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Kaplan founded in 1987 develops the service of the same name for customer relationship management which, according to in the companies, will transform possibilities of clients by means of strategic, analytical, technological and creative decisions. Kaplan specializes in creation and service of marketing technology platforms and the solutions interacting with clients — from processes of automation of marketing and CRM communications to advanced analytics and strategic platforms.

Offices Kaplan are in Stockholm and Copenhagen, there is also a branch in Oslo. Kaplan services generally Scandinavian clients. Among them — Circle K Europe, Com Hem, SJ, Svenska Spel and TV2 Denmark.


Accenture purchased Kaplan

On November 12, 2018 Accenture announced Kaplan acquisition, but did not begin to set the transaction price. In the press release it is reported that purchase of Kaplan will strengthen capability of division of Accenture Interactive to provide to clients complex services in transformation of experience in the Scandinavian region.

Kaplan command
Kaplan command
Kaplan offers well proved personalized client opportunities using complete approach to marketing — the chief representative of Accenture Interactive - Nordics Mattias Boman says. — It has an opportunity to turn the deep level of understanding of clients and ​​ data into the corresponding and purposeful experience which brings benefit to customers. The combination of all this to commercial and creative services of Accenture Interactive will help us to create the experienced agency of the future further.

It is noted that Scandinavia is the region of strategic growth in which the company intends to strengthen a team of creative specialists for Accenture Interactive and to expand digital opportunities.[1]