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Konica Minolta Business Solutions Georgia



The division of Konica Minolta Business Solutions Georgia is responsible for business development and promotion of solutions of Konica Minolta in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Konica Minolta Business Solutions Georgia is Konica Minolta Business Solutions Czech subsidiary company.


2019: Opening of office in Tbilisi

On December 2, 2019 TAdviser knew that Konica Minolta opened offices in Tbilisi (Georgia) and Almaty (Kazakhstan). Thus, the company expands the presence in regions of the Caucasus and in Central Asia. Official actions for opening took place on November 12 in Georgia and on November 14 – in Kazakhstan.

Opening of office in Tbilisi

Konica Minolta already long time works at the market of the countries of the Caucasian region – earlier delivery of hardware and software solutions was performed via the partner channel. However the level of a maturity of business and progress of dealers showed: the market of the countries of the Caucasus is ready to opening of official representative office in the region.

At the first stage of work Konica Minolta Business Solutions Georgia will present solutions for productive, industrial and office printing and also the software for workflow automation in the market of the countries of the Caucasus. Since next financial year, the company will propose solutions for digital jobs and intelligent systems of video surveillance.

In the first years of work in the market the Georgian colleagues will be helped by specialists from Konica Minolta Ukraine.

In the last several years the market of Georgia showed dynamic growth — market participants positively perceive the innovative solutions of Konica Minolta. For example, one polygraphic company from Tbilisi purchased the intelligent module of quality control IQ-501 a year ago. Besides, the market needs solutions for industrial printing: we held several fruitful meetings with potential customers, and now are ready to organize demotur to the European showroom of industrial solutions of Konica Minolta. Our main differences from competitors — a full integration with business of the client, providing consultations and the solution of system questions. We build up customer relations in a "partner — the partner" plane, but not "the client — the contractor", and we aim to help clients to try to obtain success,
said the marketing director of Konica Minolta Ukraine Evgeny Shilyaev

As well as in Georgia, products and solutions of Konica Minolta were present at the market of Kazakhstan thanks to partner distributors of products earlier. The opened office in Almaty will be responsible for activity of the company in the market of Kazakhstan and other countries of Central Asia, first of all to Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Konica Minolta Business Solutions KazakhstanKonica Minolta Business Solutions Poland subsidiary company.

Konica Minolta enters the market of Kazakhstan and the countries of Central Asia, having completed the large-scale project on digital transformation: from service provider for office and productive printing the company was transformed to the supplier of complex IT solutions. Konica Minolta offers product assortment and services in the field of document management and IT infrastructure among which there are "smart" video surveillance systems and solutions on the basis of augmented reality.

In addition to optimization of model of sales, opening of representative office of Konica Minolta in Kazakhstan is a logical step of strategy implementation on expansion of presence in the region. The company relies upon growth of interest in modern solutions IT from representatives of business of Kazakhstan.

Konica Minolta is the leader in the field of equipment manufacturing for productive and industrial printing, including devices for digital upclassing and also printing of labels and textile printing. Therefore the company is going to bring the best solutions for professional and industrial printing to the markets of the countries of Central Asia.

Konica Minolta Russia will help the Kazakhstan colleagues in the first years of work in the market.

In Kazakhstan stable progress in area of development of digital technologies is observed. The share of "smart economy", and the industrial companies, especially grows in the mining industry and also financial and government institutions need effective solutions for digital transformation. We highly appreciate the innovation capacity of Kazakhstan. As the global service provider, our company considers it necessary to be fixed in local market – its active growth against the background of global trends in gain of a role of intellectual technologies and also the growing role of Kazakhstan in the Eurasian economic space is expected in the near future,
speaks Alexander Suvorov, the CEO of Konica of Minolta Business Solutions Kazakhstan

We observe increase in demand for technological solutions in the field of industrial printing in the markets of the Central Asian region. For example, our technologies of selective varnishing and foiling enjoy wide popularity here: recently one of the largest polygraphic companies of Uzbekistan purchased at Konica Minolta the device for varnishing of JETvarnish 3D. Opening of office in Almaty will allow us to expand a supply network and services in all region,
noted Pavel Shalaginov, the deputy CEO of Konica Minolta Business Solutions Kazakhstan