to improve cardinally financial performance and to optimize business activities.

For 2011 as a result of active development of services of a video conferencing, the number of clients increased more than three times. Within the program of upgrade of server and telecommunication equipment the new equipment was purchased. It allowed not only to increase reliability of rendering services, but also to increase their volume.

Process of obtaining the licenses necessary for rendering services in the field of data protection came to the end. Same year reforming of group by completion of transfer of IT Energy Service LLC of the rights and obligations for agreements of rendering services and execution of works and promotion of company services in the market under the uniform IT ENERGY brand was finished.

The area of interest of the company in 2011 included such directions as information security of systems of accounting of the electric power, system of intellectual accounting of energy resources, development and deployment of IT solutions for the investment management of the enterprises of power industry and also development of competence in construction and operation of DPC of customers.

Implementation and maintenance of the Automated system of integrated management of investment activities (ASKID) by request of JSC FGC UES became one of perspective activities in 2011.

From September, 2012 to September, 2017 the CEO of IT Energy Service LLC was Sergienko Dmitry Vladimirovich.

2012 became for the company an important stage on the way of further business development and the solution of strategic tasks. There was a significant growth in revenue which made 759.8 million rubles that is 71.7% more, than in 2011. Significantly the share of implementation services and to maintenance of information systems increased that made 42% in revenue of the company.

During this period of activity expansion of a range of services and geography of presence continued. There were new strategic clients in the power industry industry, such as: JSC MOESK, FGAU "SATs Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation", JSC ESK RusHydro, JSC SO UES Moscow RDU. The share of services from Federal State Budgetary Institution REA the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, Technical Inspection of EEC Ltd increased.

The project of creation of uniform information infrastructure for Executive office and eight branches of JSC "TsIUS EEC" is implemented; upgrade of information infrastructure of Federal State Budgetary Institution REA of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation is carried out; started participation in the project of creation of the centralized corporate information and technology infrastructure of JSC FGC UES (ITI-K).

The company carried out active researches to scopes of cloud computing for the purpose of implementation of the "pilot" project in 2013.

Implementation of key projects on creation of the automated solutions for control of investment projects at all levels of management of energy industry of Russia continued. In JSC FGC UES, JSC DVEUK project management systems based on Oracle Primavera are introduced in actions. Implementation in energy industry of the industry Platform of control of execution of investment programs will allow to exercise the effective centralized control over investment projects of the industry.

"The platform of control of a status and diagnostics of the equipment" which will allow to increase considerably transparency of the processes connected with status monitoring of a utilities equipment is implemented, having provided the new level of reliability of power supply system of the country.

Support of jobs of users in regional branches of key clients of JSC TsIUS EEC (in Samara and Sochi) and Technical Inspection Ltd (in Samara and Krasnoyarsk) became a new perspective view of activity.

In 2012 Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, IBM became important strategic partners of the company. Partnership with SAP company remained and gained new development.

In rating the company occupied the CNews Analytics (CNA) "The Most Fast-growing IT Companies of 2012." agency 13 of 20 places that demonstrates positive dynamics in business development and the correct development strategy.

In 2013 business development and expansion of geography of presence continued. Separate divisions to Nizhny Novgorod and Kirov were open that allowed to render IT - services to subsidiary companies of JSC Rosseti - JSC IDGC of Centre i Privolzhya and JSC Tyumenenergo.

Actively Competence Centers on key types of activity develop. Within the Platform of control, a status and diagnostics of the equipment further development of standard solutions for diagnostics of the equipment and integration of these solutions into the uniform portal of monitoring is carried out. The Platform of asset management based on SAP ERP which is based on opportunities of the module Plant Maintenance is implemented. This platform allows to obtain the objective information about a condition of equipment and allows to achieve maximum efficiency from each ruble invested in repair of the equipment.

The pilot project on cloud computing together with Hewlett-Packard is implemented.

Works on upgrade of infrastructure of a data processing center Kitay-gorod for the purpose of increase in a working space are carried out and it is resistant - places for providing additional volumes of services to the existing clients of JSC FGC UES, JSC ATS, JSC ESK RusHydro, etc.


In 2000 Lyashenko Sergey is appointed Ivanovichetot the CEO of JSC GVTs Energetiki the period is characterized, first of all, by the new direction of developments – creation of the information technologies applied not only in power, but also in other industries.

The main emphasis was put on automation of financial and economic tasks. The end-to-end integrated AIS Electra system which part at the first stage the following modules were was developed: "Budgeting", Accounting, "Economical indicators", Agreements.

There is retrofitting of the GVTs technical base, implementation the Internet and the intranet technologies. In 2004 Aksenov Evgeny Gennadyevich is appointed the CEO of JSC GVTs Energetiki. In 2006 the Board of RAO UES of Russia approved the medium-term development strategy of the child IT company. According to plans, in 2008 the center had to become the largest provider of IT services in Russia. For implementation of this idea of GVTs it was transformed to the distributed IT company servicing three state-controlled organizations as service provider: The federal grid company (FGC UES), the System operator (TsDU EEC) and Gidro of OGK (in an effect of RusHydro). On June 30, 2008 the Board of Directors of JSC RAO UES of Russia made the decision on transfer of activity in the field of IT to society, child in relation to JSC GVTs Energetiki, – IT Energy Service LLC.

IT Energy Service LLC was registered by the Moscow registration chamber on May 4, 2001.

Since 2004 the new brand — IT Energy is promoted, problems of increase in controllability, transparency and efficiency of providing IT services and also ensuring development and distribution of IT standards of Russian joint stock company are implemented. Formation of new management team is the same year begun.

In 2007 the IT Energy Group by separation of types of IT activity of JSC GVTs Energetiki in separate legal entities is formed. The control structure of IT Energy Service LLC and 9 subsidiaries enter into Group.


The history of IT Energy Service LLC begins with 1968 when the Ministry of Energy of the USSR made the decision on creation of the Main data processing center on management of power construction (GIVTsES).

Evgeny Mikhaylovich Pavlov, the former hydrobuilder, the participant of the Great Patriotic War was appointed the director of GIVTsES. The information service was headed by Savitsky Oleg Konstantinovich who worked in the organization till 1997. It entered a big deposit in formation of the organization.

During the period from 1968 to 1975 in GIVTsES computers of the II generation - "Minsk 22" and "Minsk 32" are established, the first automated systems of data collection and processing on capital construction, planning of input of capacities begin to be implemented.

GIVTsES not only processed all information stream about the course of construction of power objects – Kostroma GRES, Kashira GRES, Karmanovsky state district power plant, Iriklinskaya GRES, Troitskaya GRES, Reftinsky state district power plant, the Stavropol state district power plant, Seaside state district power plant and other combined heat and power plants, the HEPS and state district power plant entered in the country but also analyzed it, establishing "bottlenecks" and the reasons of deviations, and tried to obtain adoption of necessary solutions at the different levels of management.

With appointment in 1975 in GIVTsES the new qualitative stage of organization development begins the chief engineer of Doroshenko Inna Abramovna. Doroshenko I.A. came from the space industry where worked with Korolyov S.P. and was an outstanding specialist in management systems.

Implementation of the equipment of new III generation - EU-1022 and EU-1035 begins. It allowed to begin development and deployment of the second queue of the OASU-Energiya system including management subsystems by contract construction, production and sale of industrial output, technical and economic planning, management of supply with fuel, logistics, etc.

Formation and information processing about the course of construction of power objects were performed using the information systems developed in GIVTsES.

In process of accumulation of experience uniform data representation forms for different types of power plants (TPP, hydroelectric power station, the NPP) which were used for control of the construction course and also for development of the main directive document on power construction - annual order No. 1 of the Ministry of Energy of the USSR providing terms of execution of works, supply of equipment, constructions for under construction and piece-rate power plants were created.

In 1985 Balanchevadze Victor Ilyich is appointed the director of GIVTsES. Implementation of the terminal information system "Screen" using ADABAS DBMS begins.

In 1986 there is a transition from remote terminals to use of personal computers ("Robotron 1720").

On February 12, 1987 GIVTsES is transformed by the order of the Ministry of Energy of the USSR to Major computer center of the Ministry of Energy of the USSR with subordination directly to the ministry. The important role in it was played by the deputy minister Dyakov of A.F. who also headed "Coordination council on development to JEHOASH Energy".

Function of the coordinator of works on creation, implementation and development, all complex of tasks of providing the office of the ministry with information on work of the industry and also coordination of implementation of computer aids integrated industry ASU-Energiya (JEHOASH Energy) at all levels of management is assigned to GVTs Ministry of Energy.

In 1991 there is an incorporating GVTs Ministry of Energy of the USSR. The "Power Major Computer Center" Open joint stock company - the legal successor of GVTs Ministry of Fuel and Energy of the Russian Federation, 100% RAO UES of Russia affiliated enterprise is formed. Same year for gain of works on the automated systems of supervisory control (ASSC) the structure of "GVTs of Power" included data center of Power industry (the former data center GTU). Besides, in 1991 at JSC GVTs Energetiki the educational class for training of management personnel of RAO UES of Russia and Ministry of Fuel and Energy of the Russian Federation of computer literacy was created. Training was provided by specialists of GVTs.

In 1996 - 2000 the Central computer system based on DEC Alpha computer is created; the PEVM local area networks in the office of RAO UES of Russia and Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Russia develop; are begun work on three-dimensional modeling of power objects; a number of the information technologies which found broad application both in RAO UES of Russia, and in subsidiaries and affiliates is created.