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Connection to network, placement of servers in data center, registration of domains, e-mail, a hosting. Infobox company (Natsionalnye telekommunikatsii (NTK) Ltd) - one their Russian hosting providers of Russia. The company is created in 2002 and today enters Top-10 of the largest hosting providers of Russia.

National Telecommunications (NTK)




The Infobox company is founded in 2002 and is one of the largest Russian hosting providers. Infobox provides different services: from traditional hosting services and tools for business to multifunction cloud solutions. Services of a virtual hosting (placement of the websites and e-mail), services in registration of domains, offers virtual dedicated servers (VPS) and placement and lease of physical servers.

Infobox company - the partner of Microsoft corporation in a hosting of business solutions among which there is Exchange Hosting, the portals SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Office Communications Server and Live Meeting service. Infobox has the status Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and competences 'Hosting Solutions', 'Midmarket Solution Provider', 'Unified Communications', 'Communications E-mail Mobile'.

The Infobox company has own data center and services more than 40,000 websites, 100,000 domain names and 120,000 boxes of e-mail and also more than 800 servers of clients.



Infobox started a hosting site in Krasnoyarsk

In May, 2014 the hosting company Infobox started a regional node in Krasnoyarsk. The platform allowed the company to increase several times the speed of loading of the websites of clients with users from Siberia, the Urals and the Far East.

Regional a hosting site, started in Krasnoyarsk by Infobox company, it is organized based on data center of Vebra company and directly connected to a P2P network of KRS-IX (Krasnoyarsk Internet Exchange) integrating most providers of Krasnoyarsk Krai and federal telecom operators. Direct exchange of traffic without pomezhutochny nodes of trunk operators provides users with the minimum time of access to the websites and services, the posted online participants or who are directly connected to KRS-IX.

Thanks to opening of a new node in Krasnoyarsk, Infobox achieved significant increase in speed of content delivery to users from the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. On result of tests, the websites of clients of Infobox began to be loaded much quicker, than the websites placed in Moscow and St. Petersburg — on average at the level of 0.2 seconds.


The Infobox company announced the list of serious changes in the business. In September the player completed transition to the Parallels Automation platform, and now all new clients will accommodate on it, and in 2014 on it also clients will be transferred from the old platform. The company changes also the concept of provision of services of a hosting, moreover, the website, a logo and the name - InfoboxCloud were updated for it.

So, the cloud hosting of the websites and CMS is a part of the Paralells Automation platform and is called founders of Next Generation Hosting (a hosting of the next generation). This solution is constructed based on CloudLinux OS supporting LVE technology (Light Virtual Environment) which allows to isolate strictly resources for each client. Isolation of resources changes the old concept of tariff plans — now not important how many websites on the account of the client. Important, how many to it it is selected resources how many at it visitors and what loading they create. Also other changes are made to tariff plans — support of databases of PostgreSQL and installation of popular CMS is added to one click, disk quotas are considerably increased (they several times higher now, than at other hosters).

The PaaS-platform working on Jelastic technology (about start of services on a cloud platform of Jelastic see news of the section of Infobox of September 29, 2013), is popular among PHP developers - and Java applications. She allows to create the web environments supporting the most modern software packages and databases in several clicks. Besides, you in only 1 cliques will be able to set popular CMS. The platform supports autoscaling that allows to place on it web projects with an uneven load and at the same time not to worry about whether the server will sustain the increased loading.


The Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) signed the agreement with the Russian company Infobox. Thanks to this tripartite (the operator of MTS acted as the partner of Infobox) to the agreement BlackBerry services became available not only for large domestic corporations and the enterprises, but also for medium and small business. Service includes e-mail hosting based on Exchange Server and a hosting of BlackBerry. These services are provided by Infobox. Also the client needs to use special date plan from MTS, including unlimited mail and Internet traffic across all Russia. Also there is a rate with unlimited traffic worldwide.

Activation of a mail service very simple and fast - the client is registered on the website and right after it gets access to a control panel for creation of mailboxes. Then we together with colleagues from MTS carry out activation of the client devices BlackBerry on our BES servers. And the client begins to take advantages of BES technology at once.

In 2011 the company made the decision on transition to the Parallels Automation platform. This platform for provision of services is used by the world's largest hosters and a half of telecommunication companies of world TOP-30. Around the platform the whole ecosystem of software developers and services was created. The compatibility of their developments with the platform allows to implement more than 400 solutions in short time. Also quickly these services can be provided to our partners, large integrators and telecoms, for sale to their clients under own brand on the White Label model. Cloud servers became the first service under control of Parallels Automation, and soon from the new platform will earn also all our other services.