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Kvantorium Fotonika, Perm



Kvantorium is the platform of additional education created for stimulation of interest of school students in innovations. In learning process children invent and test the solutions developed using a specialized software and the equipment. Creation of children's technoparks supervises FGAU "Fund of New Forms of Development of Education", and since 2018 the direction is included in the Federal project "Success of Each Child".

The Perm Kvantorium opened in November, 2018 in the upgraded building PNPPK of Permskoy nauchno-proizvodstvennoy priborostroitelnoy kompanii (PJSC). In it teenagers from 12 to 18 years will study. In the future the management is going to reduce age category and to create the educational program for school students of elementary grades and preschool children. For February, 2019, as a part of children's technopark eight kvantum - IT VRAR/, biokvantum, kosmokvantum, nanokvantum, industrial design, robokvantum and enerdzhikvantum, - and the zone Hi-Tech work.