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Kriptonit NPK


Investment company

Automatic equipment concern - 25%
Kriptonit Ltd company - 75%



Kriptonit Group is the Russian company created for commercialization of domestic technologies and IT developments.


For September, 2018 "Kriptonit" develops two main directions of business:

  • search and investment into perspective technologies and the companies in public market;
  • creation of civil IT products based on military developments in information security field.

According to information for January, 2019 the company develops technologies in such directions as:

For June, 2019 NPK "Kriptonit" develops own examination and competences in high technologies for the solution of important national and commercial objectives. Based on NPK the research center (R&D) including several laboratories is created.

2019: Determination of shares in the joint venture

On June 7, 2019 the Avtomatika concern of State Corporation Rostec and Kriptonit LLC, entering into ICKX Holding, signed the agreement by determination of shares in joint venture – research and production company "Kriptonit". Investments into creation of new structure which will be engaged in a transfer of military information technologies to the civil sector will make 4 billion rubles.

Rostec and \"Kriptonit\" defined shares in joint venture
Rostec and "Kriptonit" defined shares in joint venture

The research and production company "Kriptonit" is created by Kriptonit LLC (enters into ICKX Holding) in July, 2018. The structure of Rostec will receive in joint venture the blocking packet – 25% and one action. The share of Kriptonit LLC will make 75% less one action.

The purchase and sale agreement of stocks of NPK "Kriptonit" was signed by the CEO of Avtomatika concern Vladimir Kabanov and the CEO of ICKX Holding and Kriptonit LLC Anton Cherepennikov. Transition of the property right to actions will be registered within 10 working days from the moment of agreement signature.

The joint venture will concentrate on development of IT products of civil appointment. They will be based including on military technological solutions of productions and research institutes of State Corporation Rostec. Besides, the company will be engaged in development of own competences of information security field and Big Data.

The enterprises of a radio-electronic cluster of Rostec are faced by an important strategic task – to increase a share of civil products to 60% by 2025. Creation of joint venture with such large IT structure as ICKX Holding, will become for us one more step on the way to this purpose, will give the chance for creation of new high-tech solutions and entry into the perspective markets, including foreign, – the industrial director of a radio-electronic complex of State Corporation Rostec Sergey Sakhnenko noted.

Among key activities of NPK "Kriptonit" – cryptography and quantum computings, machine learning and neuronets, network information security, development of new standards for telecom industry. In turn the Avtomatika concern has research competences in communication and information security. Consolidation of efforts, are sure of the companies, will allow to make new demanded products. The directions of development will be jointly defined by the parties.

The CEO of NPK "Kriptonit" Vartan Khachaturov noted that NPK are faced by ambitious problems which are already solved by efforts of talented young scientists and developers.

In fact, it is the project, unique for our market, in which since launch four laboratories in the key directions were created, and in the nearest future we will start two more. Partnership with Rostec which has powerful technology base will allow us to become the main research center not only in Russia, but also demanded in international market of information and communication technologies, – he noted.

NPK "Kriptonit" will be located in the territory of Avtomatika concern. Within the project on the platform the Russia's first Museum of cryptography and ADP equipment will also be created. It will open doors for visitors in May, 2021.

2018: Creation of the joint venture

The Avtomatika concern of Rostec state corporation and Tsitadel company announced in July, 2018 creation of the joint venture which will promote on the commercial market of military developments in information technology field.

Rostec and Citadel create the joint venture for commercialization of military developments in IT
Rostec and Citadel create the joint venture for commercialization of military developments in IT

The joint investments in research and production company "Kriptonit" will make more than 4 billion rubles. The cryptography, quantum computings, machine learning, storage of Big Data, security of solutions on the basis of blockchain technologies, telecommunication standards and their security will become the main fields of activity of the company.

The investment attraction for commercialization of the innovative solutions and technologies, the created enterprises and research institutes, defense industries will become the main objective of the new enterprise. Besides, NPK will be engaged in own developments in information security field.

As notes Kommersant[1], partners do not open distribution of the shares in the joint venture as all procedures for its creation are not complete. Kriptonit LLC is registered in March, 100% of this company belong to the founder of Citadel Anton Cherepennikov. In turn, Citadel, according to Kommersant, is considered the largest equipment manufacturer for ensuring investigation and search operations (SORM) and IT solutions for information security.

The new company will be based on the territory of Avtomatika concern. The agreement on complete reconstruction of a part of premises of concern in Moscow for creation on their basis of the modern working space including permanent exposure of domestic goods and technologies is already reached reported in Rostec. At the same time, reconstruction can last one and a half years.

It is obvious that the Russian military developments in information security field have high potential for use in the field of education. Creation of joint venture - an excellent example of public-private partnership, consolidation of efforts for increase synergy as at the expense of an exit to new activities and development of market competences, and due to implementation of the saved-up defense industry of Russia of scientific and technical potential in the IT industry", - the director of a radio-electronic cluster of Rostec Sergey Sakhnenko said.

The department director IT outsourcing ALP Group Dmitry Bessoltsev told Kommersant that the transaction is profitable to both parties: Rostec purchases competences of equipment manufacturer of SORM and solutions of information security field which it does not have and Citadel — lobbist and financial resources of state corporation. Security classifications can be removed from some developments for defense sector today; they will enter public market and will be used in civil sectors of economy, the CEO believes IVK Grigory Sizonenko.

Products of the joint venture will probably be demanded in connection with implementation of requirements of the Yarovaya Law, with digitalization of economy, import substitution and with a country course towards control and data protection, Dmitry Bessoltsev considers.

The requirements for protection of critical information infrastructures which appeared this year create a new segment of the market where to the western vendors the way is ordered and where products of Rostec can have very good perspectives, Andrey Yankin, the associate director of Information Security Center Jet Infosystems agrees. According to him, hardly the offer Kriptonit for export will be focused on the West, however there is a number of the countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America where a story about "the Russian hackers" are not horror stories, and rather excellent advertizing for the Russian military technologies in information security field, at least for representatives of a public sector.