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The Izvestia newspaper is founded in 1917. The edition extends in all cities of Russia and also the neighboring countries. Circulation of the Izvestia newspaper exceeds 150 thousand copies, the audience of one number makes 309 thousand readers.

MITs Izvestia ─ the private multimedia information center integrating editorial and technological capabilities of news services of REN TV channels, Channel Five and the Izvestia newspapers. MITs Izvestia is the platform on production of raznoformatny information content – for TV, printing and the Internet. The command of the joint edition exceeds 1.5 thousand human. MITs Izvestia includes the new Internet portal combining possibilities of the full-time news TV channel and the social and political edition. Edition of the portal broadcasts information in several formats at once.


The owner of the Izvestia newspaper — National Media Group holding (NMG), but under the contract since 2011 calculated on five years manages the edition of the newspaper News Media media holding of Aram Gabrelyanov, and the INews company entering it is a publisher of the newspaper.

In March, 2016 several sources reported that NMG is going to manage the Izvestia newspaper directly, without treaty extension on the edition of the newspaper with News Media. Unofficial information on intention of NMG to replace the publisher of the newspaper appeared at the beginning of 2016. Sources of RNS were specified then that the owner wanted "make the newspaper of more analytical". It was reported that the contract with News Media of Aram Gabrelyanov works till June 1, 2016[1].

The source close to News Media, at the beginning of a year reported to RNS that transition of Izvestia to management of any other structure will be complicated by the fact that all information technology infrastructure of the edition is integrated into News Media, on formatting processes without News Media participation, time will be required.

In May, 2016 it became known that structures of the media manager and the founder of Aram Gabrelyanov will continue to issue Izvestia till September, 2016. RNS with reference to the source close to the edition reports about it.

"Contracts with employees are prolonged till September" — he told. According to him, prolongation of contracts with employees assumes that Gabrelyanov's team will continue to issue the newspaper till this time.

Gabrelyanov reported to RNS that contracts with employees of the newspaper are prolonged, but refused to call terms. "Agreements with employees are prolonged" — he reported. But the source close to INews (the publisher of Izvestia) claims that contracts are prolonged until the end of 2016.

Since August first, 2016 the rights to the edition of the Izvestia newspaper pass to JSC Izvestia Newspaper. The agreement with LLC INEWS (is under control of Aram Gabrelyanov) issuing Izvestia since June sixth, 2011 terminated on July 31, 2016. Arseny Oganesyan appointed the Chief Editor on the first of February will continue to direct the editorial office of Izvestia.