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MVS Group


The company specializes in project implementation of photovideo fixing of violations of traffic regulations. The key project as of 2017 -installation of complexes of photovideo fixing in Moscow area.

Security systems - 80%
Simonenko Vyacheslav Anatolyevich - 20%




2016: Sergey Aslanyan and Vyacheslav Simonenko became new owners of MVS Group

As TAdviser knew, in December, 2016 in MVS Group owners were replaced. Them became Security systems company (80%) and Vyacheslav Simonenko (20%).

"Security systems" since December, 2016 for 51% belongs to Sergey Aslanyan, the shareholder and the chairman of the board of directors of WiFi-seti provider of the capital Maxima Telecom subway. Remained 49% the Transfingroup management company owns.

Vyacheslav Simonenko is the former head of one of the largest IT distributors Merlion since 2015 also acts as the cofounder (20%) of the Alager company which in 2016 won the contract of the Government of Moscow for providing in lease of complexes of photovideo fixing of traffic regulations within MKAD.

For 80% Alager belongs to 1C Company.

Sergey Aslanyan became the co-owner of MVS Group
Sergey Aslanyan became the co-owner of MVS Group

Sergey Aslanyan refused comments on acquisition of MVS Group, Vyacheslav Simonenko and the representative of UK "Transfingroup" did not respond TAdviser to the request.

Transfingroup is a financial partner of the project on photovideo fixing of violations of traffic regulations in the Moscow region, Aslanyan - the technology partner, told TAdviser his acquaintance: "Sergey has wide experience of implementation of similar projects - it is also WiFi in the Moscow subway, and the web elections project, and others".

Alexander Gusev - the CEO of the MVS scientific and production enterprise who is engaged in software development and the equipment for photovideo fixing was the previous owner of MVS Group. According to familiar Gusev, he was forced to sell the company because of problems with the investor.

2015: Victory in tender of the Moscow region

MVS Group in 2015 became the winner of competition of the Ministry of Transport of the Moscow region on equipment of roads photovideo fixing complexes (cm more detailed). Its feature is what the region does not pay the contractor - MVS Group implements the project according to the concessionary agreement for own money and transfers all installed equipment to the possession of the Moscow region.

The investor will have to invest about 4.94 billion rubles in the project. Means from the paid penalties for 12 years will return. From each penalty MVS Group will receive a fixed amount – no more than 233 rubles, other money will go to the budget of the Moscow region.