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itSMF of Russia


"The forum on IT Service management" is the non-profit organization based on voluntary participation founded by individuals.



The Russian department of itSMF (IT Service Management Forum) is the non-profit organization based on voluntary participation. Within the Forum the leading IT professional who aim to make use of the knowledge and experience for development of the Russian business integrate.

Problems of Partnership

  • promoting of the best practices on IT Service management (management of IT services);
  • holding discussions and conferences on this subject;
  • assistance to members of Partnership in implementation in the companies of approaches on management of IT services;
  • the organization of exchange of experience with the Russian and international organizations dealing with the issues IT Service management;
  • activity as department of the international ITSM Forum.

Partnership gives to the participants an opportunity to get acquainted with the best experience of the foreign and leading Russian companies in different spheres of business, helps to implement the most modern, advanced approaches to management of IT services with their companies, provides the platform for free communication and exchange of experience.

Forum activity we consider one of the most valuable to specialists holding seminars and conferences on subject of ITSM and adjacent to it to areas. The information obtained from recognized experts experts, fixed in a discussion with colleagues helps to reduce essentially time and cost of similar projects in the company, to avoid errors. Taking part in discussions, specialists have an opportunity to check the new ideas, to be convinced of correctness of the way selected by them or just to declare oneself.

Cooperation with the foreign organizations

itSMF Russia actively cooperates with the international community. The Russian professionals by the invitation of the Forum were addressed by world famous consultants and experts, such as Eija Holmström (Gartner), Allison Hovit (Parliament of Scotland), Herko Axios, Kilian Schwermer (HP), as Ivor Macfarlane (itSMF International), Ken Turbitt and Peter Armstrong (BMC Software), Suzanne Galletly (EXIN), Alexander Tolkin. The agreement with Van Haren Publishing publishing house on providing considerable discounts at the order of thematic literature for members of itSMF Russia is reached.

The forum integrates a large number of participants among whom Technoserv of AS Diageo, Forex Club Group Vnesheconombank VimpelCom Alfa-Bank RENOVA-finance MTS Renaissance Capital Rosinformresurs Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods SIEMENS Russia IBM EE/A HP IBS IT Expert Jet Infosystems ITSC AMT Group I-Teco BCC Naumen Axios Systems, Inline Technologies (Inlayn tekhnolodzhis) and others.


Examinations of ITIL

In June, 2013 itSMF of Russia announced end of the innovation project on transfer of the examinations of ITIL of an intermediate step, most popular in the professional environment. Russian-speaking materials save universal terminology and can be used by any centers of training. It is the sign project realized in the Russian market in information technology field.

EXIN, independent world institute on certification in the field of IT, published Russian-language versions of examinations from the ITIL Intermediate series. The project is designed to increase interest in obtaining official international certificates in the professional environment due to removal of a language barrier that will promote increase in education level of the Russian professionals working in the field of management of services in IT.

First of all the most popular examinations from the Intermediate series - ITIL Operational Support and Analysis and ITIL Release, Control and Validation were translated. Transfer of examinations was preceded by poll of the leading Russian centers of training for the purpose of identification by that having the highest demand. Information on a total quantity of the examinations in ITIL held in the Russian-speaking countries on the basis of these data was collected and systematized and the expert decision on what materials will be translated first of all was made. The project on transfer of examinations of ITIL of an intermediate step started at the beginning of 2013. Examinations are translated by joint efforts of itSMF of Russia and APM Group company.

Trial tasks of the Russian-language version of examinations were available to the authorized training organizations (ATO) within two weeks from May 28 to June 12. They were used within the corresponding Russian-speaking training courses according to the program of certification of ITIL where found a set of positive responses, both from teachers, and from listeners.

On June 13, 2013 testing was officially complete, since this date, examinations of OSA and RCV can be ordered in Russian. Works on transfer of other examinations of this series will be continued.

Kirill Ivanov, head of Committee on publications and transfers of itSMF of Russia:

"Transfer of examinations of ITIL - one of priority projects of the Forum. We are going to develop further cooperation with AMPG in this area so, it is possible, shortly, in Russian it will be possible to take practically all examinations of ITIL. Under the agreement with APMG, we have no right to disclose names of those who participated in transfer, but I express to our command huge gratitude for the done work. Thank you very much!"