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KM of media


РТКомм.РУ - 74,99%



Performance Indicators

Revenue of "KM of Media" for 2010 made 26.2 million rubles, net profit - 615 thousand rubles.


2012: "KM of media" is sold Rtkomm

In May, 2012 it became known that the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) agreed Rtkomm to purchase of 74.99% of KM of media company. KM of media — the software developer entering into the KM online group. According to the source, close to KM of media, generally this company creates software for needs "KM online" though it has also third-party projects. Alexey Pigalev[1] was the CEO of KM of media at the time of the transaction[1].

The owner Rtkomm — Rostelecom — the only contractor on creation in Russia of the electronic government provided by the federal program "Information Society". Follows from the text of this program that Rostelecom among other things is responsible also for "development of means of information search in different types of content".

The source in Rostelecom did not exclude that "KM of media" can be useful to projects of the electronic government, but paid attention that this company is engaged also in educational projects. And Rostelecom has plans connected with creation of interactive educational TV channel for broadcasting at schools: the operator intends to use the platform for this project and the equipment installed at schools for video broadcast of presidential elections on March 4, 2012 Rostelecom will use OTT technology (Over-the-Top, delivery of video signal on the Internet) for broadcasting in schools of educational transfers, feature films and performances and also special content which production Rostelecom will arrange itself, its president Alexander Provotorov told Vedomosti.