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Management of the Federal mail service of the city of Moscow


Management of the Federal mail service of Moscow is FGUP Russian Post branch

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The network of objects of a mail service of the Moscow branch consists of 11 the isolated structural divisions (ISD), including 6 interdistrict post offices and the 1st interdistrict sorting post office, autoplant, objects of the social sphere.

The structure of six interdistrict post offices includes 528 departments of a mail service (DMS), 1 center of sorting and processing of mail (MMSP-3). About 70 RPE on average is the share of structure of each MMP. Classification of departments of a mail service (assignment of a class of RPE depends on a range of the provided services, sales volumes, an operation mode and the number of the serviced population and the organizations):

  • 1 class – 5 RPE
  • 2 classes – 35 RPE
  • 3 classes – 426 RPE
  • 5 classes – 62 RPE and 1 PPS

Total number of staff of branch is about 13 thousand people, including:

  • Mail carriers on delivery of correspondence, printing and telegrams – about 3.5 thousand human
  • Operators of a mail service - about 4.3 thousand human.


The average salary of mail carriers on delivery of printing and correspondence is about 20 thousand rubles a month, telecom operators (insurance departments) – about 21 thousand rubles, drivers – more than 30 thousand.


Daily mail carriers to Muscovites and the organizations deliver 211 thousand copies of periodicals, more than one million units of written correspondence, more than 100 thousand units of promotional materials.


UFPS vehicle fleet consists of 342 cars. Daily in the capital cars on transportation of mailings come to 151 routes which total length is 21298 km.


The main objective of UFPS of Moscow is providing full range of services of a mail service to legal entities and physical persons, and also to public authorities and local government.