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Infrafond RVC Infrastructure investments of RVC





+ Infrafond RVC (Infra Fund)

Infrastructure investments of RVC (Infrafond RVC) are created in January, 2011 with the assistance of RVC (99.91%) and JSC MSP Bank (0.09%). The Infrafond RVC manages child funds of JSC RVC: FPI RVC LLC, RVC Biofund LLC, Grazhdanskiye tekhnologii OPK LLC. Total portfolio of funds includes more than 80 companies, the total volume of means under their management — about 5.9 billion rubles.

In 2016 the Infrafond RVC became the managing partner and the investor of "The Russian-Belarusian fund of venture investments" (RBF Ventures). The volume of RBF Ventures is 1.4 billion rubles.


Tasks of fund

Key task of Infrafond RVC is market development of the specialized services and services necessary for the technology companies for effective conducting primary activity and the accelerated development, promotions of products in domestic and foreign market.

New infrastructure will provide the innovation entrepreneurs with consulting services in the field of marketing, finance, law, intellectual property, investor relations and others.

In whom invests fund

The main subjects for consideration of the request for investment for Infrafond RVC are the companies rendering services to the innovative companies and performing consulting, expert, research, analytical, scientific and technical, organizational types of activity for the purpose of assistance to creation, technology, financial and business to development and promotion of the innovative companies and projects and also the investment attraction and financings in the innovative companies and projects. So contributing the activity to the development of the innovation market of Russia.

Besides, the service company applying for investments of fund should as a result of the activity not only solve a specific problem of the innovation market, but also offer unique services / products.

Infrafond RVC the service company which implements the advanced business solutions in business turnover will interest, uses different own (and/or purchased) modern technologies and methods, offers new services for participants of the innovation and technology market, the methods and tools breaking traditional infrastructure barriers of development of the innovation, technology and venture market.

As invests fund

Initial amount of authorized capital: 500 million rubles.

The planned amount of authorized capital: 2 billion rubles (December, 2011).

Infrafond functioning term: without restrictions it (is termless).

Infrafond performs investment of means together with private investors.

Infrafond provides no more than 75% of the volume of investment requirement of the infrastructure companies for monetary, property forms, or in the form of the rights to results of intellectual activity in the amount (equivalent) no more than 100 million rubles on the first round of investment.

Infrafond allows any legal and financial conditions of transactions permitted by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Infrafond considers projects directly from initiators or authors of projects and also private investors (without interaction with the system of venture partners).

Adoption of investment solutions performs Investment committee of Infrafond (Board).


  • At the beginning of 2011 the Infrastructure Investments of RVC limited liability company (Infrafond RVC) began the work.

  • On December 9, 2011 it became known that Business magazine will become the first company in a portfolio of Infrastrukturnye investitsii RVC LLC ("Infrafond RVC"). The decision to approve acquisition of 37.5% of the magazine was made at the regular meeting of Board of fund.

Investments will be used for implementation of the new strategy of development for the existing business publication "Business magazine" which is issued Kompyyuterra publishing house since 2002, with preserving of the basic principles of the business model operating at the moment.

Deep "immersion of edition in a subject" was promoted also by release in partnership with the Russian venture capital company of the regular thematic pages "Venture Investment".

Dmitry Mendrelyuk, founder of Business magazine: "The funds invested by Infrafond RVC will be allocated for implementation of an investment program, aimed at development of the existing media business of the edition to qualitatively new level, a rekontseption of Business magazine with the shift of the main focus on scope of venture investments, innovations and a technology entrepreneurship and also start of the new directions of business in adjacent segments that will allow to diversify sources of income of the company and will provide synergy.

Besides, within this project we intend to solve one more important problem — to change traditional approach to business journalism and to offer the market qualitatively other model. Discussion of common truths and the known instruments of business becomes long ago less interesting both for journalists, and for readers — shareholders, investors, entrepreneurs, top managers. Standard answers all to a lesser extent interest business audience.

Before our eyes there are new markets and niches, also the rate of the technology changes which are cardinally transforming usual business processes significantly grew. It is necessary to recognize that the traditional business press ceased to be in time behind these trends. With assistance of Infrafond RVC we are ready to implement modern approach to discussion of really current problems and questions, paying special attention to the innovation business methods".

Jan Ryazantsev, director of the department of investments and examination and board member of JSC Russian Venture Capital Company: "We pass the difficult period of check by practice of the selected investment focus of fund: support of service infrastructure for the innovative companies and investors. Qualitative information – one of key resources for achievement of success by the entrepreneur. Therefore the first investment – in known, respected by professionals, the media resource, ready to serious development, managed by a pilot, keen command. The Infrafond RVC will receive in Business magazine a share in 37.5%. From our point of view, the volume of investment is quite reasonable, considering the expected positive effect for all innovation ecosystem. The first investment – very disturbing moment. I hope, the good example initiates a powerful flow of qualitative investment requests to Infrafond".

Igor Agamirzyan, CEO and chairman of the board of JSC Russian Venture Capital Company: "Null information about infrastructure of the market and its participants, the low culture of work with intellectual property and misunderstanding of its role in the strategy of business, the need for the personnel combining technology skills with skills of management of the innovative companies, backwardness of communications – all this became premises to creation of Infrafond RVC. Therefore a priority which it is worth – performing effective investments into the businesses providing to the technology companies a necessary set of services and services before fund. We expect that activity of Infrafond RVC will significantly accelerate creation of so-called "soft infrastructure" of the technology market".