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Kamov, joint stock company



The company is engaged in development and construction of rotary-wing devices of different function for the VTR, ground forces and civil operators. About 300 scientific organizations, the plants and the adjacent enterprises participate in design and serial production of the company.

On October 7, 2008 the Kamov company is 60 years old. Today KAMOV is a world famous brand behind which stand reliable, operable, and often and unique machines. The company bears a name of the outstanding aviation designer, one of creators of domestic helicopter engineering Nikolay Ilyich Kamov (1902-1973).

Under the leadership of N.I. Kamov the design school on design and development of the helicopters of the coaxial scheme having indisputable advantages – high maneuverability, light controllability and small dimensions was created. The multi-purpose ship Ka-15 helicopter (1957) became the first production helicopter of the coaxial scheme in the country and in the world. Kamov is the only company in the world which mastered helicopters with the coaxial scheme, brought them to serial production and practical application, successfully competing in the market with world helicopter firms.

The experimental design bureau Kamov was created for equipment of the ships of the domestic fleet by helicopters. The Ka-25 helicopter (1961) became stage experimental design bureau in formation. It was the first in the country specially designed combat helicopter. It intended for destruction of nuclear submarines. Ka-25 served on the fleet more than 30 years.

In 1974 the experimental design bureau was headed by Sergey Viktorovich Mikheyev. In 35 years of its work as the Chief designer the coaxial scheme of helicopters not just affirmed and gained world recognition – it became national property of Russia. S.V. Mikheyev is the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is awarded a high rank of the Hero of Russia.

In the last decade the new generation of modern ship helicopters with the high-automated flight navigation complexes is created: Ka-27 and its modifications – search and rescue KA-27PS, transport and combat Ka-29 and also the last development of the company in the field of prospecting helicopters – Ka-31 of a radar patrol which does not have analogs in world practice. The Ka-28 and Ka-31 helicopters are delivered to China.

Experience of development of the ship coaxial helicopters providing high maneuverability and simplicity of management in combination with a modern onboard electronic complex allowed the company to create the one-seat attack helicopter Ka-50 and its prospecting and shock modification – the Ka-52 helicopter. On the flight technical characteristics, arms and fighting qualities helicopters do not concede to the best world samples. One of the most important activities of the company is creation of helicopters of civil appointment. In 1959 in Aeroflot operation of the light multi-purpose helicopter of KA-115M began.

Broad application in Russia and in the world was received by the multi-purpose Ka-32 helicopter. High level of flight technical characteristics of the machine, big loading capacity (5 t). The good maneuverability and light controllability provided it powerful benefits at accomplishment of construction, krano-mounting, transport works, rescue operations. Ka-32 well proved at removal of valuable breeds of wood, fire fighting, ice investigation. Ka-32 it is successfully operated in Canada, Switzerland, Spain, South Korea, Portugal, Malaysia and other countries. Ka-32 – the only domestic helicopter certified on the American regulations of the flight validity.

New development of the company – the multifunction Ka-226 helicopter. It modular construction, as well as his predecessor, the Ka-26 helicopter which became the first Soviet helicopter which received the certificate on the American regulations of the flight validity. Ka-226 it is intended for transportation of eight people or a load weighing 1500 kg on the external suspender. Modular construction of the helicopter allows to use it in the most various options: passenger, transport, rescue, patrol, VIP, etc. The Ka-226 helicopter is certified on category A: it is capable to continue flight and to make safe landing at failure of one of engines, including with the hanging mode that guarantees safety of its operation.

Kamov sees further perspectives of development of helicopter engineering in significant fall forward of rotary-wing devices. New development of the company is the project of the high-speed helicopter with the tough coaxial bearing Ka-92 screws. The helicopter is capable to overcome distance of 1400 km with a speed up to 500 km/h.

Today the company Kamov has the necessary potential for creation of helicopters of different function, to the corresponding best world samples.