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Kovrov electromechanical plant


Products of defense and technological appointment (hydraulic devices, connections and connections of pipelines, key products).

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2018: Creation of a cluster for production of the cyberprotected high-precision machines

The State Corporation Rostec announced on August 17, 2018 creation of a cluster for development and serial production of modern high-precision machines and the processing centers based on the Kovrov electromechanical plant (KEMZ). The cluster is designed to solve a problem of technology dependence of the Russian economy on foreign industrial equipment. Said it during the exit meeting in the city of Kovrov of the Vladimir region the CEO of Rostec Sergey Chemezov. According to him, investments into creation of a cluster will make about 460 million rubles till 2024.

For expansion of production of the machine equipment the body of 5 thousand square meters is built to KEMZ. Input of workshop in operation will take place in 2019. By estimates of Rostec, taking into account new production areas the cluster will be able totally to make up to 650 modern machines a year. As of August, the share of the Russian components in products of KEMZ depending on model of the machine makes from 50 to 60%. By 2026 about less than 10% are going to lower a share of foreign component parts.

It is obvious that without own machine-tool construction meeting the modern requirements neither import substitution, nor creation of new technological productions is impossible. It is a key branch of economy which gives opportunities for development of other industries. The example of the Kovrov electromechanical plant shows that our approach to transfer of the military enterprises on civil rails can solve not only a problem of loading of capacities of defense industry enterprises during the periods of decrease in state defense order, but also to promote liquidation of technology dependence in the crucial industries in the all-Russian scale — Sergey Chemezov emphasized.

The main task of a cluster is the maximum localization of production modern turning, turning and milling, vertically milling, horizontally milling machines which will become a basis for creation of "digital factories". The main feature of the Russian machines and the processing centers is the CNC domestic system which will provide their cybersecurity: machines of the next generation guarantee the high level of information protection and lack of the hidden opportunities for unauthorized remote access to systems, emphasized in Rostec.

As of August 17, at capacities of KEMZ, within cooperation with the enterprises which will enter a cluster assembly of 10 models of machines is already performed. The first samples of 5 axial vertically milling processing software-controlled centers which can make parts of the top classes of accuracy, for example, turbine blades or cellular components in aircraft industry are created.

The Russian enterprises capable to create elements of the machine equipment and also the research institutes ready to develop all necessary documentation will be a part of a machine-tool constructing cluster. Formation of such cooperation will allow to expand a line of the equipment which will be made on KEMZ for the benefit of the Russian industry in the shortest possible time — the head of Rostec added.


The company is going to arrange production of the multifunction excavator loader of own development. The excavator loader is intended for execution of works in the construction and road, forest, agricultural industries, municipal economy.

The excavator loader will have a possibility of equipment by the different quick-detachable equipment: ladle, dump, concrete mixer, snow-removing unit, road brush, cargo and agricultural pitchfork, drill, hydrohammer. Besides, the option – the removable equipment for remote control of the movement and the equipment for works in dangerous zones will be offered.

At a stage of serial production the share of the Russian component parts should make 72%. In addition to assembly of the excavator loader the company is going to make independently the pumping unit, bridges, the transmission, hydraulic valves and other hydrocomponents.

Project cost of 448.4 million rubles of which the loan of IDF can make 297 million rubles. The company is going to occupy up to 10% of the domestic market of the corresponding equipment by 2020.


38% of the stocks of JSC KEMZ which are in Federal property are transferred by the decree of the Russian President No. 1052 of July 10, 2008 in quality of a property contribution of the Russian Federation of State Corporation " Russian Technologies ".