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Number of employees
2010 year

As of July, 2018 the company provides services of data transmission under the CITIC Telecom CPC brand. Services in data storage area and cloud computing are provided under the Linxdatacenter brand.

2017: Linx sold a telecom segment of the Chinese CITIC Group

The Linxdatacenter company closed the deal on sale of a telecom segment of the Chinese company CITIC Telecom CPC at the beginning of a year. The Chinese company CITIC Telecom CPC International Limited belonging to CITIC Group conglomerate purchased the Linxtelecom B.V. company registered in the Netherlands and its 13 child structures.

The transaction opens the companies of a door on closed market of China and expands possibilities of business in the field of data processing centers and cloud solutions in Russia and Poland, reported CNews in Linxdatacenter. Sale of the high-speed submarine fiber optic cable with a capacity of 120 Gbps connecting the countries of Scandinavia, the Baltic and Russia and data center in Tallinn will also become a part of the transaction. Besides, to the Chinese side will pass 40 points of presence at the markets of 20 countries presented by 13 legal entities.

The company began negotiations on sale of business at the beginning of 2016. Several large operators from the USA and Europe applied for purchase.

"Partnership with CITIC most was equitable to the strategy of Linxdatacenter and to the growing interest of our clients in an entry into the markets of China and the Pacific Rim. As up to 60% of financial results of Linxdatacenter it is provided with transactions in the territory of Russia, the priority of this region was obvious to us", - explained main executive the director of Linxdatacenter and Linxtelecom Heyko H. of kopek.

Contract amount does not reveal. Linx is going to make the received investments in development of the data centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Warsaw, and in cloud services of LinxCloud. Terms of transaction provide that the Linxtelecom brand will be rented for 18 months then it will have to replace the name. It is supposed that the contract will allow Linx to get access to the market of China and the Pacific Rim in general.

"In partnership with CITIC Linxdatacenter will be able to offer the Russian clients interested in presence in the market of China and the Pacific Rim, service of a reliable communication, storage and data processing. Besides, the transaction will provide inflow of the Chinese companies as customers in our data centers in the territory of Russia", - Heyko H. told kopek.

According to the edition, Linx owns data centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Warsaw. The telecommunication network of the company provides communication between the western and east parts of Europe.

2010: 160 employees

The Linxtelecom logo prior to provision of services under the CITIC Telecom brand

The Linxtelecom company was founded by the people taking the leading positions of such large brands as Unisource, AT&T, Global Crossing and KPNQwest.

For 2010 company assets were among:

  • Submarine optical cable of Stockholm-Tallinn-Helsinki
  • DPCs with a total area about 12,000 square meters, including data centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Warsaw
  • 1300 km of own optical network, 8800 km of leased
  • Command center of network (NOC) in Tallinn, Estonia
  • More than 160 employees in 12 countries

At this time the company stated that it services more than 1800 clients.