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MEI National research university


One of the largest technical universities of Russia in the field of power, electrical equipment, electronics, information science. This year celebrates the 80-year anniversary.

Ministry of Public Education of the Russian Federation - 100%





+ MEI National research university

Moscow Power Engineering Institute is formed in 1930. Trains the engineering and scientific personnel for the foreign states since 1946.



since 2015 — Federal state-funded educational institution of the higher education "National research university of "MEI'"


Since May, 2011 the Federal state-funded educational institution of higher education "Moscow Power Engineering Institute (the technical university)" became the official name MEI Since July 22, 2011 — Federal state-funded educational institution of higher education "National research university of "MEI'"


Being the basic university on training for the power industry, MEI (specification) owns unique educational and laboratory base and the knowledge base and is among 57 universities of Russia which implemented the innovation educational programs in the activity. The wealth and a variety of specialties and the scientific directions allows not only to execute complex scientific research, but also to give opportunities to students, to graduate students and doctoral candidates to be trained in the spheres necessary for future activity different from the main specialty. For 2010 locates modern academic buildings, educational and scientific laboratories, hostels, powerful experimental base, experimental plant, the educational and scientific heatstation, an educational and scientific television center, powerful network of pre-university preparation and postgraduate education.

As of July, 2010, the university is equipped with modern technology equipment, the park of powerful, average and personal computers (more than 1700 sets). In MEI (specification) students and graduate students from 68 countries of the world study. For progress in training of engineers and scientific personnel it is awarded with two awards of Russia and six awards of the foreign states.


Data are relevant for July, 2018.

  • city of Smolensk

Address: 214013, Smolensk, Energetichesky Drive, 1

Phone number: 8 (4812) 65-14-61, 8 (4812) 39-11-38

E-mail address:


  • city of Volzhsky, Volgograd region

Address: 404110, Volgograd region, Volzhsky, Lenin Ave., 69

Phone number: 8 (8443) 41-64-32, fax 8 (8443) 31-66-83

E-mail address:


  • city of Konakovo, Tver region

Konakovo power college:

Address: 171252, Tver region, Konakovo, Baskakov St., 3

Phone number: 8 (48242) 4-30-54

E-mail address:


  • city of Dushanbe (Republic of Tajikistan)

Address: 734002, Republic of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, Mirzo Tursunzod St., 82

Phone: (8-10-992-37) 221-82-31

E-mail address: