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Russian dating site.

Finam - 69% - 31%


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Work of Mamba service is constructed on free access for users, with paid rendering additional services, for example, but to placement of questionnaires on upper lines in search queries. About 36 thousand websites having an opportunity to place questionnaires of the users for a part of the gained income act as partners of a resource.


Victor Remsha tells what dating service Mamba, they with Andreyev thought over together. Then there was only a service in collecting of SMS payments, and it was necessary to understand how it can be used. Andreyev believed that unlike similar services which for access to base of "brides and grooms" required a considerable subscription fee on Mamba registration had to be free and — anonymous. And still he wanted to play on vanity of users — to allow them to increase the popularity on the website and, respectively, number of runs in a profile. So the idea of the mechanism on promotion of questionnaires on the first page for little money was born. Approximately for $1. "Anybody did not have it" — Remsha admires.

The majority of the Russian Internet startups simply copies the western model. "And Mamba was unique — the ex-president of the company Nikita Sherman emphasizes. — Together with rare then online games she created demand for SMS payment". And if the previous projects of Andreyev were connected with advertizing, here he decided to save users from its importunate presence at least first.

Andreyev managed almost impossible: integrate in a partner network with the single database from Mamba hundreds of dating sites, including belonging to direct competitors — Rambler and After the mechanism of "raising" of a profile the service "A race for the leader" — an auction for the foreground on the homepage of the website appeared. Sherman calls it method to show that "you not one of millions, but one of units". "In peak time, Friday in the evening, the best place will cost $1000 — he tells. — Some throw this one thousand one sms".

In February, 2005 the manager of Young & Rubicam advertizing agency Michael Gere got acquainted with the dark-haired, with high cheek-bones guy who looked for the CEO in the new project. The thirty-year-old Internet entrepreneur Andrey Andreyev set Gere for the monitor to show the electronic dating service started the previous year Mamba. The number of the users registered in it passed for one million and every day increased by 7000. Andreyev explained that he wants to advance Mamba in the West and for this purpose it is necessary that the team of expats translated it into foreign languages.

This idea was not implemented. In October, 2005 when the number of questionnaires in Mamby base exceeded 4.5 million, the dating site, most popular in Russia, was purchased for $22 million investment holding "Finam". [1]. Resource revenue then was stated in $5.7 million. It turned out that P/S indicator (the price to revenue) was 3.9. Andreyev got almost all money, the founder of Finam Victor Remsha says.

In 2007 Finam sold 30% of Mamba for $18 million which was included into DST Internet holding of Yury Milner. The rest of Mamba became the main asset (73.9%) of Finam IT venture fund which net assets are estimated at 3 billion rubles.

In the 2009th revenue of Mamba reached 664 million rubles at EBITDA of 48%. The number of its users exceeded 12 million people.

Despite mad success in Russia and efforts of a team of expats, Mamba could not face the West. Its ex-president Sherman considers the reason "mistrust of local users to a freebie". "They got used that dating service is the closed environment where for a subscription fee you get access to the database — he explains. — Free registration caused suspicion". Gere sees a problem in another. "Mamba" was too concentrated on acquaintances — he says. — To start in Europe, it was necessary to add components of social network".

Creating Badoo, Andreyev and arrived. By this time he finally moved to England, having lodged in a townhouse near London.