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Knowledgent is the American consulting company which helps business to gain maximum benefit from data. It is based in New Jersey (there are also offices in New York, Boston and Toronto) and by the end of 2018 has 200 highly-skilled employees who are engaged in development of architecture and strategy for work with data and also services in effective management of data and engineering of data. Specialists in engineering of data are engaged in design, storage, management and use of data, information and knowledge in program systems.

Knowledgent works with clients from the different industries, including biological sciences, health care and the financial sector.


2018: Accenture purchased Knowledgent

In December, 2018 the Accenture company rendering services in the field of management consulting, information technologies and outsourcing announced Knowledgent acquisition, having continued series of absorption which strengthen digital business. Financial side of the agreement was decided not to be opened.

Accenture purchased the company whose services increase the value of data in business

Speaking about the reasons which induced Accenture to purchase Knowledgent, the head of department of Accenture Technology Services Bkhaskar of GOSH (Bhaskar Ghosh) told the following:

We are in the revolution heat in the field of data based on new technologies. The companies use data to gain a deep impression about all aspects of the business and clients and to create strong competitive advantage for gaining a share in the market. With Knowledgent acquisition we can accelerate providing to our clients date services, using the first-class specialists, work experience in the industry and the checked solutions for data processing.

Purchase of Knowledgent became a part of the large-scale plan of Accenture for expenditure of $1.5 billion for acquisitions of assets in 2019 financial year. About $200 million were already spent in the first fiscal quarter.[1]