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Kogentix — the American supplier of the services and solutions connected with artificial intelligence and work with Big Data founded in 2015. Thanks to these products of the company of the company can make more effective and fast solutions on the basis of the data.

The headquarters of Kogentix is in the city of Shaumburg (USA), and additional offices are located in California, to Bangalore, Singapore, Jakarta and Hyderabad. Representatives of such industries as IT, health care, consumer goods and finance use company services.


2018: Accenture purchased Kogentix

In July, 2018 the Accenture company rendering services in the field of management consulting, information technologies and outsourcing  purchased Kogentix. Acquisition value does not reveal.

After closing of the transaction about 220 specialists in the field of artificial intelligence and work with data will pass from Kogentix into division of Accenture Applied Intelligence in which more than 6 thousand employees work.

Accenture purchased the company offering AI tools to corporate clients
Accenture purchased the company offering AI tools to corporate clients

Thanks to this purchase Accenture will be able to offer clients even more useful analytical Open Source platforms and to implement AI systems in their activity, the top analyst of Accenture Applied Intelligence Narendra Mulani said.

According to him, open platforms for work with Big Data and artificial intelligence offer the companies much more, than ever, opportunities to become focused on data and "smart" technologies.

The cofounder and the CEO of Kogentix Boyd Davis and also other founders of the company will pass into Accenture to positions of managing directors.

According to Davies, the decision on sale of Kogentix of Accenture company was made in connection with rapid growth of the market and development of a large number of opportunities which can use only under a wing of big corporation.[1]