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On April 25, 2017 Mail.Ru Group announced creation of operating investment unit of Mail.Ru Games Ventures. In its framework the company is going to invest within the next two years in the Russian and international projects in the field of games and game development 100 million dollars, from which 10 million are already selected for the next[1]

Will be able to expect financing as already created studios and publishing houses for which additional resources are necessary for scaling, and young specialists. For the choice of the most comfortable scheme of interaction with each type of partners Mail.Ru Games Ventures is going to perform investment activities of several types at once, including investments in exchange for a royalty, and М&А. Having received investments, partners will be able to attract Mail.Ru Group as global publisher and to involve resources of the company in all key territories, including assets of the international brand.

"Mail.Ru Games Ventures will find and develop the international advanced developments in the game industry and also to promote expansion of local products to the world market. We will not only offer commands a financial support, but also to render a necessary assistance in development — in particular, to provide access to internal resources and services of holding. The companies will be able to expect versatile support, the existing software solutions, extensive analytical present and unique marketing possibilities at the international level" — Karpinsky Ilya, the director of Mail.Ru Games Ventures told.


  1. , the sdelkiigrovy Mail.Ru Group direction is the leader of the East European market of online entertainments and the largest domestic publisher of mobile and multiplayer client games in Russia and abroad. In a portfolio of the company more than 50 game projects with total audience more than 100 million users worldwide. In 2016 revenue of the company from MMO games on a comparable basis grew by 21.2% in comparison with previous year and reached 11,390 million rubles.