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Jet Infosystems


Information technologies
Since 1991
Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
127015, Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya St. 14s1, Business center "Novodmitrovsky"

Top managers:
Yeliseyev Vladimir Alekseyevich
Young people Oleg Eduardovich

Revenue millions Thousand rub

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Jet Infosystems — the system integrator working at IT markets of Russia and the CIS countries. The company specializes in system integration, consulting in information technology field, service maintenance of corporate information systems and IT outsourcing.

The Jet Infosystems company proposes solutions and services in the following areas:

  • Specialized solutions and services:

  • - for banks and financial institutions;
  • - for telecom operators;
  • - for state the organization and law enforcement agencies;

  • - Failsafe systems, reserve centers;
  • - Engineering infrastructure of computer center;
  • - Server complexes, networks and storage systems;
  • - Corporate networks;
  • - Network solutions for telecom operators;

As of fall of 2016, the company has 7 offices in Russia: in Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl. Representations in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are open. Besides, a number of projects in Tajikistan, Armenia and Georgia is kept.

Performance Indicators

2019: Growth of revenue by 25% to 31.1 billion rubles

The Jet Infosystems company in 2019 gained 31.1 billion rubles that is 25% more than an indicator of year prescription. Income at the system integrator increased in all main IT directions, and the greatest share in 82% in sales volume was occupied by the financial sector, retail, a telecom and the industry.

More than a half of turnover of the company was the share of IT services (58%): integration, outsourcing, consulting, service and development. Jet Infosystems in 2019 executed more than 1500 service contracts with a total cost of 2.3 billion rubles. Among them — support of IT infrastructure of Russian Standard bank

Office of Jet Infosystems company

For 2019 the company implemented about 50 program projects ─ from integration of the traditional systems with microservices, implementations of approaches of Continuous Integration (CI) before creation of DWH storages, BI systems and Data Lake

Revenue in the direction of information security in 2019 grew by 37%. Protection of databases and Big Data became the most high-growth area.  Jet Infosystems created the Center of applied security systems. It allowed to meet fully demand for projects on implementation and operation an antifraud systems and IdM-solutions and to deepen competences of integrator of these areas.

In 2019 the company created a separate command for development of projects in the field of industrial Internet of Things. The command is based in Skolkovo and tests technologies in the territory of the innovation center.

2019 not only became the most successful for all history of the company. Large-scale complex projects, development of the priority directions in the field of outsourcing, infrastructures and security created a backlog on a considerable part of 2020 — the CEO Jet Infosystems Vladimir Yeliseyev whose words are cited in the press release said.[1]



Opening of Command center data

Due to a large number of requests for the projects connected with Big Data, the Jet Infosystems IT company opened competence center – the Command Center Data (CCD). The company reported about it on July 8, 2020.

Examination Jet Infosystems in plot area of corporate data warehouses and implementation of analytical solutions, a team of architects and designers of intelligent systems became a basis for creation of Command center data.

We observe growth of need for accumulation and data processing which volume grows at our customers in geometrical progression. — Dmitry Kulagin, the director of Command center data tells Jet Infosystems — Therefore we created the separate center which will help our clients to organize a full-fledged work with the large volume of data, to create a digital ecosystem and to become the successful enterprise.

One of key activities of Command center data — creation of storages and lakes of data (Data Lake and Data Warehouse). Specialists also study the perspective directions, including Data Governance. It is the approach allowing to systematize data, considering their lifecycle, controlling their reliability and the correct interpretation. Data Governance is one of the main components of formation of the digital double of the enterprise.

In addition to the ready analytical Command center systems data will implement own information and analytical system of Jet BI expected fast creation of dashboards of any complexity including using non-standard visualization.

Jet BI

Jet BI reveals "narrow" places in processes, projects, quality of work of divisions and also deficit or idle time of resources. The product already underwent testing for working capacity in the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications and is included in the register of the Russian software.

Interview of TAdviser with the director of the cybersecurity Center Andrey Yankin

In July, 2020 the director of Information Security Center of Jet Infosystems company Andrey Yankin in an interview of TAdviser told about complication of projects in the field of information security, solutions for "udalenka" and growth of demand of cybersecurity services. Read more here.

Opening of the direction of services of Data Governance

On June 17, 2020 the Jet Infosystems IT company announced formation of the direction of services of creation of data management systems (Data Governance). With respect thereto the integrator signed the partnership agreement with the Russian software developer in the field of the solutions Data Governance – "UniData".

Data Governance is the approach allowing to systematize data so that they became transparent and available.  It, in turn, raises trust degree to them and the level of their usefulness for solving of tasks of the enterprise. Approach includes centralized operation by the description of data of the organization, accounting of their lifecycle and also control of their reliability and understanding by business processes of the organization. Data Governance – one of key components of formation of the digital double of the enterprise.

As a basis for project implementation in this direction the solution of UniData company was selected. It is the multifunction platform of the Russian production for creation of the management systems for corporate data providing consolidated acquisition, standardization of data, accounting of the current and historical information, quality of data and maintaining statistics.

"Thinking of the future, our many customers are going to implement solutions of category Data Governance which allow to bring process of work with data of the enterprise to the following level — Dmitry Kulagin, the director of Command center data noted Jet Infosystems. — Preparing for  these projects, we turned on in our product portfolio the platform of the Russian production for data management of "UniData" using which we are going to implement the large-scale solutions corresponding to time call".

"Conclusion of an agreement with Jet Infosystems company turned out to be consequence headed by us for partnership with the domestic IT companies — the CEO of UniData company Sergey Kuznetsov explained. — Let's create and cultivate together an ecosystem of digital business in general".

Opening of laboratory on private and hybrid clouds

On March 26, 2020 the Jet Infosystems company announced opening of test laboratory on private and hybrid clouds. The laboratory will be responsible for testing of cloud solutions and the automation equipment of IT infrastructure and will integrate experiment of specialists of integrator on creation of platforms for classical and container applications, software development and information security.

The test laboratory is created in Jet Infosystems for the help to the companies which need technologies of increase in controllability of IT infrastructure and acceleration of time to market. In such organizations there are budgeting tasks of costs for IT and increases in controllability of development environments and testing. At the same time modern development approaches, for example, microservice architecture, are not always applicable for classical heavy applications. To provide them the same flexibility and simplicity of deployment what containers give, it is necessary to increase controllability of classical IT infrastructure: to quickly select environments of testing and development, to manage their lifecycle, to be integrated with means of CI/CD and public clouds. Crucial is a transfer of the consumed IT resources on business divisions. Hybrid cloud platforms can cope with these tasks. However the choice is at a loss the fact that in IT market several tens of products of the class Cloud Management Platform are provided, and everyone has the features.

Tasks of test laboratory "Jet Infosystems" include the analysis of such platforms to offer the companies the products suitable specifically under their requirements and scenarios of use. Main objective: create extensive library of ready solution scenarios of standard problems of automation that will help the companies to reduce time expenditure by project implementation and, as a result, to reduce their cost.

The laboratory integrates the most different technologies specialists. They test cloud platforms using the selected stand where typical components of IT infrastructure of the enterprise are unrolled: means of virtualization, DWH, network and instruments of automation. Software is checked for quality of the integration implemented "from a box", flexibility of designing of the user services, a possibility of reports generation and to billing, user interface customization.

Rates of technology development dictate strict rules – to be competitive in the market, it is necessary to display as soon as possible new solutions in produktiv and at the same time to conform to requirements of continuity and security, – Vyacheslav Medvedev, the head of department of cloud solutions and automation of IT infrastructure of the Center of design of computer systems notes Jet Infosystems. – Creation of laboratory in which understand how everything is arranged "under a cowl" in an infrastructure part and also well understand a subject of development processes - it is rather long ago the imminent need, than the sudden idea. Now we with a team of adherents locate the tool for comprehensive study of projects on creation of scalable cloud platforms.

The scenarios tested in Jet Infosystems laboratory:

  • Automation of selection of computing powers, including environments of testing and development
  • Accounting and control of use of own or rented resources (equipments/softwares)
  • Automatic scaling of environments (scaling), including using public clouds
  • Automation of infrastructure tasks taking into account a role model of large enterprise (IT / cybersecurity / development)
  • Allocation and the cost accounting of divisions on IT infrastructure
  • Market research and determination of applicability of new developments for the solution of IT tasks ​


Opening of the direction of monitoring of infrastructure, networks and applications

On December 10, 2019 it became known that in Jet Infosystems the direction of monitoring of infrastructure, networks and applications appeared. The direction was headed by Alexey Akopyan. Read more here.

Testing together with Beeline of Non-IP Data Delivery technology for IoT

On November 13, 2019 it became known, Beeline as IT- the company "Jet Infosystems" carried out the first in Russia tests technologies Non-IP Data Delivery (NIDD) for Internet of Things. This technology will allow to prolong lifecycle IoT- devices, to protect transferred data and to lower load of networks of the operator for an opportunity to connect millions of devices to the existing infrastructure in the shortest possible time. In more detail here.

Jet Infosystems will test AppSec. [Hub]

On May 30, 2019 it became known that IT- the integrator "Jet Infosystems" noted the company AppSec Solutions for the most perspective solution in the direction of continuous providing security at all development stages SOFTWAREDevSecOps. In more detail here.

Center of innovations

Jet Infosystems opened in March own Center of innovations which will be responsible for search and development of the new directions and solutions for the different vertical markets. The center will create the ecosystem of the innovation partnership consisting of vendors, startups, funds of acceleration and research centers. Experts already selected several perspective directions and are engaged in their testing and commercialization.

Main objectives of creation of the Center of innovations – search of the new directions for business development of integrator, development of product concepts and filling of these concepts own and partner solutions. For development of own solutions Center will form local teams of experts Jet Infosystems inside.

"The center of innovations will become the additional driver for development of new solutions of the company and will create new opportunities both for us, and for our customers — [Sechkin Alexey]], the director of the Center of innovations of Jet Infosystems company tells — With its help we are going to raise significantly time-to-market of the developed products and also to adapt new solutions for requirements of the network geographical distributed companies".

Experts of the Center are engaged in development of solutions for the industry, banks, retail, the oil companies. Jet Smart Building (JSB) became one of the first solutions of the Center. This complex integration IIoT-solution of an enterprise-class intended for management of the engineering systems of the network companies of retail, hotel and restaurant businesses having a large number of the geographical distributed objects. The solution optimizes expenses on the electric power due to use of intellectual scenarios of management of the engineering systems on objects, allows to carry out the commercial accounting of resource consumption, to control online the main engineering systems (to trace their status, to react quickly to changes, to manage incidents), supporting the comfortable environment for employees and visitors.

Jet Infosystems — the only Gold-partner of Cloudera in Russia and the CIS

The Jet Infosystems company announced on March 19, 2019 that it became the only thing in the Russian Federation and the CIS the Gold-partner of Cloudera (Hortonworks) — the international software developer for Big Data on the basis of Open Source. As confirmation of capability of integrator to implement large-scale Enterprise-projects in the field of Big Data the vendor gave to Jet Infosystems the statuses Gold ISV/IHV Partner (Independent Software and Hardware Vendors Partner) and Gold Reseller Partner and also gave the right of direct sales on behalf of vendor with providing the maximum discount to customers.

As you know, as a result of recent merge of Cloudera and Hortonworks the company capable to offer the market a wide choice of solutions for Big Data focused on the corporate sector was formed: for end-to-end data management in real time, applications of Machine Learning, creation of IoT, the organization of the distributed storages and data security provision. At this Big Data — one of key activities Jet Infosystems, emphasized in the company. Based on the products Cloudera (Hortonworks) "Jet Infosystems" develop solutions for customers from retail and telecommunications.

In 2019 Cloudera (Hortonworks) begins full-scale work in the Russian Federation. As the result, the Russian companies will get access to support and service of Enterprise-level which was unattainable for Open Source earlier. It will allow the organizations to implement Big Data projects with the high level of reliability, performance and security, optimizing the costs, emphasized in Jet Infosystems.

With Cloudera (Hortonworks) technologies of costs of the companies for work with Big Data many times it is less, than at creation of classical data warehouses based on proprietary solutions. In this case it is not required to purchase software licenses. Only the subscription which opens access to the training materials, additional product documentation and to support of the productive systems with the registered SLA that was not in an Open Source segment earlier is paid — Vladimir Molodykh, the director of development and deployment of software of Jet Infosystems company noted. — Already one access to the training materials and an opportunity to lower labor costs on the solution of technically difficult questions allow to save up to 200 thousand dollars a year so the similar subscription can become a profitable investment of money.

As of March 19 at Cloudera of only 7 partners with the Gold-status in Eastern Europe.


Growth of turnover by 22% to 24.8 billion rubles

On June 26, 2019 the Jet Infosystems company reported on financial results for 2018. Turnover for the reporting period grew by 22% and made 24.8 billion rubles. The greatest share in turnover of the company was made by the financial sector, a telecom and retail — total proceeds from projects in these industries reached 18.8 billion rubles. The staff at the end of year made more than 1600 people.

Developing own Information security department which growth of revenue was 13%, integrator brought a number of the directions, including Big Data Security and DevSecOps to the market, created the Center of monitoring and response to incidents of cybersecurity of Jet CSIRT including services of traditional commercial SOC and advanced services of reaction, operation of information security tools, testing for penetration and others.

At the same time, the company continued to develop successfully the traditional business in the field of IT services and service maintenance. The share of services of support in revenue of integrator increased by 20% in comparison with 2017. One of the largest state companies joined the main consumers of outsourcing — to the financial sector, retail and a telecom — in 2018.

The VDI direction became for the company one of the priority directions: according to the results of projects of 2018 Jet Infosystems transferred more than 30,000 employees of the different companies of Russia to virtual work places. Projects using technology of virtual work places were directed, first of all, to increased security due to centralization of data storage and access control to applications on the basis of uniform the politician of cybersecurity. Besides, implementation of VDI allowed customers to reduce costs for IT support, and in certain cases and considerably to reduce the park of the equipment.

Radical transformation of IT infrastructure of the company became one of projects 2018 in Russia. On own example the integrator proved a possibility of seamless transition to new technological solutions, having in parallel implemented a series of large-scale internal IT projects: migration on updated local and Wi-Fi-network, creation of additional data center and transfer of all systems to a private cloud and also unified communication system implementation.

Active development of competences in machine learning influenced selection of a big command date scientists in independent business division on machine learning. For 2018 the company implemented several projects on AI/ML, and, besides, a number of projects on creation of Data Lake for customers and to development of infrastructure for work with Big Data.

Year passed under the sign of digitalization. The companies implemented tools for qualitatively new level of work with data, and players of a public sector and the industry were actively involved in this process. Transformation of business demanded review the politician of cyber security therefore our customers paid special attention to projects on information protection. Along with classical IT services, solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, industrial Internet of Things, technologies of containerization and multiovercast began to be developed. The IT as Service model strengthened positions, having proved the efficiency in the field of flexible management by business — Vladimir Yeliseyev, the CEO concluded Jet Infosystems.

Why to book security audit? TADetails

The head of department of consulting of Information Security Center of Jet Infosystems company Pavel Volchkov helped to understand that why to book security audit why it will not be possible to ensure safety of the company by own forces and as it is correct to select the auditor.

The accession to consortium on creation and development of Internet of Things in Russia

The Jet Infosystems company announced on November 22, 2018 the accession to consortium on creation and development of technologies of wireless communication and Internet of Things. Within partnership the integrator is going to develop IoT-solutions in Russia and also to participate in development of national standards of Internet of Things for business.

Main objective of consortium — technology development of the domestic market of Internet of Things and formation of national standards. The consortium is coordinated by the Skolkovo institute of science and technologies, regulators, universities, producers of IoT-solutions and also the largest companies of Russia from different branches of the economy, such as Sberbank, Atomstroyexport, Gazprom Neft Scientific Technical Center, Philips, Nokia Networks, etc. entered it.

The integrator is going to develop "road maps" on implementation of the IoT standards in Russia and also the knowledge base on technologies of Internet of Things which the companies and the industry will be able to use.

Already profit from IoT application in the industry, agriculture, medicine, power industry — Andrey Samoylov, the director of work with corporate customers noted Jet Infosystems. — We consider that our experience in development of difficult enterprise-solutions will be useful to IoT-startups and will help them to bring the solutions meeting all requirements of business market to the market.

Opening of representation in Uzbekistan

The Jet Infosystems company in March, 2018 announced opening of official representation in Uzbekistan.

Since 2006 the company began to render IT services in Uzbekistan and during this time implemented a number of large-scale IT projects for the large organizations of the republic. In 2018 the number of requests for the most different types of IT services from local customers grew more than by 8 times in this connection the decision to open office of integrator — Jet Infosystems Central Asia was made.

Expansion of geography of presence at growth points — a part of the development strategy Jet Infosystems. This year opening of official representative office in Uzbekistan became the first and logical step in this direction — Andrey Samoylov, the deputy CEO of the company, the shareholder of Jet Infosystems company noted. — In general the republic shows active interest in the innovative technologies and the latest IT solutions, and state policy in the field of IT opens the considerable potential of growth of various sectors of the economy. It is sure that the experience of the company accumulated for more than 25-year history and also examination of our IT specialists will be able successfully to help to solve the most difficult technology tasks and will promote digital transformation of Uzbekistan.

As of March 13, 2018 the integrator locates 13 offices and representations in the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS. The company is official solution provider of such producers as Oracle, SAP, IBM, VMware, Hitachi, Cisco, HP, Dell EMC and many others.


Growth of revenue by 6.5%

Revenue of integrator for the reporting period showed growth in 6.5% and made 20.4 billion rubles, at the same time growth of revenue on IT services was 8%. Positive dynamics managed to be reached for the realization account of projects on complex outsourcing, information security, custom development and a number of the projects unique for the market both on scale, and on the competences involved in them. Financial and public sector, a telecom, retail and the industry became the most active customers of IT services. The state Jet Infosystems in a year grew by 211 people and made 1532 employees.

The structure of business Jet Infosystems in 2017 did not undergo serious changes: the greatest share of business of the company is still made by integration solutions, service support and outsourcing, construction of data centers, project development, business solutions and information security.

  • Revenue from cybersecurity projects reached 3.9 billion rubles in 2017, having exceeded indicators of 2016 for 26%. The largest growth was shown by the directions on fight against fraud and on counteraction to the targeted attacks and also expert consulting
  • Among projects of the Center of design of computer systems Jet Infosystems in 2017 was several projects directed to optimization of IT budgets by implementation of the program configured solutions (SDS).
  • Growth in 35% in structure of revenue of the company showed the Center of software solutions which is engaged in development of the custom software.

Financial institutions continued to be in the lead in structure of revenue of the company, having shown growth in 14%. A considerable part of the executed projects in banks and insurance companies was connected with increase in efficiency of communications with clients. Such projects included development of mobile applications with the personified offers for clients and use of opportunities of expanded analytics. Key technologies for the solution of such problems of steel of BI, Big Data and Machine Learning.

IT outsourcing and VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) became the priority directions in the banking sector in 2017. One of the most large-scale implementations of VDI was implemented in the project for large Russian bank within which 14,000 employees were transferred to virtual work places in several tens divisions through the whole country. The project allowed to consolidate management of computing resources, to increase the level of security and to simplify operating procedure of jobs, and savings from implementation, by estimates of the customer, by 2020 will make 1.42 billion rubles.

Retailers whose share in structure of the company increased by 19% at the end of 2017 also actively tested methods of machine learning and artificial intelligence and also worked on gain of efficiency of the online stores. So, M.Video was succeeded to increase sales and conversion of visitors in buyers for several tens of percent, by estimates of the customer. The result was achieved including thanks to implementation of the self-training algorithm analyzing preferences of buyers.

The innovation projects were implemented by integrator and in the market of telecommunications. For one of the chief mobile operators of Vietnam Jet Infosystems implemented the platform of targeted communications with subscribers of Jet Toolbar, capable to increase the profit of the operator by providing services to subscribers with the added consumer value. Creation of the virtual mobile operator Tinkoff Mobayl working on the Full MVNO model became the unique project for the Russian market. In this project the role in creation of infrastructure and the software of data transmission (a core of network) was allocated for Jet Infosystems company.

Insolvency of claims of FSB

The Moscow body 43753 entering a guidance loop of FSB could not convince judges twice of what the Jet Infosystems IT company performed in an inadequate way concerning it two government contracts of May 12, 2014 concluded within state defense order according to the results of closed competitions[2].

The cumulative amount of claims was 297.5 million rubles. A claim was submitted on December 6, 2016. Seven months later, on July 13, 2017 it was rejected by Arbitration court of Moscow, and then, on November 10 the legitimacy of this solution was confirmed by the Ninth arbitration Court of Appeal.

Details about problem contracts and their amounts in a public access are not provided, however follows from materials of court that they concerned deliveries of sets of the equipment for electric power supply systems, conditioning, ventilation and fire extinguishing — with installation and a commissioning.

According to RBC, the Body 43753 State-owned federal state institution is not that other as the Center of data protection and special communication of FSB. The center is engaged in licensing including the cryptographic equipment and helps the Central Election Commission (CEC) to transfer information on vote results on secure channels of communication.

Let's note that the National research center "Kurchatov Institute" specializing in nuclear researches was involved in judicial proceedings as the third party, however the reasons of such step in the conclusion of court are not explained.


With Brain4Net in the field of creation of solutions SDN/NFV

The Jet Infosystems company, the Russian system integrator, and Brain4Net, the Russian developer of management systems for IT infrastructure based on orchestration of lifecycle of services, announced on September 28, 2017 partnership in the field of creation of ready-made commercial solutions in the field of software-defined networks (SDN) and virtualization of network functions (NFV). It is planned that systems will be available to testing in own laboratory of integrator since October, 2017.

Within partnership Jet Infosystems intend to propose to the customers the Russian architectural concepts in the field of SDN/NFV which will help not only to resolve an issue of sanctions, but also to reduce the capital investments and operating costs at creation and development of data networks.

Systems, first of all, will be interesting to telecom operators, service providers and large enterprises as they integrate in themselves virtualization of network functions, management and orchestration, including, for multivendor networks.

Installation of solutions which are proposed jointly by the companies does not require purchase of expensive specialized servers as a system can be unrolled on any server hardware of architecture x86, partners claim.

With Pure Storage on All-Flash DWH

On August 29, 2017 the Jet Infosystems company stated that it became the Russia's first official partner of Pure Storage, the producer a data storage flash platforms. The integrator in own laboratory holds functional and stress testing of a demo system of FlashArray//M.

In September customers Jet Infosystems will be able already to study results of tests and to estimate systems capabilities of data storage (DWH) of Pure FlashArray//M for the solution of the business challenges. Several pilot projects are already planned for financial and trade organizations.

We actively develop competences in the field of All-Flash DWH and we monitor key players of this segment, including Pure Storage. With arrival of this vendor to Russia our company of the first purchased FlashArray//M demo system — even before its emergence in official representation. Now our customers will be able to get acquainted with a product and to hold testing together with our experts, – Vladimir Belyaevsky, the head of DWH of Jet Infosystems company said. – Together with vendor we will offer the companies complex IT systems with new performance level, fault tolerances and conveniences of operation which will allow to overcome the whole layer of problems with data storage.

The model of ownership of the product "Subscription to Innovations" is offered to customers. In the period of the service contract all new program features of an array are provided to clients free of charge, and each three years the producer replaces outdated controllers with modern. Any upgrades, including transition to the next generations of controllers, are made "on the run" and do not require repeated acquisition of capacity.

According to integrator, the vendor will be able cardinally to change the attitude of the Russian customers to All-Flash to solutions as it already occurred in the USA and Europe. Pure Storage technologies initially consider all features of work with a solid-state memory, but not with mechanical disks. Among features of solutions there are a compression and deduplication which are initially built in mechanisms of work with data. Besides, customers get access to a cloud service of pro-active monitoring of Pure1.

With Nvidia according to solutions for VDI

Jet Infosystems announced at the beginning of a year obtaining the official partner status Nvidia according to solutions for acceleration 3D - diagrams and multimedia in the VDI environments. In a portfolio of integrator there are already productive and pilot implementations of computing systems of vendor. Use of graphics adapters allows to organize in infrastructure of VDI work even of such categories of users, exacting to computing resources, as designers, architects, scientific, 3D - designers, etc.

The VDI technology for remote work with the heavy, saturated with graphics applications in the Russian market only develops – the number of installations is still small. According to the experts Jet Infosystems companies, demand for these solutions in the next years will grow, as well as on infrastructure of VDI. Now for work of the superloaded applications (for example, the systems of modeling and visualization) the organizations use expensive high-performance PCs. However in this case runtime allocation of resources between users is impossible, and each workstation has restrictions on accumulation of computing powers and memory.

"Our company has long-term examination on deployment of the virtualized jobs. Today we can unambiguously tell that from the technology point of view there are no obstacles for transfer of CAD/CAM- and other resource-intensive user systems to VDI infrastructure. Use of VDI allows to distribute flexibly centralized computing resources including the resources provided by GPU accelerators. At such approach to unroll and administer new jobs is significantly simpler and cheaper in comparison with a classical method when to each employee the local workstation is selected. Thus, the consolidated IT infrastructure of the enterprise allows to organize work of the employee of any profile, having prepared it corresponding to an automated workplace", ‒ Andrey Konovalov, the head of department of virtualization of Jet Infosystems company told.

The Jet Infosystems company executed several pilot implementations of graphic Nvidia accelerators in the virtualized infrastructure of the enterprises of the aviation industry, defense industry, energy industry. The project using Nvidia Tesla calculators (earlier – the GRID platform) in the environment of VDI for unloading of central processors when processing large volumes of video content is also implemented. It is one more option of use of opportunities of graphic accelerators in IT infrastructure [3]


Growth of revenue by 16.8%

In 2016 revenue of Jet Infosystems company made 19.182 billion rubles, having increased by 16.8% in relation to 2015. In a ranking "TAdviser100: The largest IT companies in Russia" at the end of 2016 the Jet Infosystems company took the 16th place.

Competence center on Grid-technologies

In November, 2016 announced Jet Infosystems creation of Competence center on Grid-technologies (Grid is a form of distributed computing, i.e. on the basis of geographically distributed computing infrastructure which allows to execute very large number of transactions). It is organized as new division in the company. Work of the center started with three projects. One of the first having begun to develop this perspective direction, the company expects to occupy more than 20% of the Russian market of the applied systems based on Grid-technologies.

The head of competence center Dmitry Sergeyev explained that large business from the different industries began to be in Grid-solutions actively interested. These are, first of all, banks, telecom operators, retailers, insurance companies.

According to the forecast of Gartner, by 2018 the volume of the world market of Grid-calculations will exceed $1 billion at annual growth by 20%. By estimates of Jet Infosystems company, the Russian Grid market in 2016 will make about $10 million and annually will grow approximately for 15–17%.

At the same time in the market there are practically no finished "boxed" products and few prepared people (both developers, and support technicians of distributed systems), Dmitry Sergeyev says.

Therefore the Jet Infosystems company decided to create such competence center at first to study existing solutions, and then to develop standard configurations for large business. Besides, the company is going to train and certify specialists and also to advise on Grid-technologies (in addition, based on the center it is going to develop also the adjacent directions – machine learning, predictive analytics and BI, Big Data, OLTP).

We are focused on developing. But using on a maximum of the solution of vendors, such as GridGain, – the manager on development of the center of software solutions Jet Infosystems Dmitry Melnikov explained.

Jet Infosystems already approved solutions of such producers as GridGain, Mail.Ru Group, Reverbrain, Oracle, etc. to Troy developers of integrator were trained in GridGain company. In total in competence center 10 people work now.

The existing technologies based on Grid which study and approve in competence center (from the presentation Jet Infosystems)

Jet Infosystems began the implementation on the Grid market with three projects. As found out TAdviser, the customer of all three – Sberbank.

OLTP system

In August, 2016 specialists of the company as a pilot project created for Sberbank an OLTP system (Online Transaction Processing) based on the product GridGain. A system processes about 20 thousand transactions per second. On a cluster from 7 servers it was succeeded to achieve performance of 1.7 billion transactions a day.

It is enough to connect the new server, after that performance linearly increases, – Dmitry Melnikov noted technology pluses.

"Yandex.Disk for corporations"

Together with Reverbrain company (it was created by natives from "Yandex" where they did Yandex.Disk) Jet Infosystems study creation of the corporate version of the distributed data warehouse for large business. The solution is based on SOFTWARE with open code and assumes work on commodity-servers. Intellectual distribution of files between SSD- and HDD- disks allows to optimize storage costs.

It is conditional "Yandex.Disk for corporations", – Dmitry Melnikov says. – Our system depending on load of the specific file is automatically configured that the most optimal in the way to distribute these files and by that the cost of operation of a system falls.

The company does this project to be trained and get experience in the distributed information storage. Within half a year developers are going to come to specific proposal and to begin implementation.

System of processing

Jet Infosystems won at the end of October, 2016 tender for development of the system of processing for the new IT platform of Sberbank which is created using Grid-solutions. The project is expected 2 years, contract amount - 198 million rubles (is more detailed about the project – here).

Having this project in a portfolio of the center, we will occupy more than 20% of the Russian market of the applied systems constructed based on Grid-technologies, – Dmitry Melnikov said.

In Russia several vendors develop software for Grid-solutions. First of all, it is GridGain based on which technology Sberbank builds the new platform. Development of Mail.Ru Group company under the name Tarantool was implemented by VimpelCom. The solution of Reverbrain company is used in the Coub project (the short looped rollers) and in the Russian search engine "Sputnik". Grid-solutions develop such vendors as Hazelcast (the solution is used in "National Payment Card System"), Oracle, Redis Labs and others.

Jet Infosystems BSI on consulting in the field of business continuity, is authorized by cybersecurity and ITSM

The British Standards Institute (British Standards Institution, BSI) confirmed in the spring of 2016 the status of Jet Infosystems company as member of the Program of the associated consultants of Associate Consultant Programme (ACP).

During the visit specialists of BSI estimated consulting activities of the company for the ISO standards 22301 (business continuity), ISO 27001 (information security) and ISO 20000-1 (ITSM). Existence of the status ACP confirms capability of the company to render consulting implementation services of these international standards with the due level of professionalism and quality.

On each of three directions were estimated as the implemented consulting projects, and qualification of consultants. Experts of BSI held a number of an interview with specialists of Jet Infosystems company, considered experience, skills and education. Auditors paid special attention to the organization of processes of project activity, questions of signing of the contracts and preparation of technical specifications, practicians of customer interaction.


In April, 2015 representatives of the company gave an interview to the TAdviser portal.


Consolidated revenues of the company in 2013 were 12,321,152 thousand rubles (according to CNews Analytics).

  • In 2012 - 10 341 217 thousand rubles.
  • In 2011 - 8 818 756 thousand rubles.
  • In 2010 - 8 621 836 thousand rubles.
  • In 2009 - 6 732 250 thousand rubles.
  • In 2008 - 8 263 096 thousand rubles.
  • In 2007 - 6 300 000 thousand rubles (that for 34% exceeded a similar indicator of 2006).
  • In 2006 - 4 700 000 thousand rubles.


The Jet Infosystems company and representative office of Oracle CIS announced in January, 2011 opening of a demo center on the hardware and software system Oracle Exadata Database Machine in Moscow.


In August, 2007 in the company the Center of network solutions which integrated departments of corporate network projects and telecommunication projects is formed. The main objectives of the Center — development of the direction of network projects, expansion of a range of the provided services, increase in efficiency and quality of the performed works. In September in the company the Center of software solutions is created. Its main objectives — development and support of the custom software. Several groups developments of software solutions were a part of the Center: for law enforcement agencies, for telecommunication companies, for the state organizations and law enforcement agencies. And in October of the same year in the company the Center of banking technologies is formed. It was created for the purpose of concentration of efforts on work with banks and financial institutions and creation of potential for further active development of this direction.


In 2005 specialists Jet Infosystems carried out the first in Russia and the CIS testing of the server on the basis of the new Sun processor code-named Niagara jointly with specialists of VimpelCom. In 2006 the company opened offices in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, in Ukraine, branches in Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Kazan, Samara and Nizhny Novgorod.


In May, 2004 the Jet Infosystems company presented the complete solution on the organization of monitoring of applied hardware and software systems at the first Russian forum "Program Worlds of HP". The solution is created based on software products of the OpenView family of Hewlett-Packard company. Management model by services of ITSM Reference Model is the basis.


In February, 2003 the company announced creation and selection of "Information Security Center" (ISC) in independent business structure. The center was created based on divisions Jet Infosystems and was designed to manage development process, promotion and sales of solutions of the company in information security field. In May the company received the certificate confirming successful passing of the external audit booked by the International certificate authority TUV Cert on compliance of the quality management system (QMS) to requirements of ISO 9001:2000.


In June, 2002 the company receives the decision of GUBS FAGCI on the module "Crypto Pro of CSP-Solaris". Certification of the Track Jett components is complete. "Track Jett" completely conformed now to requirements about use of exclusively certified products in State structures.


In February, 2001 the company announced product output of own development - monitoring systems and archiving of e-mails of SMAP "Patrol Jett". In April, 2001 the company submits the new version of a complex of coding of internetwork flows "Track Jett". In November, 2001 the corporation Symantec and the company "Jet Infosystems" announced carrying out large-scale certification of a product line of providing information security corporation on compliance to requirements of State Technical Commission Russia. All products were checked for compliance to Specifications and the Regulating document of State Technical Commission of Russia "Protection against unauthorized access to information. Chast1 Software means data protection. Classification by the level of absence control of not declared opportunities". In December, 2001 the company received the certificate of State Technical Commission under the President of the Russian Federation on a product of own development - the firewall Z-2 on the third class of security.


In January, 2000 on the complex of coding of internetwork flows developed by the company "Track Jett" the certificate of Gosstandart of Russia confirming compliance of a complex to standards of the oil and gas industry and to requirements of GOST is received. In March, 2000 for consolidation of all problems of processing of tax information, in the Russian capital the Russia's first computer center on the basis of a superserver of Sun Enterprise 10000 is constructed. In June of the same year the company obtains new licenses of FAGCI: on work (implementation of actions, rendering services) with the data containing a state secret and the information security tools held for use in public authorities of the Russian Federation; for works and services in data protection with the data which are not containing a state secret. In September, 2000 the company received the certificate of State Technical Commission of Russia on "The scanner of security Nessus" and began to distribute a distribution kit of this product for free.


The Jet Infosystems company is formed in 1991. Since 1993 in the company the Service center functions. In 1995 the company makes installation of a highly reliable parallel cluster of the SPARC cluster PDB databases in the Central Bank of Russian Federation. It was the first installation of such system in Russia and one of the first installations in the world. In 1996 the company obtained the license of State Technical Commission of Russia for activity in the field of data protection. In January, 1998 the Outpost Jett firewall is certified by State Technical Commission on the second class of protection. In February of the same year the license of FAGCI for work with means of cryptographic information protection is obtained. In June, 1999 Outpost Jett and Zastava-Jett-RS firewalls underwent certification in the Ministry of Defence. For the first time certificates of the Ministry of Defence were issued the non-state organization. And in July of the same year the company obtains the license of FSB granting the right to an implementation of works, the data connected with use which are the state secret.

Information security direction

2020: Opening of laboratory on testing and adaptation of technologies of automation of delivery and protection of applications

On June 4, 2020 the Jet Infosystems company announced creation of laboratory on testing and adaptation of technologies of automation of delivery and protection of applications. In its walls experts test platforms for management of the containerized applications, protection of cloud environments, monitoring and other solutions. Investments into creation of laboratory make more than 10 million rubles.

Practicians of DevSecOps allow to bring quickly products to the market (time to market) and at the same time at a stage of software development to consider all aspects of security. Identification and error correction and vulnerabilities at early stages of creating applications reduces the cost of their development.

In open laboratory "Jet Infosystems" experts hold testing of the DevSecOps tools only on real cases of clients: study logic of the choice of these or those IT products, their compatibility and efficiency in the solution of assigned tasks. For June 4, 2020 at the stand about 30 solutions based on Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, VMware Tanzu, Rancher, Prisma Cloud, Helm, KUDO, Prometheus, HashiCorp are tested. Special attention is paid to the organization of processes for the principles of DevSecOps.

The received results are going to library of solutions with conditions of applicability of each of them. Thus, the company accumulates valuable knowledge and experience in the field of DevSecOps which already shares with the customers. Practical practices will allow clients to select optimal solutions and to reduce terms of implementations and also to select the most perspective technologies which the laboratory will open for the Russian IT market.

We only issued our practices in the field of DevSecOps in laboratory though actively we develop the direction more than a year. And results of this work already became a part of a number of projects in banks and insurance companies. For the beginning of June, 2020 activity of our DevSecOps Laboratory first of all is interesting to the advanced clients using security methodology at all development stages of applications. Also we see interest in receiving ready processes and the tested solutions,
notes Alexander Krasnov, the head of DevSecOps Laboratory.

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The qualified command and considerable experience Jet Infosystems in service of IT of customers two years in a row allowed the company to head the rating of the largest players of the Russian market of IT outsourcing according to IDC.->