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The Russian segment of the Internet in the fall of 2016 will have a so-called backup copy of a part of infrastructure, RBC writes in July, 2016 [1].

The autonomous nonprofit organization MSK-IX which together with Rostelecom owns the largest point of exchange of traffic in Russia will be engaged in creation of "backup copy".

Indat will be engaged in "macroscopic researches of the Internet", RBC writes, will analyze as traffic "goes" and as autonomous systems interact among themselves.

On the basis of this research it is supposed to create a single system which will integrate in itself databases of the Dutch RIPE NCC which is engaged in IP address allocation between telecom operators, including Russian, and other registries and also the database of the routing information of the Internet. ​

Such system, according to project participants, "will help to optimize routing" or more effectively to fight against DDoS attacks.

Now each operator independently defines politicians of routing of traffic. The companies do not share this information with each other, but "note" the routes in the database of routing — Internet Routing Registry which also is under control of RIPE NCC. Destruction of a part of information from this base can lead to failures in all Internet.

The created system will be non-commercial, and its use for operators will be voluntary.