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Kalinin NPP



On the Kalinin NPP reactor VVER-1000 installations are used. VVER reactors take the leading place in world practice on high degree of security and reliability, big single power and cost efficiency today. The efficiency of VVER reactors is proved by their successful operation – more than 1000 reactor-years of trouble-free operation.

Within accomplishment of the industry Program of increase in electricity production on the operating power units of the NPP on 2011-2015 on power units of the Kalinin NPP the program of increase in power of reactor installation up to 104% of rated is implemented.

In 2014 the license of Rostekhnadzor for operation of the power unit No. 1 of the Kalinin NPP in the prolonged term is obtained (till June 28, 2025). It was preceded by accomplishment of the large-scale work program on upgrades which were carried out since 2009.

Total installed capacity of the station is 4000 MVT.

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