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Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions (MCS)



Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions (MCS) is the cloud infrastructure provided on the IaaS model for big corporations and the companies of medium and small business. MCS integrates online services for cloud storage, corporate communications and marketing, is a part of the Mail.Ru platform for business.

Using Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions it is possible to place the infrastructure in virtual data center, receiving the high speed of start of new IT solutions and the round-the-clock Russian-language technical support. DPCs of Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions of the TIER III level are located in the territory of the Russian Federation that completely conforms to requirements of Federal Law 152 'About personal data'.



The development plan of a cloud platform together with Arenadata

On November 11, 2019 the IBS company reported that together with Group agreed about joint development and deployment of technologies of management of Big Data and also about long-term cooperation in the field of the innovative development and creation of sustainable technical solutions in the Russian market. Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions (MCS) and Arenadata (child structure of IBS) will be engaged in joint development of a cloud platform which solves all problems of business in storage areas and data processings. Read more here.

Availability of the IaaS-solutions MCS at Axoft

The line of the IaaS-solutions Cloud Solutions (MCS) is provided at global service IT distributor of Axoft now. Thanks to cooperation partners of the company will be able to propose to customers the Russian cloud solutions for creation of IT infrastructure, reported on October 28, 2019 in Axoft.

Partnership of Axoft and Cloud Solutions is designed to increase a scope of audience and to provide to business convenient access to a line of the solutions MCS: to tools of a cloud backup, virtual servers, databases and other services. The IaaS-solutions MCS are addressed to the companies which have no own DPCs or build hybrid IT infrastructure: to developers, retailers, ecommerce, banks.

Availability of Cloud Solutions services to partners of MerliOnCloud

Within development of the MerliOnCloud project the Merlion company announced on October 23, 2019 signing of the distribution agreement with cloud provider of Cloud Solutions. As the result, all services Cloud Solutions are available to partners of MerliOnCloud and are offered the wide distributor channel with all accompanying examinations and services. Read more here.

Start of cloud PaaS-service

On September 9, 2019 the company Group reported about start cloud PaaS- service — storage analytical data (data warehouse) on a basis DBMS ClickHouse. In more detail Here.

Availability of cloud services of MCS to partners of MONT in all Russia

On August 23, 2019 the Cloud Solutions platform and the software distributor of MONT announced cooperation thanks to which cloud services of MCS are available to 2000 partners of MONT in all Russia.

As result, clients of MONT got access to products of the platform of cloud services Cloud Solutions (MCS). It is expected that cooperation of Cloud Solutions and MONT will allow partners of the distributor to expand portfolios of the provided services at the expense of cloud services of MCS. Cloud Solutions is a scalable cloud platform. IaaS- and PaaS-services which are its part are suitable for business in spheres of development, retail, e-commerce, production and other companies and also state organizations. Their use allows to optimize expenses due to a scalable consumption pattern of resources and cutting of costs for administration of IT infrastructure.

Start of service of Cloud Managed Services

On March 28, 2019 it became known that MCS started Cloud Managed Services – the service allowing any company to transfer service of the IT infrastructure to specialists from Mail.Ru Group. It will allow the enterprise to release more time and resources, for work with key business challenges. Read more here.

Start of the designer of the websites Sitebox

On March 19, 2019 the Group company started the designer of the websites Sitebox as a part of SaaS platform of Mail.Ru for Business. The designer is intended for representatives of small and medium business for whom it is necessary quickly and with the minimum efforts to create the website or online store. Sitebox works on the Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions (MCS) servers. Read more here.

Start of the direction on development of offers for the b2b-market

On February 20, 2019 it became known that the Mail.Ru company creates the separate direction devoted to development of offers for the b2b-market. The head of the Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions platform Ilya Letunov told about it.

Mail.Ru started Two years ago a public cloud (private cloud) - it is the solution which any company will be able to use. This development will become a part of the b2b-direction of the company. Mail.Ru is, in fact, the fund investing in different projects: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Delivery club. We turn towards b2b-developments, other approaches to management for this purpose will be necessary. Use of private cloud developed by Mail.Ru allows the companies to save money.

The world leader in the privet cloud market is the company Vmware. Mail.Ru is ready to compete with them, unlike them we provide to clients the opensource-platform – the solution with an open program code. It is compatible to all opened API interfaces programming (applications)


According to the expert, after implementation of a public cloud it is simpler to pass to a hybrid cloud as infrastructure is already built. The cloud from Mail.Ru supports services of object storage (a data storage method without hierarchy), databases, services for rapid application development using machine learning[1].

Service of free backup

On January 23, 2019 the Group company reported that the service of free backup earned from the platform of cloud services Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions (MCS). the functionality will ensure smooth operation of IT infrastructures of developers, providers of online services and e-commerce of business. Read more here.


Project startup "Cloud for charitable foundations"

On December 7, 2018 diggings Mail.Ru Group reported that Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions and the Good of Mail.Ru service announced a project startup "A cloud for charitable foundations" thanks to which reliable non-profit organizations will be able to receive free of charge resources of a cloud platform of MCS (Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions). Read more here.

Shop of cloud services

On November 28, 2018 the Mail.Ru Group company announced TAdviser start within the Mail Cloud Solutions platform of shop of cloud services Mail.Ru Cloud Marketplace where the companies vendors can place the products. Read more here.

Announcement of Cloud Machine Learning service

On November 22, 2018 Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions provided Cloud Machine Learning service which will allow developers to create solutions on the basis of machine learning without need to build own infrastructure. Read more here.

Service of audioanalytics Mail Sounds

On October 22, 2018 the Mail.Ru Group company reported that it started a product within the Mail Cloud Solutions platform — service of audioanalytics Sounds. According to the company, service which cornerstone machine learning technologies are allows to automate and simplify many ordinary processes. Read more here.

Bazy Dannykh PaaS-service

On September 24, 2018 the Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions (MCS) company announced start of Bazy Dannykh PaaS-service. This product allows the companies to develop quickly popular databases and to flexibly scale them in process of growth of the project. Use of the provided PaaS-service gives the chance to reduce time of start of the released products and services from weeks and months to minutes.

DBMS are necessary both for business functioning, and for start of different products by the company. At the same time deployment of DBMS — a labor-consuming task: even with the assistance of the experienced specialist creation of a simple copy of the database for a development environment takes at least a day, and more complex cases can demand from a week to one month. Also for start and support of DBMS at own capacities of the company it will be required to buy the equipment, to employ in staff of the database manager or to use services of IT outsourcers and konsalter.

The PaaS-product MCS helps the companies to bypass these difficulties and to avoid costs, using a DB as a cloud service that allows to create operable copies of bases in one click via the convenient web interface. At the same time provides all IT infrastructure and supports Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions (MCS). In process of growth of business or the corresponding products cloud storages are easily scaled. Payment is made for the used computing powers with per second tariffing. For September, 2018 DBMS open source are supported: MySQL, PostgreSQL and Mongo; Galera and Tarantool are available on demand.

PaaS reduces influence of a human factor in such sphere, crucial for business, as processing and data storage. All process of creation and the DBMS setup is automated. Data are copied in failsafe storage. Copies are distributed geographically that allows to minimize response time and guarantees high reliability. Monitoring undertakes MCS, and the license agreement guarantees availability of 99.95%.

Mail.Ru Cloud Big Data PaaS-service

On July 10, 2018 the Group company within infrastructure of Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions provided scalable PaaS-service for the companies which collect and analyze Big Data. Mail.Ru Cloud Big Data based on Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark represents an alternative to expensive local infrastructure for processing of Big Data. Instead of purchasing the equipment which will be involved several hours a week and will demand permanent expenditure for service, the company can use cloud infrastructure in lease, emphasized in Group. Read more here.

Containers PaaS-service

On May 21, 2018 Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions (MCS) started Containers PaaS-service. It is created based on Kubernetes technology.

Containers works on the PaaS model and allows to provide operability of IT applications of the client at any loading. Seamlessly MCS integrated into a cloud platform, service automates processes of creation and service of clusters, helping the companies to forget about manual adjustment of virtual machines, security systems, monitoring, balancing of loading and connection of a storage system.

"The market of public clouds in Russia in 2018, according to forecasts of SAP CIS, will make 34 billion rubles, and PaaS share in it will hardly exceed one billion. These are 3% of the market of services while on average in the world the share of PaaS makes 20%. The similar situation is unusual to the Russian market which in the technology development usually follows the international trends. The mission we see increase in awareness of the Russian specialists on importance of use of all opportunities of public clouds. The platform as service which we offer today allows to reduce significantly time of product development and to accelerate an output of new solutions to the market. And use in business of cloud infrastructure finally will accelerate development of the Russian digital business".
Egor Ganin, head cloud and business services

Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions service processing of peak loads of applications and the websites, acceleration and standardization of processes of CI/CD, management of test environments allows to solve such problems as applications launch, implementing microservice architecture.

Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions includes object cloud storages for hot data of Mail.Ru Hotbox, cold data of Mail.Ru Icebox and the virtual servers Mail.Ru Infra.

Start of cloud computing on GPU

On April 25, 2018 Mail.Ru Group with assistance of Nvidia provided cloud computing based on graphic processors (GPU) within Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions (MCS). As a hardware platform the advanced accelerators of calculations of Nvidia Tesla V100 are used.

With development of technologies the volume of tasks which require serious computing powers increases: machine learning, rendering of video with abundance of computer graphics, processing of Big Data, training of neuronets, coding of video flows and so on. At the same time also requirements to performance grow: data arrays increase, the computer graphics becomes realistichny, algorithms of machine learning — it is more difficult. Only platforms based on GPU can provide necessary performance level in difficult computing tasks, noted in Mail.Ru Group.

Within Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions with assistance of Nvidia the power of high-performance GPU is available to the Russian users now. Researchers and the companies will get access to the accelerated calculations in a cloud through the MCS servers.

The client of MCS can order the necessary volume of resources with per second tariffing for cost reduction and scale the solution at increase in project scope. The multinuclear architecture of Nvidia Tesla V100 processors allows to train, for example, a neuronet in several hours instead of several weeks which would be required earlier. At the same time the user pays only use of service within these hours, but not purchase of the whole server.

Distributed computing — a task difficult. Without having direct access to computing powers, developers cannot quickly check the idea that slows down development of IT in Russia. Mail.Ru Group aims to make modern technologies available. With start of cloud computing on GPU anyone can lease modern graphic processors and check the hypotheses. We sincerely hope that access to opportunities of high-performance GPU Nvidia IA in a cloud will yield fruits in the form of new technology startups — the head cloud and Mail.Ru Group business services Egor Ganin said.

Access to cloud computing will be provided according to the request on the first-come, first-served basis. Service is provided based on a cloud platform of Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions. Cloud infrastructure of MCS allows to rent virtual servers, to organize work with often used "hot" data and it is reliable to save files which are requested seldom.

The Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions servers are located in the territory of Russia: it guarantees the minimum response time and compliance to requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, emphasized in Mail.Ru Group.

Processing of the interface. Updating of cloud B2B-infrastructure

On April 19, 2018 Mail.Ru Group submitted considerably processed interface and several important updates of cloud B2B-infrastructure of Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions (MCS).

In MCS the interface of creation of virtual machines and management was completely updated by them. Having used the master of start of virtual machines, users can make basic transactions in couple of clicks: create virtual machines and be connected to them and also stop and delete them. The Horizon panel – the web interface which allows to manage OpenStack services is still available to expanded management of MCS and thin setup of services.

Besides, to the account MCS it is possible to link the bank card for timely automatic replenishment of balance. Autoreplenishment will ensure smooth operation of services without need to monitor the account status.

The interface for downloading and loading of files in object storage is updated. The updated MCS interface brings convenience during the work with files to higher level. For example, it is possible to load objects into storage drag and drop, or having selected the necessary files from the list. The feature to automatically create public references to files in the domain is added. The possibility of adding of administrators for shared control is implemented by projects, noted in Mail.Ru Group.

"Cloud IT infrastructure — the modern tool allowing to make business is more flexible and more cost-efficient: the client can increase the consumed resources at any moment and also reduce their quantity, cutting down thereby expenses on purchase, operation and idle time of the servers. A task of MCS - to remove from the owner of difficulty, connected with unexpected problems in IT and to allow it to concentrate on the main thing. The updated interface allows to reduce many times time for key transactions with infrastructure".

Cloud infrastructure of Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions allows to rent virtual servers, to effectively organize work with often used "hot" data and it is reliable to save files which are requested seldom, emphasized in Mail.Ru Group.

Start of the direction

In January, 2018 Mail.Ru Group integrated all cloud services for business (Infra,Hotbox and Icebox) in the separate direction under the Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions (MCS) brand, the company reported.

Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions offers clients access to a private virtual network, object storage and storage for backups, the balancer of loadings, network systems of data storage of NAS, NFS, CIS, block storage, service of configuration management.

The service of virtual cloud infrastructure Infra, in particular, allows to create virtual machines, disks and networks at Mail.Ru Group capacities and also to manage them in the uniform web interface. Hotbox is the cloud for "hot" data allowing to store in instant access and to distribute a large number of information. Icebox represents storage for seldom used data. In addition to virtual infrastructure MCS will offer the clients and Tarantool — a product which proved in the market of DBMS.

Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions offers clients access to a private virtual network (the Photo -
Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions offers clients access to a private virtual network (the Photo -

Initially cloud services were created based on different divisions of the company: so, object storages Icebox and Hotbox were developed by the Clouds commands of Mail.Ru and the Mail.Ru for business platform, and virtual machines (Infra) were created in the direction of storage systems.

Development of the cloud direction in is explained with the fact that the IaaS-market has high potential of growth. On development of MCS in 2018 significantly more resources, than are selected for separate IaaS-services of the company in 2017: in particular, according to plans of, the project team will be tripled. Investments, number of potential vacancies in new division and its predicted share in the market the company does not open.

Among key advantages of the services in call convenient tariffing (the companies pay only for actually used capacities and volumes of storages) and simplicity of administration. Besides, in the company refer the nineteen years' experience of infrastructure management of Mail.Ru Group, servers located in the territory of Russia, user-friendly interfaces and personal approach which is guaranteed to each client of MCS to advantages of the new direction, the representative of Mail.Ru Group told TAdviser.

At the time of consolidation under a new brand services, according to the company, apply hundreds of the organizations of different profiles among which 1C-Bitrix, VTB 24 and "The British higher school of design" in work.