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Troika Dialog - 36%
Jan David Evgenyevich - 17%
Other co-owners are individuals: Maxim Nalsky, Faina Balk, Vladimir Rodygin and Leonid Talalayev.
Revenue Thousand rub


The company offers the software for automation of work of warehouses, production, personnel management and finance.

Performance Indicators

  • For September, 2011 1.4 thousand restaurants in Russia and the neighboring countries use the iiko system.


As it became known in January, 2012 RBC daily, David Yang's company Iiko (advances the ERP system for restaurant business) conducts negotiations with several large investment funds and intends to attract 10 million dollars to an exit to foreign markets and development of the social network of loyalty. It will be the second tranche for the company which already raised funds in 2007 from Troika Dialog company.

That the company intends to raise additional resources, the chairman of the board of directors and the founder of the company David Yang told RBC daily. According to him the company conducts negotiations with several funds. The CEO Roman Avramov specified that required investment volume is about 10 million dollars. "Money is necessary to the project for active entry into the markets of Asia, China and also Eastern Europe — Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland. The main flow of the raised funds will have to go for development of the project of loyalty of iiko.NET".

In 2007 the venture fund of Troika Dialog in Tataria invested in the project of Mr. Yang several million dollars (the exact amount was not called) in exchange for 36% in the company. Another 17% of stocks of the company belong to David Yang, the others are distributed between group of individuals. The company cannot attract the second tranche investments from Troyki venture fund as the internal charter prohibits it to invest over 16% of total amount of the funds raised in fund in the same company.

The Iiko company is engaged in development of systems of automation of business of restaurants and hotels and also refueling stations. The CRM system which allows to monitor sales and security is integrated into the solution Iiko and also to see all logistics in the online-mode. The iiko.NET network on which development the company intends to put emphasis in the nearest future represents the loyalty system integrated into social networks where buyers can accumulate and regift discounts at restaurants and also pay off in cafe and on refueling with virtual rubles. The person who came to restaurant can not only receive a discount, having shown the identification number on social network, but also has an opportunity to return a part of the spent means, having recommended an institution to the friend and having received about 5 — 10% of his account at restaurant.