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Jabil Russia


Russian division of the American corporation Jabil Circuit. Jabil Russia LLC represents the interests of Jabil in Russia and the CIS.

Jabil Circuit


The American company Jabil Circuit specializing in contract manufacturing actively invests in development of the plant in Tver to turn it into the center of localization of production and service of electronics in the Russian market.


  • The plant in Tver (Russia)
  • Since 2004 there is also a plant in the Ukrainian Uzhhorod which from 2004 to 2011 produced about 100 million units of different electronic products. About 3 thousand people work at it.

Image:Jabil Circuit план завода в Ужгороде - Украина 2007.jpg

The plan of the Jabil plant in Uzhhorod, 2007



Axis Communications started at the Jabil plant production of cameras with the ARTPEC-7 chip

On December 2, 2019 the Axis Communications company announced expansion of a production line at the Jabil plant in Tver, one of partners in production Axis in Europe. The lineup provided on the Russian production was replenished with cameras with the ARTPEC-7 chip with elements of artificial intelligence. For December, 2019 on own production of Axis 16 models of the cameras which are most demanded in the Russian market are made. Thus, their quantity increased by 60% in comparison with the 2016th year when the company started a local production line in Russia.

The Jabil plant in Tver

Axis Communications provided the seventh generation of own ARTPEC chip in the spring of the 2019th year. According to the developer, ARTPEC-7 differs in the increased quality of processing of video and also opens ample opportunities for video analysts. It increases efficiency applications of Axis Lightfinder 2.0 and Forensic WDR which allow to receive more detailed, saturated in color and qualitative image in different conditions of lighting. Besides, thanks to Axis Zipstream technology with support of formats H.264 H.265 it is also possible to save all important image details, considerably reducing at the same time traffic and requirements to volume storages.

Among the devices made on a production line of Axis in Tver – the high-performance rotary PTZ camera Q6075-E with a 40-fold optical zoom which is equipped with the ARTPEC-7 chip and provides the hi-res picture even in the conditions of bad illumination. Thanks to the AXIS Q6075 chip differs in photosensitivity and it will be especially effective for security video surveillance on wide open spaces, such as cities, industrial facilities and key objects of infrastructure, claim in Axis Communications.

Also among the released devices – the cameras AXIS P1375 and AXIS P1375-E with the ARTPEC-7 chip intended for internal and outside video surveillance with quality of 2 Megapixels. They, according to the producer, are suitable for work on open spaces where high detailing is necessary: for example, in parks, banks, on loading platforms or cash desks of self-service in shops. Also in cameras functions of cyber security are increased that excludes installation not of a licensed software and protects from date leak. Cameras underwent certification of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for installation on transport objects.

The line of the devices with the ARTPEC-7 chip made in Tver was also filled up by P32 series models, the fixed hardly noticeable cameras with permission of HDTV AXIS P3245-V, AXIS P3245-LV, AXIS P3245-LVE, AXIS P3245-VE. They are equipped with a zoom lens and a remote zoom with focusing and will be suitable for installation in places where detailed observation, for example, in banks and shops of retail is required.

Besides, a series of the dome cameras released at the plant was replenished with the AXIS P3374-V, AXIS P3374-LV, AXIS P3375-V, AXIS P3375-LV, AXIS P3375-VE, AXIS P3375-LVE models. These hardly noticeable cameras are suitable for recognition of moving objects, such as machines or people. They have function of remote control of a zoom and focusing that reduces costs for installation of a system, and the built-in system of double-sided audio delivery. Thanks to this function it is possible not only to write a sound, but also to frighten off the violator at penetration on the territory and to prevent incident. Also as of December, 2019 the fixed AXIS P1435 LE, AXIS P1445 LE, AXIS P1447 LE network cameras are manufactured in Russia.

"Russia for us is one of the priority markets where we build up long-term trusted relationships, and existence of own production line at the Jabil plant is very important for us from the strategic point of view. Equipment manufacturing in Tver opens for us great opportunities for quick response to market changes and reduces logistic costs",

Production Ingenico closing

The Ingenico company stopped production of products in Russia and transferred it to Vietnam. Radoslav Bogutski, the CEO of division of Jabil Circuit in Russia at which plant in the Tver region contract manufacturing of Ingenico was placed told about it in November. Bogutski explained TAdviser that in July, 2019 the company transferred production of the terminals for the Russian market to the Vietnamese plant Jabil. Read more here.


Axis Communications expands own production of IP cameras in Russia

On November 30 the Axis Communications company announced expansion of a production line at the plant of Jabil company in Tver, one of partners in production of Axis in Europe. Own production line of Axis opened in June, 2016, several thousands of units of production were produced since then. The cameras made at the plant in Tver extend in the Russian market and are delivered to Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The lineup provided on the Russian production was replenished with four new products. The AXIS P3224-V MKII and AXIS P3225-V MKII dome cameras with the permission 720p and 1080p will be ideal for installation in premises, and the AXIS P3224-VE MKII and AXIS P3225-VE MKII models will cope with assigned tasks even under severe weather conditions.

Production is performed according to international standards of Axis which meet the highest quality requirements of assembly, stability under any weather conditions (for street modifications) and image clarities. The cost of cameras corresponds to price policy of Axis worldwide and is defined in rubles.

Axis Communications starts production of IP cameras at the Jabil plant

At the beginning of 2016 Axis Communications announced start of a production line at the plant of Jabil company which is one of contract producers Axis in Europe. Jabil was selected as the production site of Axis in Russia as the company having experience on assembly of IP cameras and having necessary certification of quality of production ISO 9001 and 14001. Following the growing demand in the market in Russia, Axis will produce demanded models of cameras which will be delivered to distributors within the country and also in Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Production of the network Axis P3214-V and Axis P3215-V dome cameras with permission of HDTV 720p and 1080p and with an ability to manage P-Iris diaphragm is arranged. These products are intended for the round-the-clock video surveillance and are ideal for use on warehouse complexes and shopping centers. At the plant will also make the wide angle fixed dome cameras with support of bilateral audio delivery, input/output ports, in vandalozashchitny execution with remote adjustment of a zoom and focusing of Axis P3365-V and model in street execution. The cameras Axis P3365-Ve work in the temperature range from -40 °C to +55 °C and are installed in places with high quality requirements of the image, for example, at railway stations. Production of the popular cost-efficient fixed cameras Axis M1124 and Axis M1125 with permission of HDTV 720p and 1080p will be performed Besides. These models are capable to provide high extent of detailing thanks to Lightfinder and WDR technologies day and night – Forensic Capture. Cameras of M11 series are suitable for the solution of a broad spectrum of tasks in such places as, for example, retailers, banks, libraries and office buildings.


From an interview of Philip Kostemal, the head of Jabil in Russia (February, 2012)[1]:

- In Russia we intend to be focused on several production directions, including computers and storage systems, TVs, plasma display panels, digital Set-top boxes, telecommunication equipment, payment terminals and also electronics for automotive industry. All this will be manufactured by us in Russia only for the local market, without export abroad.
120 people from whom 60 are engaged directly in production work at the pipeline line of assembly of the Cisco prefixes, and the others perform testing, repair, filling of software and other service functions. During 2012 the staff of the plant will extend on 100‑150 people, and in the next four years we are going to create about one thousand jobs, having brought production capacity to 1 million units of production a year. I think, we will have no problems with the personnel because the Russian education system proved around the world and here many competent specialists needing prestigious work. Any of them can become our employee, and the main selection criteria are the enthusiasm and desire to work. Besides, at employment we hold testing and we send the applicants who successfully passed it to two-week professional development course on different specializations.
The plant in Tver will consist of several buildings. Two of them, of 10 thousand and 15 thousand sq.m, are already constructed, and the third will be complete during 2012 then the area of factory premises will be 45 thousand sq.m. In this territory not only production workshops Jabil, but also a finished goods warehouse and components will be located. After expansion of capacities at the plant three lines of surface mount and one line of wave soldering for production of printed circuit boards with a possibility of obtaining the certificate of ST-1 for the CIS countries will appear. So far the plant is capable to perform finishing assembly of products and also its testing. Besides, we intend to increase considerably repair capacities to provide to our clients an after-sale service of electronics in all territory of Russia and the CIS.
Jabil was initially created as the repair company, and still service of electronics is one of the key directions of business. We undertake warranty and post warranty service of electronic products of customers, and any, and not just that which we make at the plants. With some clients we sign service contracts according to which we make nothing for them but only we perform repair of finished goods.
In Russia we already adjust an extensive partner network with points of collecting of the equipment on warranty and post warranty service in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Samara, Rostov, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. The repair center in Tver is capable to service a broad spectrum of consumer and industrial electronics, including such devices, popular in retail IT market, as notebooks and smartphones. At the same time we are ready to provide to clients the shortest time of repair or replacement of the equipment: within six days to take away it from a collecting point in any region of the Russian Federation, to deliver to the plant, to perform necessary works and to return back. In Russia we intend to advance service of notebooks and smartphones most actively. Further set-top and game consoles, payment terminals, LCD TVs and monitors, Mr3pleery, the telecommunication and medical equipment and also office office equipment will be added to the list of the serviced equipment.

2011: Start of works for Cisco

In the middle of October, 2011 at the plant one pipeline line for finishing assembly, the software installation, testing and repair of digital IPTV- Cisco the ISB 2230 and ISB 2200 prefixes is started. These are the most compact set-top-box in a model range of Cisco. Their modest dimensions are caused by bezventilyatorny construction thanks to which they besides do not publish noise during operation. Prefixes gather based on the Broadcom BCM7405 and BCM7406 processors capable to perform 1 billion instructions per second. Both models have the certificate of compatibility with Microsoft the Mediaroom platform and also with a set of media platforms based on Linux. The ISB 2230 model has function of the digital video-recorder and has built in hard drive for storage of a video information, and ISB 2200 is delivered in a diskless configuration. Also Jabil releases modifications of these prefixes with support of SCART interface to provide their connection to any TV. The first batch of Cisco Set-top boxes is made by Jabil for the benefit of the company "VimpelCom". Set-top-box is already the second stage of the localization program of the products Cisco: since spring of 2011 at one of the Russian enterprises it makes electronic payments for VPN- modules which finishing assembly is also performed on the Tver production capacities of Jabil.

2009: Opening of the plant in Tver under Sony

The Jabil Russia LLC plant – the legal person registered for work of Jabil in the CIS – was originally open in Tver in 2009 for the purpose of localization of production of LCD TVs of Sony for the Russian market. However in the spring of 2011 the Sony corporation made the decision to stop production of any products in the territory of Europe. Therefore as soon as the Cisco company, was engaged in localization of product output in Russia, in Jabil at once offered the companies the services.

From an interview of Philip Kostemal, the head of Jabil in Russia (February, 2012):

We selected Logopark Tver for reasons of prospects of this region in terms of logistics and infrastructure. Development of the logistic complex "Logopark Tver" in the territory of which the Jabil plant is located is financed by the KSA group working at the Russian market of wholesale as automobile spare parts and supplies and also UK Transfingroup Ltd. Both investors have ambitious and far-reaching plans concerning this project. Besides, active support to it is given by the leadership of the Tver region. She says first of all in creation of the infrastructure necessary for effective functioning Logoparka Tver and the enterprises which are located in his territory. Thanks to it we do not experience difficulties with expansion of capacities of plant. Also local authorities help us with top-level lobbying of customs privileges for import of the components required for production, assembly and repair of electronics.

2007: Business development in Ukraine

For 2007 on a production line "Jabil Russia of Serkit Ukraine" in the settlement of Minay near Uzhhorod works about 1000 Ukrainians. All business is organized in full accordance with technology and corporate standards of the company worldwide, beginning from green lawns around the plant and finishing with a social package for employees (an insurance, a power supply, subscriptions to the gym, etc.). The salary on "Jabil Russia of Serkit Ukraine" is higher, than on average in Ukraine - about $300.

The Ukrainian division of Jabil Circuit makes for the European market mechanical components for storage systems of Hewlett-Packard and mobile phones for the market leader of cell phones (it is impossible to call a brand under the terms of the contract). The line of assembly of terminals produces over 90 thousand devices a week or about 4.5-5 million a year (for comparison: all volume of the Ukrainian market of mobile phones in 2006 was 9–10 million devices). According to Philip Kostemal, the CEO "Jabil Russia of Serkit Ukraine", the company is happy with results of the activity in Ukraine and already builds the new plant which area will exceed 26 thousand sq.m. It will allow to increase the power of assembly production to 300 thousand phones a week (15 million a year), and that only at the first stage as the second assumes increase in the areas twice, and quantity of jobs – up to 4.5-5 thousand[2].