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MPK coordination center for W of federal state budgetary Institution



The coordination center was created in 1969. The main direction it activity was ensuring carrying out in member countries of the intergovernmental agreement about cooperation in ADP equipment of uniform technical policy in ADP equipment. Since 1994 the center acts as the active operator of programs of technology and innovative development. In 2019 restructuring of activity of Federal State Budgetary Institution MPK Coordination Center for VT is carried out, reference points of implementation of state policy in the field of digital development, communication and mass communications are created.


Podved Mintsifry created an accelerator of startups together with SAP, in line - with Microsoft

Subordinated organization of the Ministry of digital development, Federal State Budgetary Institution Coordination Center of the Intergovernmental Commission on Cooperation in ADP Equipment and SAP signed the memorandum of understanding. As declare in SAP, a main goal of cooperation which means the memorandum – joint development of digital initiatives for support and implementation of the export potential of the Russian developers.

According to the concluded memorandum, the coordination center of the intergovernmental commission on cooperation in ADP equipment and SAP started the joint accelerator aimed at development and support of digital solutions of participants of the Russian ecosystem, technical assistance in development of their software, certification of their products, joint promotion and positioning of their software and also inclusion jointly of the developed solutions in a global product portfolio of SAP.

According to the acting director of the coordination center of inter-governmental commission Artem Kritsyn, the main reason for which the center made the decision on participation in an accelerator is the help to the related funds – RFRIT and Rosinfokominvest – in finding of projects for financing.

At the same time, the joint accelerator with SAP as specified TAdviser in Mintsifr, is the first accelerator created under the auspices of the ministry with the foreign company its subordinated organization.

Earlier, in November, 2018, with assistance of the coordination center of inter-governmental commission the business accelerator for a blockchain projects – the company was already started Bitfury Group and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Besides, in October, 2015, the IIDF together with the companies I-Teco also RT-Inform started the supervised Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications accelerator in the field of information security.

As told TAdviser in Mintsifry, already soon through one of the subordinated organizations the ministry will start an accelerator with other foreign developer – Microsoft. As reported in November the Moscow agency earlier, referring to the deputy head of the ministry Mikhail Mamonov, department conducts negotiations with Microsoft company on placement on the Azure platform of the Russian software for its sale worldwide.

We agree that a number of the Russian solutions will be placed this year on special conditions within "cloud" (a cloud platform of Azure – a comment of TAdviser) by Microsoft, and they will help us to sell these products on the world. A certain analog of Alibaba in the field of sales not user, but the business software, - Mamonov told.

In turn, SAP already started also earlier an accelerator, joint with government institution, – in June, 2019 the company started together with Skolkovo Foundation an accelerator for developers of information technologies in power.

Take part in an accelerator of the coordination center of the intergovernmental commission on cooperation in ADP equipment and SAP as the chief executive of SAP CIS Dmitry Krasyukov told TAdviser, both startups, and the mature companies can.

Both startups, and the mature companies can take part in an accelerator, - Dmitry Krasyukov said
Both startups, and the mature companies can take part in an accelerator, - Dmitry Krasyukov said

Order taking for participation in an accelerator will be performed till February, 2020. Concerning the companies coming on participation in an accelerator his creators have no industry preferences, but, nevertheless, some priority is given to producers of cloud solutions and also products in the field of personnel management and purchases.

So in general to those solutions which are possible for building around the cloud solutions of SAP which are available in a portfolio of SAP", - Dmitry Krasyukov specified TAdviser.

Selection criteria of the companies for participation in an accelerator he called existence of the good business idea, approbation of the given idea on own software product by the company, absence at proposed solution of the big competition in SAP and from other world suppliers and also an active command of the company.

According to the results of selection as declared in SAP, in the program there will be 10 companies which will continue work on the solutions, relying on examination of the coordination center of inter-governmental commission and technology of SAP. At the same time, according to Dmitry Krasyukov, it is possible that during the acceleration program SAP can make the decision on creation on the basis of solutions of finalists of products, joint with them, which will be rebuilt afterwards on the platform of the company.

SAP also specified that during an accelerator finalists will be able to use a global network of accelerators of and other opportunities of the cooperating organizations for an exit to foreign markets. Besides, within the acceleration program communication channels with the Russian and world IT community and corporate clients of the global IT companies will develop.

In return the coordination center of inter-governmental commission will be engaged in training of finalists of an accelerator, - Artem Kritsyn noted.

In terms of money, according to Dmitry Krasyukov, costs for support of each participant of an accelerator will make from 1.5 to 3 million rubles. However distinctive feature of an accelerator, according to him, is existence of a specific purpose – an output of the companies to international markets.

Speaking about relevance of creation of an accelerator, Artem Kritsyn noted that the accelerator will help the Russian developers to become a part of a global ecosystem and to remain in the context of the general innovation trends.

SAP already has an experience of such interaction, and our coordination center has a saved-up examination different international the practician. It is sure, together we will be able to turn isolated cases of success in the market of other countries into the mass phenomenon, - Artem Kritsyn specified.

According to Dmitry Krasyukov, creation of conditions for hi-tech export – a task which can be solved only together.

Active cooperation of the state, business, experts is necessary. Considerably itself can facilitate a way on foreign market in partnership with the global companies, they already build global supply chains, they understand specifics of the market better, locate the latest technologies and tools, - Dmitry Krasyukov noted.