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MAYKOR (MEYKOR LLC) is the Russian company in outsourcing market IT and business processes. Enters TOP 100 of leaders of world outsourcing.

Sulgin Sergey Pavlovich
Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) - 20%
IBS IT Services
After investment of $100 million the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Capman Russia II fund own 20-25% of the company.




+ Maykor (Meykor)
+ Karachinsky Anatoly Mikhaylovich


Are a part of MAYKOR (February, 2014):

Earlier in structure there were companies: ENSPACE, BetterFly Services, PST Company

As of the middle of 2016, locating own network consisting of 83 branches and 400 local divisions and covering the territory of all Russia, MAYKOR renders services in the principle of "one window".


Among customers of Maykor – more than 1200 organizations (March, 2017), including the largest geographically distributed companies of all industries. MAYKOR has competence center, programs of additional profile training of technical specialists, the developed logistic infrastructure, an automated system of monitoring and control of rendering services, a quality management system according to the international standards ISO.

Performance Indicators

2017: Growth of revenue by 8% to 11 billion rub

At the end of year the company showed revenue in 11 billion rubles that for 8% exceeds indicators of 2016. Special attention last year was concentrated on development of the innovation outsourcing services for key clients and also on optimization of internal processes and development of IT systems of the company.

Traditionally high rates remained in the key industry direction of business of MAYKOR – services for retail. 53% of revenue are the share of this segment that makes 5.8 billion rubles. Among key customers there is MAYKOR in the field of retail – Svyaznoy, X5 Retail Group, Hoff, Sportmaster, Auchan, Dixy, etc. The companies still give preference to services for complex support of infrastructure both IT, and industry. In 2016 before retailers there was also a major problem on transfer of own parks of the cash registers to the online mode according to requirements 54-FZ. Not only customers from among all-federal networks, but also regional retailers actively attracted to projects on transfer of outlets on online cash desks of MAYKOR. Rapid growth was shown by services for the oil and gas industry - the gain of revenue of MAYKOR in this direction made 170%. Significant increase is caused by several new large outsourcing contracts of MAYKOR for the oil and gas companies, including Lukoil, Rosneft, Transneft.

In plus services completed year for telecom industry – growth was 18.7%. Such indicators are reached generally due to development of cooperation with the existing clients among whom "Rostelecom", Big three TELE2 PTK.

In the financial sector positive dynamics is also observed. As key customers of MAYKOR in this industry the largest banks of the country - Sberbank, B&N BANK, Rosselkhozbank, etc. act. Revenue of the MAYKOR-BTE subsidiary company specializing in service of the bank equipment grew twice in comparison with previous year. The previous year work on development of the direction of service of the engineering systems was carried out to the companies that was expressed as a result in a gain of contracts with new clients and increase in volume of services.

Growth shows the direction outsourcing of implementation and support of business applications in which the MAYKOR-GMCS subsidiary company is engaged. In addition to the traditional services connected with implementation ERP and CRM- projects, positive growth was shown the second year in a row by services of implementation of systems business analysts, mobile and custom development. For last year MAYKOR-GMCS also expanded a portfolio of own solutions under the Vereks Platform brand. Digital transformation continues to warm up demand for predictive analytics machine learning, the systems of modeling and optimization. For example, in the field of production interest in the solutions allowing to exercise reasonable asset management, to plan loading of capacities, to predict demand and to optimize a supply chain grew. Among key customers in the industry - SUEK MMK JSC Ammony, TVSZ, ABI Product. Similar solutions are also demanded also in other industries: retail, telecom to power petrogas.

The increasing popularity is purchased at customers of MAYKOR by the managed services (Managed Services). In particular, in 2017 the company filled up a portfolio with new contracts on infrastructure management of printing (MPS).

In 2017 MAYKOR within the corporate program of transformation carried out a number of internal conversions: the contact center was upgraded and the artificial intelligence technology in a system client service-deska is implemented. Serious results managed to be achieved in development of own automated control system for works which was transformed to the full-function WFM solution (Workforce Management System). All this allowed the company to hold the high level of service in all regions of Russia.

The number of employees for the end of 2017 was more than 6200 people, and with such number start of comprehensive programs of deduction and the motivation which increased attractiveness of the company as the employer became focus of work with personnel.


2018: Transition of GMCS and "BTE" companies to the structure of Sovcombank

In October, 2018 the GMCS company which is engaged in implementation of business solutions and software development left the structure of Maykor and joined group Sovcombank, told TAdviser in GMCS. Bank purchased 100% of shares of GMCS Management at the company which is based on Cyprus "Dzhi. Em. Si. Es. Limited". Transaction amount was 500 million rubles.

Since November, 2018 Sovcombank also from shares about 75% of authorized capital are registered as the cofounder of the BTE company specializing in service support and delivery of ATMs, POS terminals, the cash equipment. Read more here.

2017: Social report

On September 17, 2018 the MAYKOR company reported that it published the social report for 2017. The company summed up results of the transformation of business which is carried out since 2015 and reported according to programs of social responsibility.

The given social account – the 5th in the history of the company. By its preparation MAYKOR followed the recommendations of the updated GRI Standards standard (basic version) and disclosed the aspects of KSO, most essential to business, according to ISO 26000. Changes in structure and production processes, other vision of a mission became a principal theme of the report and the companies formulated within the program of transformation are more whole.

Changes in 2017 concerned practically all processes in MAYKOR. In particular, the company corrected a vector of sales, having added to the services focused on Enterprise sector, services available to small and medium business which will be brought to the market in 2018. The reform of warehouse economy begun in 2016 is continued, – practice of competitive purchases and failure from own warehouses for benefit of safe custody of Inventories at logistic partners allowed to reduce costs by 40 and 20 million rubles respectively.

The most significant changes in 2017 happened in production processes. First, since the end of 2017 there takes place process on consolidation of all production resources of the companies "CST Service" and "HCT" based on "NST". The company which will be created as a result of consolidation will work under the name of MEYKOR-SERVIS LLC. Secondly, MAYKOR delivered a production system on competition rails, having connected to customer service not only salaried employees, but also self-employed, and the local small service enterprises. For this purpose it was required to change a wage system of regular specialists (now their salary directly depends on quantity, quality and complexity of the executed requests) and to rebuild considerably IT infrastructure for management of service works.

In MAYKOR the service platform which allows to distribute effectively requests for services from customers of the company between contractors was developed and put into operation: salaried employees, self-employed and small service contractors. Contractors compete among themselves for requests on the platform both on quality of service, and at its cost. It allows to support the necessary level of service for clients, at the same time saving the optimal market value of services. At the end of 2017 the level of customer satisfaction of service of MAYKOR remained on a high mark of 4.8 of 5.

The service platform developed in the company has also social importance. The company keeps projects including in territories with the high level of unemployment where it is economically inexpedient to support regular specialists. The platform allows to attract local population as contractors, giving the chance for professional training in a corporate system of training of the company and by that - for earnings.

Special attention in production model is paid to responsibility both to clients, and to contractors. In a basis of work of the service platform the principle of transparency is underlain. Clients of the company and contractors in online the mode can control the status of execution of works or services, an order of formation of calculations.

For support of above-mentioned changes in MAYKOR the mission, vision and values of the company were developed and implemented. The mission – to help clients not to distract from the main affairs. Values is a partnership, reliability, openness and leadership. This value system in the conditions of digitalization and the high competition is designed to promote creation of the effective outsourcing company with developed managerial and production processes which are based on modern information technologies.

In 2017 MAYKOR continued implementation of socially important long-term commercial projects. Also earlier started initiatives within charity programs "The kind future" and "A profession the engineer" were prolonged. Investments into charity in 2017 made 2.4 million rubles.


Decrease in revenue to 10.2 billion rubles and growth of the state

In 2016 revenue of Maykor company made 10.234 billion rubles, having reduced by 3.7% in relation to 2015. In a ranking "TAdviser100: The largest IT companies in Russia" at the end of 2016 the Maykor company took the 22nd place.

On April 4, 2017 Maykor published results of the 2016th. Revenue of the company decreased a little, and the number of employees increased.

In 2016 revenue of Maykor made 10.2 billion rubles against 10.6 billion rubles the previous year. The number of customers exceeded 1200, and over 90% of new contracts it was necessary on cooperation prolongation.

In 2016 revenue of Maykor made 10.2 billion rubles
In 2016 revenue of Maykor made 10.2 billion rubles

At the end of 2016 service for retail provided 55% of revenue of Maykor (5.3 billion rubles) that is 5% more than an indicator of year prescription. The share of income from retail in revenue steadily increases for already several years in a row. Among key federal contracts – infrastructure maintenance for retail network "MTS", "MegaFon retail", "Svyaznoy", "Magnet", "Dixy" X5 Retail Group Fix Price, "L'etual" Kari , etc.

Positive dynamics was shown by services for the sphere of telecommunications and communication, as clients Russian Post, Big three, Yota, TELE2, etc. act. In 2016 Maykor signed a series of contracts with Rostelecom for outsourcing of functions of operation of local communication networks in several small localities. In this MAYKOR project for the first time used the geynshering model (gainsharing) when revenue of the outsourcer is tied to income which is gained by the customer from operation of the infrastructure serviced by the outsourcer.

In 2016 concerning the 2015th Maykor revenue from outsourcing of implementation and support of applications grew by 20%. Business in the direction of IT outsourcing in the transport sector doubled. Positive dynamics also remained in an outsourcing segment for the manufacturing and power enterprises.

In 2016 the staff of Maykor was increased for 19%, having exceeded 6100 people. Growth of number of staff in the company was explained with large outsourcing projects within which the profile service personnel of customers joined Maykor.

FAS approved sale of 100% of Maykor to Rostelecom

At the beginning of August, 2016 the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) approved the transaction on sale to all company Maykor to the national telecom operator to Rostelecom. TASS with reference to materials of department reports about it.

FAS Russia considered the petition of PJSC Rostelecom for acquisition of 100% of shares in authorized capital of Meykor LLC and made the decision on the satisfaction of the given petition, said in the statement of the Russian antimonopoly authority.

According to the representative of Rostelecom Andrey Polyakov, due to Maykor acquisition the operator will be able independently to perform transactions which were transferred before to outsourcing.

Rostelecom decided to absorb Maykor entirely
Rostelecom decided to absorb Maykor entirely

Rostelecom did not disclose terms of closing of the transaction on acquisition of 100% of Maykor and also purchase cost. The analyst of Gazprombank Sergey Vasin estimated the IT outsourcer at 4-6 billion rubles.[1]

FAS approved sale of 61.5% of Maykor to Rostelecom

On May 12, 2016 the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) approved sale of 61.5% of Maykor company to telecommunication operator "Rostelecom". The cost of the transaction can be about 2 billion rubles.

That Rostelecom is close to Maykor purchase, Vedomosti reported. According to the edition, the companies discussed the redemption of an additional share issue. An exit someone from present shareholders at the same time is not supposed.

FAS approved sale of 61.5% of Maykor to Rostelecom
FAS approved sale of 61.5% of Maykor to Rostelecom

The interlocutor of the newspaper says that in the future Rostelecom can purchase all Maykor at the expense of the option which, according to other source of Vedomosti, is justified as after entry of the state operator into the capital of the IT outsourcer the last can quite rise in price.

By estimates of the analyst of Gazprombank Sergey Vasin, the cost of Maykor can be from 4 to 6 billion rubles. Thus, the share approved by FAS can cost from 2.46 billion to 3.7 billion rubles. Familiar with shareholders of Maykor told that transaction amount is close to a debt to the Ministry of Internal Affairs — 2 billion rubles.

Before "CST service", being Maykor subsidiary company, won an auction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and placed the advance received on execution of works in 2.1 billion rubles in Rossiyskiy Kredit Bank. Department did not suit quality of works and demanded to return advance payment, but by then "The Russian credit" lost the license. Then the Ministry of Internal Affairs filed a lawsuit.[2]

Rostelecom intends to transfer on outsourcing to Maykor function of operation of local communication networks in small localities, at the same time employees unprofitable or small linearly - technical workshops it is going to transfer on a full-time basis the IT outsourcer.

Top managers of MAYKOR received international certificates of professionals of outsourcing

Three top managers of MAYKOR confirmed the status of experts of the industry of outsourcing at world level, having received certificates of Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) from International association of professionals of outsourcing (IAOP). Thus, MAYKOR was among the leading companies of Russia by the number of the professionals certified according to international standards [3]

Successfully there underwent certification the executive vice president for sales and operating activities Pavel Rastopshin, the senior vice president for strategy and investments Anton Likhachev and the director of the department of the technical presale manager Ivan Vetryak.

The activities report in the field of corporate social liability

The Maykor company announced on August 17, 2017 the publication of the 4th social report. The document opens results of activity and achievement of Maykor and its subsidiaries in the field of the corporate social liability (CSL) for 2016. The report is made according to the guide of GRI G4 to the non-financial reporting and shows practicians of KSO of the company according to ISO 26000.

Program of transformation

Special attention in the report is paid to internal changes in Maykor — the program of the transformation assuming a complex of actions for optimization of the main business processes of the company and to formation of culture of continuous improvements.

Within this Maykor program passed to practice of competitive purchases of goods and services that provided transparency of the procedure of the choice of suppliers. Also the company undertook management reform by a branch network and implemented reporting system on profits and losses (P&L), allowing to carry out the detailed analysis of activity of branches and macroregions. Besides, the management system for aspects of KSO was optimized: in structure of the company the department of corporate social liability and quality control department are selected.

Particular importance in the program of transformation is attached to development of technical and technology innovations for clients. In 2016 Maykor continued development of model of a geynshering (participation in increase in revenue of the client) and implemented the project on ensuring safe remote support of workstations for a number of key clients. The Maykor-GMCS subsidiary company brought to the market a number of IT solutions in the concept of IIoT for predictive maintenance.

Customer satisfaction level

At the end of 2016 customer satisfaction level service quality Maykor remained high — 4.8. An average value of observance of agreements on quality of service in the company — 97.56%.

Training of employees

In 2016 resident and distance learning there underwent more than 2/3 employees of Maykor. In the direction of labor protection and production security the special assessment of working conditions of 656 jobs was carried out, following the results working conditions were recognized admissible. And also the security service of work held a complex of preventive actions and instructing for employees, as a result the injury rate coefficient in comparison with 2015 was reduced to 0 that is explained by lack of occupational accidents.

Projects in regions

In 2016 Maykor continued implementation of commercial socially important projects in regions among which there is a support of IT infrastructure of Russian Post, development and maintenance of infrastructure of the Arrow transport card in the Moscow region, support of a system of photo and video fixing of traffic offenses in the Republic of Dagestan.

Financial support

For gain of positive influence on communities Maykor in 2016 increased financing of the corporate social programs "Profession Engineer" and "Kind Future together with Maykor". 10.4 million rubles were directed to charity that exceeds an indicator of 2015 twice. Within the Profession Engineer program the company cooperated with the University Innopolis, providing a financial support of its authorized activity and acting as the partner in implementation of a series of Olympiad actions for school students. According to the Kind Future program of Maykor continued to help orphanages in projects on career guidance of pupils in partnership with Our children charitable foundation, fund of support and development of philanthropy of KAF and also community of corporate volunteers of Maykor. In general 1.5 thousand children participated in educational actions with assistance of the company Bol.


Decrease in revenue to 10.6 billion rub

On March 31, 2016 Maykor published work results. Annual revenues of the Russian IT outsourcer decreased after steady growth in 2014 a little.

In 2015 Maykor gained 10.63 billion rubles against 10.89 billion rubles the previous year. In the 2014th turnover rose by 17.4%. In previous years rise was also observed.

In 2015 growth of revenue of Maykor stopped
In 2015 growth of revenue of Maykor stopped

Sales of services in the market of retail generated Maykor in 2015 revenue in the amount of 5.3 billion rubles. Such services as complex support of IT infrastructure of outlets, service of the industry equipment, development and support of business applications and management of engineering infrastructure were in the greatest demand among retailers.

In 2015 the retail segment created the lion share of revenue of Maykor. On the second place on income there was a public sector which provided the company with revenue in 1.9 billion rubles. Among state customers of the IT outsourcer there is a Government of the Moscow region, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Social insurance fund, the Moscow Department of Finance and the Federal Tax Service.

In 2015 revenues of Maykor from implementation of IT services for the transport and power industries doubled. In the latter case growth is connected with implementation by the enterprises of programs for increase in energy efficiency, transparency of accounting of the consumed energy, improvement of processes of work with consumers and technical supports of infrastructure, says the company.

Inclusion as the service partner in the investment project on start of the uniform Arrow transport card in Moscow area became an event, sign for Maykor, in the transport industry.

Involvement of new clients from the different industries and expansion of the relations with the acting customers was allowed Maykor to complete year with the indicators corresponding to a previous period and to save the positions: No. 1 on IT outsourcing in Russia, TOP-10 on the region of EMEA and TOP-100 of leaders of world outsourcing — reported in Maykor.

5.3 million rubles on charity

Maykor announced in the summer of 2016 release of the third social report. The document contains information on activity of the company on the main CSL (corporate social liability) directions according to ISO 26000:2010, by its drawing up the recommendations of the management of GRI G4, a global initiative in the field of the social reporting were used.

For Maykor in 2015 organizational conversions were important for preparation for the large-scale program of transformation which purpose — increase in operational efficiency of business when preserving customer service quality. In particular, the position of the executive vice president for sales and operating activities was entered, the new methodology of sales, reporting system and profitability control is implemented, conversions of the financial block for creation of the general service center are carried out. As a result of these measures it was succeeded to save revenue and profitability of the company at the end of 2015 in difficult economic conditions and not to allow staff reduction.

Final design and release of environmental and social policy of the company became one of key events in the field of development of KSO in Maykor in 2015. The priority of projects which at a pecuniary benefit positively influence the social and ecological environment is enshrined in the document. In the social report examples of such projects are given. Among them — support and development of IT infrastructure of Russian Post, creation and development of a billing system for Kamchatksenergo within the large-scale project on development of intellectual power industry of the Far East, development and support of IT infrastructure for the Arrow transport card in the Moscow region.

Also in 2015 Maykor continued implementation of significant projects in personnel development areas and attraction in the industry of specialists of demanded professions within the corporate program "Profession Engineer". It means development of a corporate system of training, an action for promoting of applied technical professions, cooperation with educational institutions in training for the IT industry.

Besides, in the social report Maykor charity results are summed up. In 2015 charitable investments of the company made more p5.3 of one million. Funds were allocated for support of organizations for children of orphans within the "Kind Future together with Maykor" program, physically disabled people (Charity instead of Souvenirs project), sporting events for children and youth (Healthy Back program).

Rostelecom agrees about Maykor purchase

On November 25, 2015 it became known of plans of Rostelecom for Maykor purchase. One of leaders of the Russian market of IT outsourcing is estimated at 15 billion rubles.

Write Vedomosti with reference to the staff of two large system integrators that Rostelecom conducts negotiations on acquisition of the Service holding company specializing in service of IT infrastructure of customers and working under the Maykor brand, sources, close to the state operator, and the person participating in discussion of the transaction.

Maykor can sell approximately for 15 billion rubles
Maykor can sell approximately for 15 billion rubles

The last says that it is about purchase only of a share in Maykor, i.e. an additional share issue. Rostelecom is going to receive more than 50% in the company, other interlocutor of the edition specified.

According to the newspaper, owners of Maykor decided to sell a part of business because of financial problems of the company, to be exact, to one of its "daughters" — "CST service". Its debts are going to be repaid at the expense of the transaction with Rostelecom: the amount from purchase of Maykor will go for debt repayment of CST.

The analyst of Gazprombank Sergey Vasin considers that roughly Maykor can cost about 15 billion rubles. In 2013 when co-owners of the IT company became the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Capman Russia II fund, analysts "Sberbank of CIB" estimated Maykor at $300-400 million (19.7-26.2 billion rubles at the rate of for November 25, 2015) without a debt.

Since then assessment hardly changed, considering rates of development of the IT sector, the analyst of FC Otcrytiye Alexander Vengranovich believes. According to him, such companies as Maykor, "survive only on government contracts".[4]

MAYKOR rose in environment protection

On June 25, 2015 the MAYKOR company announced the beginning of practice of obligatory assessment of outsourcing projects in terms of environmental and social risks.

The all-Russian service provider in the field of outsourcing IT and business processes joined international to the practice designed to promote environment protection, increase in social responsibility and ensuring sustainable development of business in the long term.

The corresponding obligations of the company are fixed in Environmental and social policy. In particular, MAYKOR declared rejection of participation in the projects capable to do essential harm to ecology and society, the company has no activities with high degree of environmental and social risks. As the focus the company defines the conclusion of the outsourcing contracts directed to resource-saving, effective use of the equipment, human and other resources of clients, support of initiatives with high ecological and social return.

"Social responsibility – one of indicators of civilization and a maturity of business. Adhering to ecological and social values when implementing service contracts, we make a contribution to sustainable development of our clients and we promote growing of the Russian outsourcing", – Irina Semyonova, the marketing vice president of MAYKOR noted.


Growth of revenue to 10.8 billion rub (+17%). The main market - retail

According to the results of the 2014th year revenue of MAYKOR exceeded 10.89 billion rubles, the gain made 17.4%. Thus, the company during the crisis period could save positive dynamics of development, having improved this indicator in comparison with 2013. Traditionally most part of revenue is the share of services for retail – 5.27 billion rubles or 48% of the total amount of income, and government institutions – 2.24 billion rubles (21%). The gain in these directions made 17% and 30% respectively.

Own staff of MAYKOR for 2014 grew to 5,200 people in 83 branches across all Russia.

The basis of the customer base of MAYKOR is still formed by the large and medium-sized geographically distributed companies using complex approach to maintenance of IT, engineering infrastructure and business applications. Crisis contributes to the development of services in the BSaaS model (business solution as service) when the customer uses necessary infrastructure under lease with the included technical support and, often, personnel. And the customer pays not for parameters of the provided infrastructure, and for services which it provides. It allows to avoid costs for upgrade and integration. In general, MAYKOR states gradual increase in duration of contracts: if earlier contracts lasting more than 1 year were a rarity, then in 2014 even more often customers began to ripen to contracts lasting 3-5 years. The percent of prolongations of agreements is also high.

Customers gradually broaden spheres of cooperation, adding to basic services for maintenance IT infrastructures service of control and management systems for access, a security alarm and video surveillances, ventilation and conditioning and also other engineering systems. Complex outsourcing in retail is most demanded. Among key customers there is MAYKOR from the sphere of retail – "Toy Store", DIXY, "K-reception", Ship, Snezhnaya Koroleva, Sportmaster, Uyuterra, CentrObuv, IKEA, Gloria Jeans, KARI, Media Markt, Melon Fashion Group, METRO Cash & Carry, O’STIN,, INCITY, X5 Retail Group, YUM! Brands Russia; cellular shops "MegaFon" MTS Svyaznoy; fuel retailers Gazprom Neft of gas Station ", Lukoil, "Rosneft" and others.

In 2014 MAYKOR worked on a number of government contracts for maintenance of IT infrastructure, in particular, with the State Duma, the Moscow Department of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the Government of Dagestan, the Government of the Moscow region, Rosimushchestvo, Federal State Unitary Enterprise GOZNAK, FGUP Russian Post, Federal Bailiff Service, the Federal Customs Service, Social insurance fund, etc. Also the company signed the largest outsourcing contract in the field of education with Far Eastern Federal University.

MAYKOR considerably strengthened the bank direction, having closed the transaction on merger of BTE group in 2014. It led more than to 33% to growth of revenue from services for the banking sector. As a result of the transaction the MAYKOR-BTE subsidiary company and the repair center, largest in Russia, for recovery of spare parts for the bank equipment was created. In the financial sector last year MAYKOR serviced Otkrytiye Bank, B&N BANK, VTB 24, Gazprombank, Promsvyazbank, Raiffeisenbank, Rosselkhozbank, Sberbank of Russia, etc.

Besides, in 2014 MAYKOR continued cooperation with chief operators of communication – Big three and Rostelecom – both through IT outsourcing, and in the field of service of industry infrastructure. In the production sphere Merkator, Synergy, "The Tikhvin car-building plant", Tsaritsyno Group are among clients of MAYKOR; in energy industry – Rosseti, RusHydro, E.ON Russia and other leading organizations.

Maykor starts the direction of outsourcing of mobile application development

On October 30, 2014 the MAYKOR company announced start of the direction on outsourcing of software development for mobile devices. Among the existing significant contracts – development of the set of applications for YotaPhone.

The development team of Antares Software Group company (Antares Software Group LLC) from Veliky Novgorod became an intellectual core of Development center of the software of MAYKOR.

Among the implemented projects of a command - Preference for Pocket PC, the application for distortion of photos of Funny Photo which entered a top of free applications according to Samsung and also in leaders in the number of loadings in Korea and China. Besides, the command created applications for the Vedomosti newspaper, a number of products for VGTRK, the mobile Veliky Novgorod guide, etc.

"Emergence in the direction MAYKOR portfolio of services for mobile application development to order is the step taken within implementation of the principle of "one window" when providing outsourcing services. We constantly differentiate business of MAYKOR, developing the relevant and demanded by our customers directions. We managed to attract experienced development team with broad examination successfully to compete in the market of mobile development which is now at peak of the development", - Sergey Sulgin, the president of MAYKOR told.

For October 30, 2014 the staff of developers exceeds 80 people, in plans for 2015 - to double it. One of the largest existing projects – application development which will be preset on the first Russian YotaPhone smartphone.

The development center of the software MAYKOR specializes in creation and development of three main types of software products:

  • mobile applications for all types of mobile devices and platforms,
  • web solutions for the corporate websites,
  • online stores,
  • social networks,
  • informational portals
  • resources of a streaming video,
  • built-in (embedded) of applications.

Focus of business will be displaced for benefit of one of the most high-growth markets of software development – mobile applications.

MAYKOR confirmed compliance to requirements of ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011

MAYKOR prolonged the certificate of conformity to the ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 standard. Recertification audit in MAYKOR was booked in December, 2014 by the All-Russian Research Institute of Certification (ARRIC). It is one of the leading organizations in the development area, improvement, practical implementation and certification of the systems of management. MAYKOR is an owner of the certificate of ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 since 2011. The standard based on the principles of ITIL library defines the basic rules and requirements to a management system for IT services and sets key criteria for its objective assessment.

Repair Center MAYKOR

The repair Center was created in August, 2014 as a result of the transaction on merge of the MAYKOR resources on repair of the bank equipment with capacities of BTE group. The center has no analogs in Russia on the scale and a range of services. The center has competences on repair even of the most difficult nodes and spare parts. Its capacities allow to recover a year more than 35 thousand parts for the bank equipment of any producers. Based on the Center the unique laboratory on a research of origins of breakdowns also works. Thanks to its practices MAYKOR-BTE helps the clients to prevent more than 1000 faults using special preventive measures. The warning service and also a possibility of recovery of parts allow to reduce operating costs of banks on average by 30% and to prolong equipment service life.

Merges of business of Maykor on maintenance of the bank equipment with BTE Group

In the summer of 2014 Maykor announced completion of merge of the business on maintenance of the bank equipment with BTE group, the rendering service of service of the bank equipment. Having integrated resources in the bank direction which participants before merge had, MAYKOR selected outsourcing of support of the special bank equipment in BTE subsidiary company.

As a result of the transaction of MAYKOR owns 75% of the new BTE subbrand, the block packet remained with the former owner. In addition to merge of assets in the bank MAYKOR direction used in the transaction of investment, received in 2013 from consortium of investors as a part of RDIF, the EBRD and CapMan Russia Fund II.

BTE as the MAYKOR subbrand renders complete maintenance of ATMs, pos-and payment terminals, electronic management systems for queue, the cash equipment. In connection with specifics of bank service in BTE for providing the high level of rendering services there are own operational business processes, in particular, the Service Desk system.

Thanks to consolidation of expert bases MAYKOR and BTE Repair Center – the Center for repair and recovery of spare parts for the bank equipment is created. It allows the company to render services not only FLM supports, i.e. supports of the first level to which operations on maintenance of operability of technically operational devices (primary diagnostics, replacement of supplies, etc.), but also the SLM support (the second level) integrating the works connected with repair and recovery of the equipment usually belong. Also in BTE the multivendor competence center on the bank equipment which provides training and advanced training of specialists works.

Experts and other profile MAYKOR resources in the bank direction are transferred to BTE. Having become the MAYKOR subbrand, the BTE company relies on the capacities of MAYKOR consisting of 83 branches and 4000 own all Russia specialists.

Having selected the direction on service of the bank equipment in the isolated business structure, MAYKOR continues to render universal outsourcing services in the mode of "one window" in all territory of Russia for all industries, including the banking sector. This comprehensive support of IT infrastructure and the engineering systems, support of business applications, opening of new departments in any point of the country and also packets of business solutions as BSaaS service (service of printing, a workplace as service, personnel management, etc.) and business process outsourcing of BPO (personnel office-work, accounting and tax accounting, archiving).

The BTE group worked at the Russian market of service of the bank equipment since 2007. Specialized in service of ATMs, pos-and payment terminals and also e-queue systems. Key clients of BTE – Rosselkhozbank, Sberbank, Gazprombank, VTB 24, Promsvyazbank, East Express, MTS-Bank, Rosgosstrakhbank, Letobank, etc. Work on current agreements of BTE ex-group is continued in full on behalf of BTE as subsidiary company and the MAYKOR subbrand.

Maykor gets rid of subbrands

As TAdviser knew in April, 2014, Maykor carries out gradual merge of the subbrands to a head brand.

Among the existing subbrands of the company -BetterFly and ENSPACE. The first of them providing service of management of services appeared as a part of Maykor in 2012, and ENSPACE specializing in providing and support of cloud services - in 2013. The last was created together with Safedata which is engaged in construction and operation of DPCs, development of IT infrastructure and cloud computing.

In addition to these companies GMCS companies, CST Service, "New Service Technologies (NST)" and Expertek also are a part of Maykor for the beginning of 2014. Maykor reported to TAdviser what as a subbrand will remain only to GMCS with a logo of the umbrella Maykor brand so far. All other companies which are a part of Maykor will continue to work under the uniform Maykor logo.

GMCS was a part of Maykor in the middle of 2013 by acquisition of a share in it in 65%. Specialization of the company are services in creation of information management systems business. At the expense of this transaction of Maykor expected to expand a range of services on outsourcing of support of business applications.

"GMCS has long-term history as an independent brand, a big pool of clients and partners of the Russian and international level", - the marketing vice president of Maykor Irina Semyonova says.


Growth of revenue to 9.2 billion rub (+15%)

According to the results of 2013 financial year revenue of Maykor made 9.275 billion rubles that is 15.7% higher in comparison with 2012. Two industry directions – retail of which 48.7% of revenue, and a public sector – from 18.5% were the share became key points of growth.

Revenue of Maykor was received for the account of profile activity - implementation of outsourcing contracts for territories of Russia. Most all outsourcing services of Maykor were demanded by the geographically distributed companies from retail, a fuel retail, the financial sphere, telecommunications. The retail companies and banks signed contracts on outsourcing of support of the automated jobs of the employees and office equipments, many gave all IT infrastructure to outsourcing.

The customer base of the company in a year increased by 20%, and key customers are still the large and average organizations. Along with it the staff of service specialists of Maykor grew by 27%, having exceeded 4000 people in 83 branches through the whole country.

MAYKOR attracted investments in the amount of $100 million

On August 26, 2013 the Russian Direct Investment Fund as a part of consortium which also included the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and CapMan Russia II fund, announced completion of the transaction on investment into Maykor group.

Partners step by step invest up to $100 million of which the share of RDIF will make $50 million in Maykor, and the EBRD and CapMan Russia II invest the rest. What share in Maykor they will receive in exchange for investments, in the company do not open.

Maykor will allocate the received funds for strengthening of the positions in Russia due to expansion of scale of activity - business development in Russian regions and also portfolio diversification of services.

MAYKOR told TAdviser that the problem of expansion of business in regions includes, first of all, development of already existing service network, the customer base, a service line, acquisition of necessary new competences and also personnel resources within growth strategy of the company.

Added to the companies that as of the middle of 2013 it locates 83 branches and more than 400 service divisions across all Russia, and has more than 3 thousand regular technical specialists.

As for diversification of a service portfolio, in MAYKOR explained that develop approach to service engineering and the customer's IT infrastructures in a format "all inclusive" taking into account industry specifics of customers. So, for the purpose of development of competences of banking sector the service company PST Company, in the field of fuel retail – "Avtotank-service" was purchased.

"Now MAYKOR pays a close attention to development of service of the engineering systems that allows to service the whole objects of customers in the mode "all inclusive". With creation of BetterFly Services in our group the service for management of services began to develop actively. Creation of Enspace subsidiary company will allow to provide to customers services in the field of cloud computing, -Irina Semyonova, the marketing vice president of the MAYKOR group [[Semyonova Irina Vyacheslavovna|]] noted in a conversation with TAdviser. - Recently the GMCS acquired company allowed to include in a range of services of the IT consulting group, to conduct preparation for creation of own replicated solutions, in particular - the specialized boxed solution for POS terminals".

The involved investments will also allow group to continue participation in further consolidation of the sector of IT services and outsourcing, add to Maykor. Within M&A-стратегии MAYKOR purchases the leading federal and regional service companies having the competences, resources and capacities which are of interest to development of group.

MAYKOR purchased 4 companies in 3 months

The MAYKOR group purchased 4 service companies from different regions of Russia. OMNI-TO companies from Moscow, RTsTO cash register equipment and "SIBTSKKT" working in Siberian Federal District and Orgtekhnoservice from the Southern Federal District were a part of MAYKOR. All acquired companies will be completely integrated into the structure of branches of the MAYKOR group and will continue work on current contracts with customers already under a new brand. The cost of transactions with the companies in MAYKOR is not disclosed.

  • "OMNI-TO" is engaged in complex service maintenance of refueling station/gas station. Maykor specifies that a main customer of this company for nearly 10 years is Rosneft. In the territory of Moscow and the Moscow region "OMNI-TO" is engaged in maintenance more than 100 Rosneft refueling Stations/gas Stations.

  • "RTsTO cash register equipment" and "SIBTSKKT" work at the market of technical service of the cash registers and weight equipment in the Novosibirsk region. The lineup of the equipment serviced by the companies includes all cash registers, fiscal registrars, POS terminals.

  • Experts of MAYKOR estimate a cumulative share of RTsTO cash register equipment and "SIBTSKKT" in the regional market of the SFD approximately at 50%. Customers of these two companies are more than 2.5 thousand retailers. Earlier both companies were included into group of companies of "ADP equipment and information science" (VTI). Clients of VTI are Beeline, Sibirgazservice, Eldorado retail network and Transblok corporation.

  • The Orgtekhnoservice company renders services in maintenance of the various bank equipment — from sorters of notes and coins to the systems of electronic control by queue. Clients of the company are banks of the Southern Federal District and branches of banks of federal scale in this region. In the service MAYKOR market of the Southern Federal District estimates a share of this company in a segment of sorters and counters of notes and coins at 50-60%.


Results of year: Growth of revenue by 87%

Revenue of service company Maykor in 2012 exceeded 8 billion rubles, having increased in comparison with 2011 more than by 87%. The previous year the similar indicator group was 4.27 billion rubles.

All income fell on IT services that is not surprising, considering service specialization of the organization. As for revenue shares from work in the different industries, the direction, key for Maykor, are trade enterprises. More than 4 billion rubles or about 50% of income of group were the share of them. "The direction on service of retail grew more than by 40%".

Also noticeable role is played by telecom operators (1.1 billion rubles, 13.9%) and a public sector (more than 1 billion rubles, 13.4%). Shares of other industries do not exceed 10%: 713 million rubles were the share of an oil and gas industry, customers from the financial sphere brought 366 million rubles, industrial enterprises – 193 million rubles, power – nearly 140 million rubles.

Consolidated revenues of MAYKOR from projects in retail were, according to preliminary estimates, more than 4 billion rubles. For 2012 the total quantity of large and average customers of MAYKOR grew three times: from 350 companies at the beginning of a year to more than 1000 at the end. Retailers became key customers (including all types of retail: from food to fuel – gas station). By estimates of analysts of MAYKOR, revenue share in the sector of retail grew by 40% and made about 50% of income of group. Among clients of MAYKOR there are representatives of large and medium business: X5 Retail Group Accessorise O’STIN"Sportmaster", cellular shops "MTS", "Megafon", "Beeline", "Svyaznoy" OBI Metro SPAR, "Uyuterra", "Gloria Jeans", pharmacy chain "Rigla", ZHTK (Russian Railway affiliated enterprise),  "CentrObuv" RIVE GAUCHE, Nested doll, "Citilink", "Polushka", Gazpromneft gas Station, Lukoil gas Station, Rosneft TNK-BP Statoil Energy & Retail Russia gas Station, gas Station, gas Station, gas Station NESTE OIL, VIS-SERVIS ECCODoctor Stoletov gas Station ", etc. in 2013 projects with such federal retailers as started Incity , etc.

Cancelled purchase of Rosservice

In July, 2012 it was announced that during 2012-2013 consolidation of "The service holding company" and Rosservice company will take place. SHK will receive 100% in Rosservice. The transaction will include both money payments, and exchange of shares. Following the results a number of owners of Rosservice intended to become a shareholder of SHK. It became known later that the transaction was cancelled.

Corporate management system from Accenture

For July, 2012 according to the USRLE, SHK company two Cyprus offshores also own.

MAYKOR in the fall of 2012 announced transition to the new corporate management system developed together with Accenture company. The purpose of reorganization of a corporate management system is increase in business performance of group taking into account rapid growth and expansion of business and also need of effective integration of again purchased assets into structure of MAYKOR company.

In a project deliverable, developed by request of MAYKOR in 2011 - the beginning of 2012, Accenture offered an optimal operational model and structure of group which was the basis for a new corporate management system of group. Within this MAYKOR system consists of the Corporate center and subsidiary companies. Responsibility for development of business strategy and also operational strategy is assigned to the Corporate center: marketing, financial, technical, etc. Besides, the Corporate center carries out tasks of development and deployment of the innovation products, manages sales and develops cooperation with key clients of the company.

The new operational model provides clear split of the business directions between subsidiary companies that allows to react quickly to the changing requests of the market and to effectively integrate target companies into structure of MAYKOR. At the same time all subsidiary companies are under supervision at the Corporate center and provide the maximum synergy at the customer service delivery at the expense of the approved marketing policy.


  1. FAS approved purchase of 100% of stocks of Maykor by Rostelecom
  2. Rostelecom can purchase 61.5% of the IT outsourcer of Maykor
  3. industriicertified Outsourcing Professional – the program of certification of professionals of the industry from International association of professionals of outsourcing. For obtaining the certificate the candidate for the master of outsourcing should have experience in the field of outsourcing not less than three years, complete a specialized course from representatives of IAOP and pass examination.
  4. Rostelecom can purchase the leader of the Russian IT outsourcing