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Linxdatacenter — the international supplier of high-tech solutions in data storage area, cloud services and telecommunications for business with the headquarters in Amsterdam.

The geography of provision of services of Linxdatacenter covers the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia and Scandinavia. As of November, 2018 the company provides the innovative and flexible cloud solutions in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Warsaw and also services in data storage area based on own data centers of the Tier III level in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Data centers have certification of ISO 27001, ISO 9001, PSI DSS and conform to the Management & Operations Stamp of Approval standard (Uptime Institute). Experience of the company makes more than 18 years.

Linxdatacenter also provides telecommunication services and integrated solutions for ICT infrastructure of clients. The company built the cable network with redundant routes connecting regions of Western Europe, North America, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe. Based on hi-tech DPCs Linxdatacenter provides to clients services in placement of the equipment and broadband access in the Internet.

History and performance indicators


License of FSB of Russia for works on data encryption

The Linxdatacenter company announced on July 11, 2019 obtaining the license FSB of Russia for a complex of types of activity on to enciphering data (cryptography), including in work with information systems. The license extends to the core activities listed in the Resolution Governments of the Russian Federation of 4/16/2012 No. 313 and FZ-99 and has termless character.

As expected, obtaining the document will help Linxdatacenter to develop the business as service provider of a broad spectrum of IT services in Russia. In particular, licensing will help the company to increase the autonomy when ensuring data protection of clients and to expand a set of the services provided within projects on personal data processing.

Questions of information security have especially relevant character for a number of reasons: influences it as the growing volume of the existing types of data, and emergence of new models of interaction of people, the companies and the state. Data are multiplied, their value grows, they become an attractive object of new types of the attacks from malefactors. No additional tool of their protection in this light can be considered as excessive, especially so far as concerns DPCBoris Merkulov, the engineer on cloud solutions and information security of Linxdatacenter considers.

According to representatives of Linxdatacenter, the company carries out system work on increasing the level of security of storage systems, processings and data transmissions in the data centers. The license of FSB for enciphering became the next stage of development of cybersecurity competences Linxdatacenter, and its receiving matches the beginning of development of new network solutions in practice of the company that will allow to guarantee due quality of data protection using the advanced means of enciphering approved at the state level.

Obtaining the license of FSB is continuation of organic growth of competences Linxdatacenter in cybersecurity. In spite of the fact that such license is not obligatory for provision of services of DPC, demand for presence of such license at service provider remains steadily high for the last several years. Often it is caused by requirements of tenders for purchase of services of DPC, but also the clients purchasing services out of tender procedures are extremely interested to receive services in the system of one window. We are interested in expansion of the portfolio and implementation of new interesting and ambitious projects. In the activity we pay the most close attention to compliance of our workflows to both the best international standards, and the legislation of the Russian Federation. Finally from our improvement in this direction, first of all, clients as new, and those with whom we cooperate long ago will be the winner. Expansion of our examination will help both those, and others with implementation of the tasks facing them — Olga Ermakova, the senior legal adviser and specialist compliance of Linxdatacenter added.

Passing of certification of SAP on cloud and infrastructure solutions

On April 3, 2019 Linxdatacenter company announced passing of certification of SAP on cloud and infrastructure solutions.

For April, 2019 only two companies in Russia, including Linxdatacenter, are certified by SAP as suppliers of cloud and infrastructure solutions. The received status confirms that cloud infrastructure and Linxdatacenter services are optimized for work with SAP applications and DBMS SAP HANA and can provide to customers complete functionality of SAP solutions.

Audit included check of technical characteristics of infrastructure and qualification of personnel on compliance to criteria SAP, inspectorate of DPC of Linxdatacenter and studying of documentation. In particular, the portfolio of services, professional skills and certification of specialists, the organization of virtual infrastructure, a security system in data center, the scheme of the organization of network, management of IT services and their reservation were estimated. Based on audit the conclusion about assignment of Linxdatacenter of the status SAP Certified Provider of Cloud and Infrastructure Operations was taken out.

Passing of certification of SAP is important assessment of results of our full-time employment over improvement of infrastructure and internal processes. We are also glad that our clients using SAP will have an additional confidence in stability of their IT systems and business applications now, – Olga Sokolova, the CEO of Linxdatacenter says.

The total area of DPCs of Linxdatacenter — 13,400 sq.m

In March, 2019 it became known that after sale of DPC in Warsaw the total area of DPCs of Linxdatacenter was 13,400 sq.m.

The company owns the data processing centers (DPC) in Moscow and St. Petersburg with a total amount of 2,020 racks and with a total area of 13,400 sq.m. DPCs answer the level of reliability Tier III and are certified in ISO standards 27001, ISO 9001, PSI DSS, Management & Operations Stamp of Approval (Uptime Institute).

Business of Linxdatacenter in Russia is provided by divisions in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The company provides cloud solutions and services in data storage area in own data centers of the TIER III level in Moscow and St. Petersburg and also based on partner data center in Warsaw.

The Linxdatacenter portfolio includes service of private access to global cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

Experience of the company makes more than 18 years.


Growth of total sales by 9%

In March, 2019 the Linxdatacenter company reported data on revenue for 2018. Total sales were 1,128 million rubles including VAT and showed growth in 9%. Revenue in the colocation direction in 2018 made 934.3 million rubles including VAT and grew by 7% in comparison with 2017.

Growth of revenue from providing solutions on virtualization for 35%

The Linxdatacenter company, the international expert in the field of high-tech solutions of storage and data processing, cloud services and telecommunications, summed up on February 26, 2019 the results of 2018 in the cloud direction. Linxdatacenter revenue from providing solutions on virtualization in 2018 grew by 35% in comparison with 2017.

For the last year the Linxdatacenter company significantly expanded a portfolio of cloud solutions, having started a number of services: private access to global clouds of Direct Cloud Connect, a private cloud based on a server framework of Cisco HyperFlex, backup in oblakoveeam Cloud Connect and the solution for ultrahigh data availability and the Veeam Backup & Replication applications.

According to Linxdatacenter, the interest of customers in solutions on substitution of old fund of the equipment the customized cloud services was outlined in 2018. The company implemented several difficult projects on private infrastructure. Under each project the plan of adaptation according to tasks of the specific customer on the basis of whom the failsafe solution with placement on several platforms and the reserved network connecting IT infrastructure was implemented was developed.

In 2019 Linxdatacenter is going to continue expansion of a product line of the additional services closing the most advanced queries on IT architecture and security.

The total area of DPCs of Linxdatacenter — 14,800 sq.m

As of July, 2018 the company owns the data processing centers (DPC) in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Warsaw with a total amount of 2,730 racks and with a total area of 14,800 sq.m. DPCs answer the level of reliability Tier III and are certified in ISO standards 27001, ISO 9001, PSI DSS, Management & Operations Stamp of Approval (Uptime Institute). Business of Linxdatacenter in Russia is provided by divisions in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Experience of the company (as of July, 2018) makes more than 17 years.

2017: Growth of revenue of the Russian division by 8%

Financial revenue of the Russian division made 877 million rubles for 2017. On range of services Linxdatacenter was included into data storage areas in top-5 the largest Russian service providers of DPC. Had an impact on growth of business start of the first hyper convergent cloud in Russia, creation of the international center of examination LinxLab, project implementation of Fast Cross Cable, updating of a system of pricing and simplification of processes of technical support.

The Linxdatacenter company recorded growth of revenue in 2017 for 8% in comparison with 2016. The main growth was shown by the directions connected with placement of the equipment and providing cloud services in two Russian data centers of Linxdatacenter.

Online retailers and content providers became the most noticeable consumers of resources among customers of Linxdatacenter. In general the Russian customers of Linxdatacenter show the growing interest in hybrid model of IT infrastructure - using own computing powers and services of external cloud suppliers. Taking into account this trend, in 2017 Linxdatacenter continued to invest in data storage business development, including due to sale of a non-core part of business - a telecommunication segment which allowed to provide communication services from Western Europe to Eastern Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan. Proceeds from sales of it financially of a segment allowed to focus completely on gain of the main directions — services of DPC and cloud solutions in Russia and Poland.

Thanks to focus on the colocation and cloud directions, the company brought to the market several solutions and services in data storage area. In 2017 Linxdatacenter started the first hyper convergent cloud in Russia. Partnership from Cisco Systems companies allowed to unroll the hyper convergent HyperFlex platform based on the Moscow DPC combining automation of servers and networks and also the distributed disk storage. This solution supports the range of applications and workloads for DPC, at the same time management of the platform is completely automated. As a basis it was taken the standard validirovanny design of Cisco company including not only the virtualization platform, but also solutions on data backup.

Linxdatacenter also started the Fast Cross Cable (FCC) project on operational providing cross patchings. In the Moscow DPC of Linxdatacenter more than 40 telecom operators are provided that obliges data center to react quickly to a request on jumper connections with them. Linxdatacenter changed Cable management process that allows to connect quickly to operators or to carry out change of the operator within two hours.

Optimization of internal processes became one more result of work in 2017. The improvements executed in both data centers concerned first of all convenience of work of clients. In particular, access for customers to own racks is automated, the comfortable space for work with the equipment in DPC is organized, appeals to technical support are simplified.

2012: Start of service of EtherLinx Carrier Grade

In April, 2012 the service in a packet of Etherlinx services - EtherLinx Carrier Grade is started. On the characteristics the service is focused on high requirements of the international telecom operators and includes the inter-network interface (NNI), management and diagnostics of network (OAM) and service quality (quality of service/QOS).

The service of Etherlinx Carrier Grade gives the chance to the international operators to be connected to points of presence of the company in Frankfurt, Stockholm and/or Moscow, using inter-network interfaces (NNI) which will allow them to organize necessary quantity of virtual channels of communication (VLANs) by means of the single broadband physical interface, reducing costs for connections and simplifying management process.